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Monday, January 30, 2006 

Closer to God.

Matt has done it again (first the Last Supper pic)! There's a bonus video on the PR site where Daniel asks me to do Tim Gunn singing Closer by Nine Inch Nails (link to video here).

Check out the EXCLUSIVE REMIX mp3 here.

I LOVE your impersonations - they slay me!


Santino - you are craptacular.

One of my favorite bands + my favorite designer =

that is so funny. i love your time gunn impersonation. I could watch you the whole time rather than him

aaaaaaaaaaaah haha that remix is hilarious. i hope you take over the world.


You singing "Closer" as Tim Gunn was by far the funniest thing I've seen on "Project Runway."

Hope you don't mind, but I passed the video on to the NIN camp so they could get a laugh at it as well. ;-)

Hello Santino,

I visited Mood Fabric in NYC last Saturday. It's great place to shop! I want Your Fabric as I tell nice Mood employees:
"Where the hell is Satino's chiffon?!?" LOL

(click my name for my blog)

ha thats kickass. i listened to that clip last night. pretty sweeet pretty sweeet!

CUTE. I saw ittt. I can't believe how much you sound like Tim Gunn..

Santinoooo lets go shopping for Jimmy Choos together someday

Thank you so much for the audio. That is so awesome.

Oh Sanny!!! I love it love it love it! You have the most beautiful eyes I ever saw. You are so hot in your own individual way. It's really difficult for me to focus on anyone else while watching 'Runway' after seeing your hotness. If you ever come back to STL, call me!!!

LMAO. That definitely earned it's place on my iPod. Santino I love you so much. much ♥

wow. Whoever knew that you and Tim Gunn's lovechild would look so much like Christopher Walken

I have to say, I could watch that video a thousand times and never get tired of it. Your impersonation is DEAD ON. I laugh at the thought of it. And Daniel going into a fit of giggles over it? Makes it even better.

You > life.

you are too amazing for words


neverending love

I'm....pretty obsessed with you at this point. Not in a creepy stalkerish way though.

About the argument with Nina:
90 MINUTES?!? By the end of 90 minutes you would already have digested her and turned her into new Santino tissue!

The NIN impression cracked me up though I actually preferred your "MagnaTac" song.

You must find a way to stay on television, Santino.


I love you. God! I wish everyone was as fucking fabulous as you. Life would be great.

Santino! You are awesome and I wish you were my best friend! I love you! SOOOOOO much!

Add me to the list of people that love the Tim Gunn impersonation!

Crying ........ Peeing ....... Hilarious!!!

::composing self::

Thank you.

Wow. you really are god.

Your impersonation is dead on...almost in a scary way.

would you design my prom dress?

irrelevant to this post, but, i will never get "lighten up this is fassshhiiioonnn" out of my head.

also, i need to know why you're so fucking cool.

Santino, you win at life.

I love it.


Here you were tonight, at the top of your game, making your most beautiful creation since the Nickie Hilton dress and they give the fucking award to Daniel V. When, in all actuality, it should have been him who was eliminated and you who tacked on your third win.

The clip for next week didn't look promising for you either...this Santino fan is getting scared.

dear lord. tonight's episode made me want to take you to Red Lobster.

if that broad kara sabotages you next episode, im gonna flip a shit

you are amazing.

please come back to new york and be my best friend.

wow, you are amazing. best of luck!

OH my word SANTINO! You effin are so deadly awesome I can't HANDLE IT. I watch PR2 (hellzyeah) and I love it. You are a star, you will always be a star! You have made my list of favorites! check me out on myspace cause I linked to the Santino Impersonating Tim Gunn Closer Remix! AHHHHH I'm so psyched!


ahh i love you so much santino

Santino, your imitations were maybe the first thing to literally crack me up on the show. Congrats.

Buah ha, I just watched the impersonation on PR a few hours ago. Felt like popping in to say - hilarious stuff. The best was when Tim cornered you :D


Your creations are awesome. So is your model. Be nice to Heather .. she knows how to work it. She even rocked dressed in leaves and looking like a damn bush.

I hope and pray you are in the final three. Everyone loves to watch you ... do you really read these posts??

You doing your Tim Gunn impersionations are the funniest thing I've ever heard! Last night on Project Runway, I was crying over the Red Lobster, it cheered my wholle day up! You're designs are awesome too.

omg! i need this file. i loved when you did this.

i see you making it big in haute couture charging $20K a dress at least depending on how santinoed ( a new verb) the client wants it to be. just don't turn n2 kors, a jealous queen whose best days are behind him if they ever existed.

Thanks for being fabulous. You bring me closer to God. And the hilarity of this remix can bring anyone to a good mood.

i nearly just peed my pants. thanks for the laugh.

p.s. me and my friends drove all the way to school asking: andre? why did you throw that lobster in my lap?


santino, you are are the only designer who's got some balls and doesn't play it safe. your impersonations of tim are hilarious. you are funnier than larry david on curb your enthusiasm. i hope you win, get your own show and overshadow jay mccarol-he is so gross.

i cannot stand nina garcia, she is hideous, annoying and needs a chin implant

Santino, whenever I hear your impressions of Tim, you bring my closer to God.

Hey Santino,
You are a tru 100% fashion styler...Wow, every word you said have so much wisdom in them!!! I wished I could have a friend like you..I wish! I wish! U are such a lamb!!!(Coooooo.....). God bless you.


Buck Huntin? Santino how could you? Its so cruel! I thought you are a compassionate person...I hope I was right!

Very Sad Fantino


I was totally rooting for you to win through the entire show. You took everything to the next level, and created some really amazing things, no matter what Nina might have to say.
I look forward to seeing your designs in years to come in many popular places to shop!!

<3...thank you for making season 2 AMAZING!!!

Santino you are the funky bomb diggity.

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