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Thursday, January 26, 2006 

Experiment: Let's talk!

Hey everyone, I've already received a ton of warm comments and emails from many of you today. I'm taking the moderation off comments today so you speak freely and have your post publish immediately. Please try and keep your comments clean and somewhat intelligent. I may not be able to respond to everything but I will be be reading what you have to say! Thanks again for all your kindness now get posting! SANTINO.

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OMG--Santino, Santino, are the greatest designer that has ever graced Bravo TV by far. I am getting married in the near future and I definitely want you to design my wedding dress. So please stick around and remain accessible because your designs are OFF THE HOOK! Oh, and M. Kors needs to have his eyes examined if he's not feelin' Santino Rice--point blank!


Hi! While I think Nick is the best designer on the show, I think you have the most personality. I actually love all the men on PR. The women are horrible. I wish you luck and love your impression of Tim! You are so funny.


Hello Santino –

My wife and I are big fans, but these last few episodes have us worried. We fear for you, Santino. We fear that like Icarus you have flown too close to the sun, and that now, wings singed, you are orbiting cautiously, fearing reprisal. In last night’s episode especially it seemed that you doubted yourself and your vision. And as much as it pains us to say it, your designs seem to be suffering from this lack of confidence.

How much of this crisis is being implied by clever editing and how much is real we’ll never know. Indeed, writing to you now we know that in the reality TV space-time continuum you are already the Santino who will be on tv next Wednesday; the Santino who knows his destiny. (Pause while head spins) Nonetheless, we will persist in the charade of speaking to next week’s Santino and say that our fervent hope is that you will return to your old self, put those wings back on, strut back up onto that stage, stare down that bitch Nina and shoot it out both pantlegs.

Alex and Angie.

The blog is great Santino. Is it weird having to sort of pretend you don't know what's going to happen on the show? Did you have to sign an agreement not to talk?

Omg you are the funniest fucking person I have ever seen on Reality Television. I'm not sure you are in the right field. I wish you had your own show, which I would watch 24/7.
Very fucking funny. You are reminiscent of some friends I've that I've had who would brighten my entire day with just a 5 minute phone conversation.
Keep going and please design the shit out of the rest of the gang so I can continue to watch you every Wednesday.

I hate tea vee but you've sucked me into PR! You definitely have the most unique, original style and the BEST personality. I pretty much agreed with what Nicky Hilton said about you possessing the attitude of a designer. I'd love to buy some of your designs as well.

<3 永井

Hey Santino, very cool that you have this site that you are interactive on. I really like your designs and your visions, and I agree you need to not limit yourself too much, or they won't really be the designs YOU want!

Also, I too LOVE your Tim impression!

I'm a big Nick fan too, but I love watching what you will create and your creative process.

It is sort of strange, as someone else said, that you know what happens on the show...but we don't, so you can laugh at our comments and just watch what I do next!


This post has been removed by the author.

Santino -

I LOVE YOU. You rock man.

-Ann Marie


You're fantastic. Everyone loves you. I just wanted to throw you some love too. My girl and I think you're muy excelente! You're blowing up and Bravo knows that you are the most compelling designer and story on Project Runway. Check my odds on the last post. I'm putting money on you today at 4:1 because I think you'll win next week. Seriously, keep on being you and thanks for delighting us with your charisma, charm, and immense talent. You are an inspiration. Nina Garcia is like school on a class. xoxo -Poe Street

One more thing...tell Nina & Michael Kors to New Jack Swing on your Sackville Bagginses.

Your stuff is amazing. So many people are on your side. I am rooting for you and though I don't cry that much I'm gonna be in tears if they eliminate you.

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

You rock. Let's hope the erotic fiction doesn't make often appearences here...

I'm so glad you made another week. I told my roomy if you leave before fashion week I have no reason to watch. So overall I really hope you win. Either way your wicked smart for appreciating your fans. You know your talented so go with that. I hope to have you design many gowns for me one day.

As soon as they move into the Atlas, Nick is pretty sure Andrae and Daniel are fucking.

Which is pretty funny in retrospect, because they don't even get a chance to start up until the Nicky Hilton challenge.

So, yeah. Nick? Totally off the mark on that one.


The list gets compiled on the blackboard in the boys' apartment after they get back from the "Clothes Off Your Back" challenge, somewhere between the time they all start drinking and the time Daniel wakes up in the morning to the sound of Nick's laughter coming from the kitchen.

"When the hell did we write this?" he calls out, and a moment later, he can hear Nick mutter something as if reading aloud that sounds distinctly like "do not cry on national TV."

Daniel can almost feel Andrae turning red from across the apartment and wonders as he gets up if Andrae has opted for giving off heat rather than nervous energy.


Daniel wouldn't exactly call what Andrae is on an emotional roller coaster. An emotional amusement park, maybe. Andrae's like that, on some sort of wild mood swing you have to learn to duck to put up with. The amusement park analogy's pretty apt, because Daniel pictures it like trying to make a flying leap onto that spinning swing set thing, like running to catch up while grasping for the chains and getting lucky if you don't get your palms torn up grabbing onto it in the process.

