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Friday, January 13, 2006 

Tino and the Gunn

I wish I could quit you!

That's such a cute picture. I'd frame that shit.


This picture would make the best avatar! And this is a strange question but does Tim Gunn smell delicious? Just wondering.

A haiku for you:

Santino croons tune:
"Lighten up! It's just fashion!"
Mockery is dope.

You know you love