Santino makes this crack during the Barbie challenge when the cameras are focused elsewhere that Franco's acting like "a fucking overexcited cocker spaniel puppy or something," and the image is terrifyingly apt and sticks in Daniel's mind for about an hour.

Until he catches a glimpse of Andrae coming back from his talk with Tim looking a little shaken and Daniel realizes that Andrae reminds him of a nervous, shivering chihuahua.

Andrae, Daniel decides, really needs to get laid.

Not by him, of course. But still.


Andrae has come in with one of the lowest scores in two challenges already.

When Daniel gets to choose first during the lingerie challenge, he hears himself say, "I choose Andrae."

Oh, he doesn't really want to think about why he just did that.


Zulema is a bossy pain in the ass, Andrae can be a complete and total spazz, and Daniel could manage to be perfectly mellow sitting in the middle of Filene's Basement during the start of the wedding dress sale. How the hell they manage to make a good team -- and win, for fuck's sake -- is totally beyond Daniel.

He wonders briefly as they're hugging the models backstage if he's started giving off some weird calming pheremone or something, and then he's hugging Andrae and thinking about pheremones and decides that it is most definitely time to start the post-challenge drinking binge.


"Andrae, my friend?"

"Yes, Daniel, my friend?" Andrae slurs his words slightly and swirls his bottle of beer through the air with a roll of his eyes. Drunken Andrae is constantly in motion, always with the slightly-more-melodramatic-than-usual hand gestures and facial expressions. Daniel stopped finding it weird and started finding it a little endearing a while ago.

It's like overemotional dancing, in a way. He's been dancing for eight years. He can get into dancing.

Daniel picks up his beer. The cool glass against his palm reminds him briefly of the press of a metal chain against his hand in the playground, and he decides to ignore it. "How drunk are we?" he asks.

Andrae isn't in any condition to answer. But they're both sitting right next to one another in one of the booths watching Chloe and Nick goof off on the dance floor, Daniel's thigh pressed against Andrae's knee, Andrae's shoulder against Daniel's arm, and Daniel's only taken aback a little when he feels the weight of Andrae's head leaning on his shoulder.

"This drunk, I think," Andrae says.

"Oh," Daniel says, then takes another sip of his beer before saying, "Okay. Just checking."


Going back to the Atlas suite isn't something either one of them is looking forward to, because Nick might be okay after nearly losing the lingerie challenge but being in the same apartment as Santino -- already a trial to live with at the best of times and impossible to live with at the worst -- will feel like some sort of punishment for winning. "Congratulations! Daniel and Andrae, you've won the lingerie challenge. Your prize will be to wake up very hung over the morning after sharing an apartment with a snarling rabid wolverine."

Emmett's suite is Andrae's suggestion.

"Daniel Franco's already packed and gone, or at least he's supposed to be," he points out, although the slur's gotten worse and the arm gestures are getting so dramatic Daniel may get an eye poked out at this rate. Andrae leans back against the door of the cab they're sharing and narrows his eyes. "And even if he isn't, you can always share Raymundo's bed with me. I promise not to do anything we'll regret in the morning."

Andrae gives Daniel this smile, soft and hazy and secretive, and Daniel's almost disappointed when Franco's bed is empty.


Daniel has already decided the shorts are killing him by the time the Nicky Hilton challenge comes around.

It's not that they're attractive. They're not. Daniel doesn't know how Andrae can be a really good designer and yet somehow still bring himself to wear the goddamn shorts all the time. The T-shirts with the cutoff sleeves, he gets, although he definitely thinks if Andrae's going to do that, he needs tighter shirts. The baggy shirts make his arms look like pink pipe cleaners, and Andrae's arms actually look really good for someone as skinny as he is. Not that Daniel should be critiquing anybody for looking skinny, but still.

The shorts, though. Jesus.

It's not that they're attractive, no. It's that they're ugly and look funny, and Daniel desperately wants to get them off so that he can blow them up or set them on fire or something, and what's he left with then?

Andrae, not wearing pants.

Andrae really needs to stop wearing those damn shorts when the cameras are around, is what Daniel's thinking, if only to save Daniel from making that face on national television.


The party at Marquee is a blast of nervous energy from the moment the liquor starts pouring, which is pretty much immediately. There's a brief tense moment where all of the designers stare at Nicky Hilton like she's naked or an alien or something, and then the next thing anyone knows, Daniel's leading Rebecca up to Nicky with that calmly confident smile of his. It's like he doesn't even remember having the wrong fabric for the dress, being serene and stressed all at once the way only he seems to be able to pull off.

He shows off the dress and Rebecca and his quietly charming "I'm going to be a designer when I grow up" way of speaking about the whole thing, and when he's done and the two of them walk away, he exhales a little too deeply, eliciting a soft smile and a quick touch on the arm from Rebecca.

"Feeling better?" she asks.

His smile slips easily onto his face. "Oh, yeah. Now I've got the rest of the night to drink."

She laughs at that and wanders off.

When Daniel turns around, he catches a glimpse of Andrae staring at him just long enough for Nick to sneak in and get to Nicky Hilton before he can. Andrae flinches as if shocked, then downs another gulp of his drink before leading Danyelle over to Nicky's side in the gorgeous jersey dress he's designed.

Oh, yeah, Daniel thinks, there had better be some more alcohol around here with his name on it.


It's Nick's idea to do the walk-off, of course, because they're all really drunk and all of their inhibitions took a cab back to the Atlas a while ago. Daniel wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing degenerated into a group striptease following by a sloppy orgy in the middle of the dance floor, although he's pretty sure somebody is bound to konk Santino over the head, toss him into a cab, and wake him up the next morning with the news he'd slept with all of them rather than alone on the floor of the suite just to see the look on his face without actually fucking him.

The designers huddle in the back, laughing and boozy and half out of it as a group, and out in the bar the models whistle and catcall when they're not dissolving into fits of giggles. Daniel has a vague awareness of Santino strutting wildly into the bar with arms swinging and high heels clacking against the floor, of Chloe walking purposefully out like the world's tiniest supermodel, of Lupe either doing the caterpillar or writhing on the floor in a fit (it could go either way).

Andrae walks out before him, he thinks, or after him, or ... hell, he can't remember. All he knows for sure is that Andrae's out there when it's his turn, and he can't stop fucking staring at the guy.

When he finally does get to come out, he can't really pull off Nick's swagger or Chloe's determined strut, but he can strip. Hell, who can't, right? Especially when they're as far gone as he is. And Andrae stares at him -- one shirt button opened, two, and then three -- and somewhere in between the clapping and whistles of the models, Daniel sees Andrae's eyes glaze over with something that probably doesn't have a damn thing to do with the booze.

Later on, when he's pressing Andrae against a wall in the bathroom and kissing him while Andrae's hands fumble with his belt, Daniel thinks, Oh, I am really going to regret this in the morning, aren't I?

And yeah ... yeah, he kind of does. Because Nick, even when he's hung over and exhausted from dancing and trying to make himself look like a million dollars for the runway show, does not know when the hell to shut up.


"Ooo. What's that smile for, Andrae? Get lucky last night?"

Bleary-eyed and out of it, Daniel chokes on his coffee, and tries not to look too guilty when Nick gives him a knowing look.

Well, hell. At least it's not Santino.


Nick brushes past him after Daniel's done telling the hairdresser his whole mojitos-on-the-beach idea, and he gives Daniel this teasing smile and says, "So, going out for the post-challenge bar hopping tonight? Or are we staying in?" He might not wink, but damn it if he doesn't look like he wants to.

Ever the calm, collected one, Daniel manages not to grimace and wonders if Andrae is getting it just as bad somewhere else at Parsons right now.


It's not like it's a case of "It got weird, didn't it?" the day after, because really, it didn't. It's not weird when they wait until the cameras are pointed elsewhere to flash each other the briefest of smiles, and it's not weird when they have to stay as serious as possible while they're working their asses off for the Nicky Hilton runway show.

Okay, it's a little weird when Nick almost visibly swallows his pride after the runway show, slaps a smug Santino on the back, and says, "Hey, big guy, how about we go out and celebrate just how much Nicky Hilton fucking loves you?"

But Daniel's not thinking about it after he and Andrae decline to go and hang back in the apartment after they leave, because it's definitely not weird when Andrae is doing that thing with his tongue.


"You'll be working in teams of two," Tim Gunn tells them before the next challenge, and damn it if Andrae doesn't bound over to Daniel's side with that big, dopey grin on his face.

If Daniel spends the rest of the challenge quietly thrilled that they get along better than everybody else in the room, he does a good job of not showing it.

There's no such thing as an argument between them, which is just strange. Andrae's gone from wild mood swings and the occasional badly timed crying jag to spending most of his time almost as easygoing as Daniel, like sometime in the middle of all of the sex, something rubbed off. Not that he'll ever be at Daniel's level -- Nick once made a crack about Daniel being so laidback he was practically horizontal, and Daniel couldn't argue that -- but he's definitely mellowed.

Zulema keeps badgering Kara to the point of tears, and Daniel goes over to give Kara a quick kiss on the cheek, and the next time he sees Andrae, he gives a Daniel a grateful look that says, That was quite possibly the sweetest thing you've done since the start of the show.

Now, that's weird, how Andrae's facial expressions are suddenly speaking in complete sentences.


They win.

Correction ... they win again.

They hug on the runway when they do, all pent up with excitement at the thought of their dress hanging on racks at Banana Republics everywhere. Backstage, in front of the models neither one of them has to live with and the cameramen who suddenly decides to film something else, Daniel grabs onto Andrae and pulls him towards him for a deep, satisfying kiss, Andrae's arms stealing around his waist.

Oh, yeah, that's definitely not going to get shown on Bravo.


That night, Nick talks like he's going to just die, probably in his sleep after being smothered with a pillow by Santino. Not that they think Santino's that out of his mind -- reality television show cameras add fifteen pounds and a desperate need for a Prozac prescription to your frame. Hell, Santino's crazy, and he's mostly just biting himself in the ass with his fucking arrogance, but he's not that awful day-to-day.

But he's going to be impossible to pry from the apartment after being glued to the kitchen floor for the rest of the night in pure, unadulterated sulkiness, so Nick goes straight to Emmett and tells him Santino is going to glue stickers to his forehead and freeze his bra like at a fucking sleepover party.

Emmett, in all of his stoic restraint, offers to let Nick stay in one of his extra beds, and Nick expects that, waving him off like an expert. "Oh, don't worry about me," he says, then slips his arm through Emmett's and flashes him that brilliant, charming smile of his and says, "Take me out and get me wasted. If anything on the planet will help me put up with that asshole, it's an enormous amount of alcohol."

Emmett really has to think something's up when Nick convinces him to give the keys to his suite to Daniel, but then again, Nick can sway anyone to his cause if he really wants to.

Daniel and Andrae can't stop laughing, because over in their apartment Santino is stomping around the place like a six-foot toddler and here they are in Emmett's suite fucking each other all over the goddamn place. Something about the whole thing is hysterically funny, because Santino's too busy acting like a spoiled brat to get lucky during the show and Nick's distracting everyone like he's living vicariously through their sex life or something. But none of it matters, really, because they've got two hours before Emmett and Nick come back and there's a time limit on how many places they can utterly defile in Emmett's suite.

Afterwards when they're staggering exhausted and smiling back to their suite, Andrae leans into him just the right way, slipping an arm around his neck and pressing his lips against the skin right above the collar of Daniel's T-shirt.

Daniel closes his eyes and tries desperately not to wish that Emmett gets eliminated next challenge.

Santino, how can they expect that certain fabrics won't get picked more than once if they are sending you to the same fabric store time and again. I saw your the horror on your face when they told you. It's a beautiful print, of course you'd pick it. But you made it again and that's what counts. :) Great impression! I can't wait to see next week when Tim busts you :) hahahha
California Love :)

Santino.. why do I love you so much? Oh yeah, it's your Tim Gunn impression. I can't get it off my mind. I am currently serving jury duty, and I had "Closer" by NIN as performed by Santino as Tim Gunn stuck in my head all day. "Designers! Designers!" Wow. And your song about Emmett not going near the surger. This shit needs to be put on the air! Not tucked away in some little shady area of! Lighten up, it's just fashion.

I listen to Tim Gunn's podcasts to lull me to sleep at night.

OH Boy. I thought I was a fan... but after reading some of these comments... it seems you have some freaky deaky psycho fans with only your blog to use as a conduit for their sick, pathetic homoerotic and UTTERLY alien fantasies. Yeah, I dig ya man, but not like THAT. I won't write you 'fan-fic', I don't masterbate to PR, I'm not getting a tattoo of the last supper I saw on your blog... But you do intrigue me. Wow I have just been reminded how sorry people can be.

Hahahaha that gay rpg stuff below is really funny.

but seriously though.

i obviously think you are pretty amazing to come onto your "blog" and post a comment letting you know that i even think that. internet speeches to those you don't know is a bit bizarre, but after watching you for every episode, i can't help but do so.

whatever the fate of the show is, you no doubt have a face in fashion and will succeed without even really needing to try. i would be one of the first in a long line of silly B's to buy your stuff. that is extremely true.

however, you should never let anyone dictate your creativity. THAT is what makes one lose.

but keep up the wit and intelligence and absolute beauty that you create.

thanks for making my wednesdays a worthwhile humpday.

and thanks for making me leave a comment. :)

Santino, you know I support ya :P The people that come to my site support you too, I get some crazy comments and e-mails that are a bit over the top but prove people think you're awesome. Don't listen to haters, dude, especially those that hide behind a computer monitor. You are true to yourself and I respect that a lot. Well I'm not gonna write a novel, point is you own all, end of story.

You own that show. Seriously. I'd watch it if you weren't on it, because it's an addicting show, but you give it personality. Without your creativity every week, crazy design or not, it'd just be boring. And plus you're funny as hell.

First things first... I love your work. You are the reason I watch PR. I saw your first dress in the BN window in the Rock and it was amazing. I'm sure you hear this all the time, but I'd love to wear something by you around the University, turning heads, it would start a riot. I love how you get women and understand the riot going on in our heads telling us to rock it. Oh oh oh, and you don't design beach dresses, gutter dresses, or fucked up flower blouses. Love it!

So, a few weeks back, I took some anti-vertigo pills that gave me tons of fucked up dreams. The clearest dream starred you as Jesus in a theatrical production of the last days of Christ and all the actors were performing wearing garments you designed. Then today I'm introduced to your site, see you and the rest of the cast in that hilarious Last Supper remake, and I can tell you this. Awesome!

Love ya!


You have the vision, talent, attitude, confidence, ambition, and technical skill to be successful in the fashion industry. Regardless of what happens on Project Runway, I know you have much more to contribute to the world of fashion. I hope you'll update your blog long after Season 2's finale because we'd all like to know how you're progressing. It's unfortunate that PR producers have to portray you in such a negative light. It's especially irritating that the dimwits on the PR messageboards buy that bullshit. I've seen Chloe, Nick, and even Daniel make horribly catty comments about each other and yet you're unreasonably singled out as the villain. Thank you for making the show as entertaining as it is. I'll be seriously disappointed if you're not in the final three, but whatever happens we all know your career doesn't depend on Project Runway. Good luck!


P.S. Your Tim impression almost made me pee my pants. "I want to f*** you like an animal. Andrae, Andrae, your design brings me closer to God."


Love your Tim Gunn impressions, and I think you're an amazing designer. I'm having problems watching the Bonus Videos on Bravo's site, and I heard that you sing "Closer" with the Tim Gunn impression. Is there anyway you could post the audio for it? Hope ou make it to the final 3 and win the whole thing.

I would eat every project runway judge for you if you will design my prom dress.


You know I'm a big fan.. I've been reading your blog and commenting almost from the beginning. I wasn't your biggest fan when the show started - I kind of thought you were an ass. :)

But your talent, and humor really won me over.. and I'm pulling for you.

I think you've blown away the competition on some of the challenges - and I hope you do so on future ones!


I really hope you make it to the final three. You don't even need to win this, the publicity alone I am sure will serve you well. I mean, it would be really cool if you did win, but don't you think that an internship at Banana Republic would be kind of boring for you?

Santino, I love your designs and that beautiful dress you designed for Nicky Hilton. You seem to be lacking in your designs, I was surprised to see that you have been in the bottom three for a couple of weeks. I know you can do so much better because you are one, if not, the best designers. Keep it real!

-Bao Xiong

stop being so fucking amusing so i can go back to not liking you in peace. this "funny santino" thing is seriously throwing me off.

Santino, I completely adore you!

I cheer for you every time I watch the show, and I adore your work. I also empathize very strongly with what seems to be happening when your designs go awry, and I truly truly hope things go better on the show from what we've seen the past few weeks, because I want you to be the winner!

I fell in love with your designs first (your Barbie dress is one of the most wonderful things I've ever seen!) but your awesome sense of humor and strong will has made you one of my favorite personalities.

I can't wait for you to begin selling to the public- even though I only wear a dress once a year, I fully intend to have a Santino of my very of my own no matter what the expense.

Ok, enough gushing. You want my honest uncensored opinion? Something really really harsh. Hmm... I love your personal fashion sense, and I love the way you rock the Rasputin look (stay unkillable!), but I'd recommend trimming your beard a little closer. That's the most unkind thing I can think of to say to you, and for all I know the overgrowth was simply due to the stresses of the show.

Stay awesome, and post more singing!!

Hey again Santino - I hope you come out with some stuff we can buy so I can tell everyone "It's a Santino design!"

You seriously rock dude. You're HILARIOUS.

Melissa: I want to be able to say I have a Santino in my closet!

(Not the most clever joke, I know, but oh, the mental image that conjures. Ahem.)

Hey Santino, when will Nicky Hilton be wearing your dress? I've been looking for it, but so far haven't seen her wearing it. Did you tell you when she would? Thanks!

Love your Tim Gunn impression. You seem to be getting more humble as the show goes along and I'm really liking the progression. Very cool.

OMG Tim Gunn singing Closer by Nine Inch Nails....LMFAO.... Santino you rock!

Sexy and talented?
Hearts for Santino.
And let me know if you want to open a shop on the East Coast. =D

Santino, I hated you so much at first; almost as much as I hate Franco. But now, god damn it, I can't get you off my mind, and I don't know how it happened. It may have something to do with those wicked animal shirts that I've only seem people from my home town in Northern California wear.
Be my friend?

I think you are great, Santino. I love your impressions of Tim Gunn. The behind the scenes video is really better than the show. I love the impression of Gunn doing Nine Inch Nails. Will never be able to look at him again the same. So funny.

Well! Hi Santino, you are really cool. I feel like your dresses need more waist to them, also that you are left on the show partially because of your personality-- although whether that personality is what you are really always like or just clever editing, I don't know. I suspect a little of both. Anyways, I think you are quite a talented designer and one of the more interesting members of the show-- if you were voted off I would be a lot less enthusiastic about it. Also, your Tim imitation is spot on! Good luck!
-Maya (I friended you on myspace by the way, my name at the moment is "quincanera")

Santino...what's the deal. Are you straight? Because I think your super hot. And by the way, I love your designs and hope you win the show.

I was actually hoping to see a few of your designs on your site; however, I am sure I will have the pleasure in the future because I am sure youwill be internationally successful. I was drawn to your creativity on Project Runway 2 because you are a risk taker and definitely not afriad of color. An aspiring designer myself, my mother discouraged me from attending design schools telling me that "the most successful designers out there are self-taught. It's what is inside them." I am at school for marketing; however, I have tested and experimented with all kinds of fabrics, textures, colors, and combinations of all three. I like loud, ornate, and embellished things when they are done "right" as I think all of yours are.
I would love to own a piece of yours one day, but, for now I will dream for I am sure that my college student budget will not cover it.
Good luck with your career.
Keep testing the limits.

i wish i had your perfect heart

I can not believe that you (or someone helping you) is not moderating your comments. I also find it really hard to believe that there are only 46 comments to your entry.
I am not a fan of yours.
You lost me on the comments about Diane and Marla. I think folks knew they would never make it to the finals, so why be mean about them? Especially when they don't dish it out.
If the editing for the show is anywhere near accurate, Santino, I must share with you, " Be careful of who you step on while you are on the way up, because you will meet them again on the way down." I'm older than you so I get to say fluff like that.
You are very talented. I respect that about you. I just don't see your clothing in the show as something that recognizes the beauty in the feminine. Maybe you should design for a different clientelle?
Your talent is a gift. In particular, your gift reminds me of a racehorse that needs some taming in order to win the race.
Although highly unlikely, if you ever visit any of my blogs... I do refer to you as the "evil Santino" and "Jafar" in a parody of Project Runway. No apologies because I think you are probably the type of guy that might find those comments humorous.
Having said that... I must thank you.
I am disabled and shutin. Your appearance on Project Runway has given me vicarious joy in watching your antics. You irritate the dink out of me, but... hey! Life would be really dull if someone didn't play the devil's advocate.
Best of luck to you in all of your future endeavors.

Hi. I'm an architecture major, and I can really relate to the show; especially the part about living with your competitors 24/7 (gotta love the studio culture). You are my favorite designer, and I just love everything that you are about. If I ever catch you on the NYC streets, we will have to get a drink sometime.
-Devon T.

Go get em "Santino"!!!!
and don't compromise!
I'm so proud of you.

Mrs G (Santino's elementary art teacher)

oh god tell me what shoe size you wear!

Santino, you are just wonderful to me. I almost died when I watched the bonus video of you singing CLOSER by NIN as Tim Gunn. Brilliant, I cant tell you how hard I laughed and for how long. Please be my best friend.

To all of the above:

WE ALL KNOW that whether Santino WINS or NOT, he is going to GET HIS OWN DAMN LINE because everyone here is going to BUY HIM OUT and make him a million a minute. AND EVEN IF YOU DON'T, I WILL...SO BOO YAH. DON'T CRYYYY!!!

On another note... Santino.. that graffiti dress was nice, but when i saw the preview for the episode I thought it had like.. netting/mesh detail on it. You should try working with it... I'm sure you'd put it to incredible use.


wow-santino kicks so much a**.

Santino I think that you are the most inovative designer on the show.
Although you let me down on the graffity dress,I still love you very much and I will support you til the end!

It has been interesting to witness a sort of "coming out", if you will, over the course of the show. While it has ben quite evident that all uv u guyz (me too!) are homos, it may not have been that apparent to others. Or, there was, initially, no evidence on which to confirm this. However, now u guyz are hugging and kissing one another and saying, "I love u." And, I might add, acting more like homos (not a bad thing). U R the most butch. Probably because of the deep richness of your voice. But, is what they say true? "Butch on the streets and femme in the sheets." Of course, this is rhetorical. Best of luck to you and your counterparts. By the way, plz keep on imitating white boy with a stick up his arse. It's very funny and right on. Peace/Respect, Elliot S. Ramos aka MplsPapi

Santino, even though I'm sure you're already aware, you are fucking hilarious. PR's episodes would be pretty dead without you.

Go! !Go! Go Cut Creator! Go! Go! Go Cut Creator, go!


Don't you dare fold your tent now!! Lots of us adore you. I've been reading the PR boards and folks are saying that you're a one trick pony and most of your stuff has the same look. I know it's not true!! You've lots more to show them.

The dress you designed for Nikki Hilton was divine, or as she said "a killer, killer dress." I also think you won the BR challenge.

And lastly, I totaly loved your lingerie collection. It showed syle and creativity. It was not bawdy.

Oh, by the way, I'm a middle aged grandmother and I know that most of your designs are for young women, but I bet you could do great fashion for mature women as well.

Don't you dare be discouraged by the judges! (But do be more respectful of their opinions.)

Get out there and kick ass!

I agree that you seem to be getting more humble--and less obnoxious. Keep up the trend. And please don't get "cut" because I would miss your impersonations, which are absolutely HILARIOUS! You should have your own special on Comedy Central. Seriously. I could listen to your impersonation of Tim Gunn for hours!--that is if I didn't split my side laughing.

Have you lost your will to live?

You look so downtrodden during the judging!

Just be yourself fashion is about imagination and fantasy not humility!

I think your graffiti dress was half assed!

Get back to the old santino...personality and all!

Santino, Santino ... where are you?

That graffiti dress was a disaster and you know it.

And what was with the skater outfit?? Did you think Shasha would wear it? I can see it now, feathers all over the ice.

Damnit man, wake up!

Get that hang-dog look off your face and give us back our real beloved Santino!

Enough with the braiding and criss-crossed tops. Harken back to the Barbie competion and BR competition days. You were brilliant!

Pants? Sleeves? Something new, please!!!

You've got to stay on .... you make the show!

hey Santino, you are fucking HILARIOUS! and seriously talented. thank god you're on the show this season.

Have you caught FourFour's AMAZING recaps of Project Runway...

He has some killer screen captures of you...

If you get auf'ed on PR I will have to go home and open a vein! I can't live without your witty comments and Tim impressions.

Please remember, it's not enough for the producers of PR to love what you do for their ratings. We're in the crunch now and you have to show your stuff.

Stay creative. People are waiting in line to buy your designs. Bravo for all the publicity!! (No pun intended.)

Santino, I think you are so funny and you really make the show very entertaining. Your immitation of Tim is hilarious! I really liked your designs and think you're great!!

I am hooked on Project Runway because of you....its not youre designs as much as it is personality...and could sit and listen to you all day!...Lisa

Because of you I'm hooked on project runway...its not so much youre designs i watch for as it is your personality...youre designs are great..but omg youre hilarious...keep it up.

What a savage mimic you are. I don't think a day has gone by since it aired that I haven't imitated you imitating Michael Kors. Too much.

as far as I am concerned you are already the star on that show. I just want you to win to prove everyone wrong and take the money. You slay me!! I love your sense of humor and the fact everyone miscontrues your self confidence for arrogance. People are so stupid. best of luck man, win or no win you're going to go far

I really like your style!

I am looking for to buy the dress that I saw you show on the try-outs. It was the black corset dress.
I also am looking to have you design some clothing for me. Please contact me via e mail

Thank you so much!!

hey! my husband and i love your style. we are photographers so please check out our work maybe we can colaborate sometime. we are listed as Walling McGarity @

I always knew you would hit the big time. I think you did,too! Just remember, I knew you when :)

Much love, Vera in LA

Just wondering why the "eat your soul" comment was used in the teaser commercials but not the actual episode? Seems weird -- if they're going to paint you as the Tasmanian Devil in the preview, they'd want to deliver the goods in the actual show.

OMG...the closer to god video of made me die with laughter. what i like about you is not only that you are a great designer and push the envelope (I like even the things that people say are ugly -- i loved the lingerie!), but you definitely don't care about what people think, you find humor in talking sh*t (I do too), you are sexy, and on top of it all you dance!! Can you do that dance you did on the box in heels?

OMG...the closer to god video of made me die with laughter. what i like about you is not only that you are a great designer and push the envelope (I like even the things that people say are ugly -- i loved the lingerie!), but you definitely don't care about what people think, you find humor in talking sh*t (I do too), you are sexy, and on top of it all you dance!! Can you do that dance you did on the box in heels?


Hello Santino:
I had a dream about you and you had designed some beautiful jewelry using the colors, charcoal, lavender and silver, It was just so unusual and I wanted to suggest it to you. It was such a realistic dream I just had to write you. May it be an inspiration! Love your imitation of Tim, it is so funny, you are the star of the show. You and Nick are the best.

Well, if a career as a designer doesn't work out for some reason, or becomes boring, I think you have a second career as a mimic! Any plans to release a parody record as Tim Gunn? Hehee

I also wish you'd record an answering machine message as Tim Gunn, for people. Heh.

Did the standoff with Nina Garcia, over the lingerie designs, really last 90 minutes? What could anyone possibly say that would last that long? Care to clue us in? You all just played Gin Rummy, didn't you. It's all rumors.

What's next up after the show (whenever 'after' is)?

What would be your dream design project?

Take care & good luck. K

hey santino - just saw the post article -- remorse becomes you. come home; all is forgiven...

Santino, I find the delightful combination of the masculine and the feminine in your personality extremely intriguing. All that plus your interesting mixed racial heritage makes you the universal sex symbol! <3

hey santino. i just wanted to share my appreciation for you. you have wonderful talent, and i hope you go very far in the fashion desinging industry. you and nick are definitly the best desingers on project runway. you really add something special to the show, and not only with your amazing creations...but i love your imitations of tim. you sound exactly like him and its the funniest thing ever. well, i wish you the best of luck and i'd love to hear back from you.

Santino, I just wanted to say that your vision is beautiful and inspiring. Fashion is supposed to be drama, cutting-edge, out-of-the-box and I think that your creativity goes unappreciated so far on the show. You cross the boundaries and break the mold and that is what fashion is supposed to do. They say you go to far, I say you test the limits and display fashion to the highest point possible. Your creativity has inspired me to become a designer myself. Thank you for being such an artist and keep up the great work.


Santino, I was so thrilled when Nicky Hilton chose your dress in that challenge. It was stunning, and definitely had Nick's as competition. Tell me, do you think it was your pumps at the party, and your kissing Heidi on the hand after giving Nicky your card that REALLY won her over? Nevertheless, you deserved to win.

I think you have a great aesthetic and I totally did not understand it when Jake said that your inspiration dress was a copy of Austin Scarlett's. It was YOUR inspiration, you deserve the credit.

Lastly, I really want to see you in the final three, so as Tim Gunn said, be careful - I don't believe you are in serious jeopardy.
Devoted Project Runway Fan, Sonya

I have to say watching you on "Project Runway" makes me wish you had your own show!

Santino I hope you make it to the top three because I feel you could make a fashion collection that is interesting and could change American design for the better!

Santino I hope you make it to the top three so I can see your collection. In my opinion you are very talented and have a different point of view that could change American design forever!

santino, please share with us the full story of tim and andre's torrid at red lobster. video it, record it, write it, design it, what ever you have to do. we need that story. it must be told.

Santino, If there's a unit to measure admiration, they'd have to create a new one to measure up my admiration for you!

Truly, I thought you dont belong to the World of american design but to the British or French Avant Garde.

Nothing has mede me Jump around from my seat and run around the room in excitement and admiration after watching something on a TV screen more than your designs and Personality on Project Runway, even 9/11 dint have that effect on me.
Maybe because I see traces of me in the way you are, Absolutely nerdy, Crazy, hungry to learn and create more and wish I could Control T the world with my magic wand ... Designwise.
The following is an email I sent to tim Gunn...

"First up, I'm a designer myself and Totally standby what Santino designed for this challenge.It absolutely shocked me that when the Lingerie Challenge was announced to the contestants, There wasn't an iota of mention about the sellability of the designs the designers are going to create, it was all about vision and leadership.

And they were free to Go Explore! and when it came to Judging, the judges were discarding away Santino's designs as Copied,unsophisticated and not sellable ... whereas to Market was nowhere an aim for this challenge.If you can understand Someone Like Santino's mind It always strives to Explore the unexplored and absolutely rejects all the Cliched notions of Fashion and design.And Judges like Nina Garcia can only be comfortable with things Ordinary and Cliche and Boring. My Hats off to designers like Santino for standing by his Vision and calling someone a coward on National (International) television should invite a little more Hesitation in future. I think Santino's was not a cowardly act but Daniel Faranco's was a stupid Act. and he Got the reward for that.Putting your neck on the Guilotine, you cannot expect a rose to fall on it. For me Santino has been the Winner Outright in all the episodes Ive seen so far for his OffTrack thought process, Amazing Confidence, meticulous and learned approach to the Challenge and Brilliant technical execution of the Garments.

I'd like to ask you ,Tim,How much weightage do these qualities and Mad Creativity Hold as compared to Business acumen, sellability and practicality of designs ?"

My hats Off to You Santino! I bow down to your personality, Confidence and creativity, Tomorrow I'll go to my Temple Again and Thank God for Creating Human Beings like you.They keep me Alive!

Darling Santino, how you have made me laugh. And on the basis of your two challenge-winning dresses and your Tim impersonations, I saw you have the smarts to win PR. A combination of having a lively imagination and knowing how to get inside a woman's desire. I was concerned re fall fashion that you wouldn't reign your imagination in, but saw the Getty images and . . . oh wonderful. These are some of the most lovely dresses I've ever seen. Bottom line, I would rather wear them, or simply look at photos of them, than the clothes the other 3 presented. The colors you chose, the textures! I want to touch them. Your dresses are hot and at the same time, elegant: refined, cool.
The contradiction is exciting. My thanks for bringing us pleasure. Love you, cythera.

Hey Santino-
I saw that you had mentioned that we could email you. Did you mean posting a comment here or do you have your email address on your site? I was just curious. I also wanted to let you know...and I must be honest...that even though Daniel V is in fact my fav...I have to give you SO much credit because I think you are VERY innovative, creative, and very very talented. Even though sometimes I think your designs from the show are BAM and over the top and maybe not so wearable...I have seen some of your other designs (pictures from fashion week) and I have to say that you really are great! Keep up the good work. Oh I love the "Closer to GD" clip...I DIE of laughter...and lighten up it's just fashion is GREAT too. I'm still confused about the "who stole my chiffon" thing..I think I missed that episode!

Is Santino Rice your real name or are you a big fan of Ann Rice? Anyway, I loved your evening gown, it was very bohemian, original and a real conversation starter, especially compared to the other gowns. But I also like tiny Chloe, and was sad all these people collectively and individually outweighing her wanting to kick her out of competition. I really didnt like Kara, she played that "helpless little girl, please rescue me" act too much.

Satino, just have to say that when I first saw project runway I thought you were a comlete jerk. you were so arrogant and full of yourself. Well I've come to see that as the Santino charm Good luck my friend and keep on being the one and only you.

Dear Santino,
You absolutely must know that yours was a truly gorgeous collection... and it was NOT safe. It showed a broad range, an incredible sensitivity to materials, a subtle and elegant use of color, and it was very wearable.

As impressive as your work was the strength you showed in taking some very tough critiques and using them as an opportunity to grow. I commend you for that.

I'm a fan of many of the designers on the show and have no wish to flame anyone, but Chloe, well, did somebody say "Dynasty"? I can't believe that any of the judges looked at those giant pink satin sleeves and thought "fabulous"!

I suspect that politics played a big role in this decision. I'm just guessing here, but I get the impresssion that nobody wants another maverick to win this thing, and telling Michael Kors he was old probably didn't help you much.

Anyway, what do you want a Banana Republic mentorship for? They'd just hold you back. You've got bigger things ahead. Just keep kicking ass!!

I'm glad I got to watch you on the show.


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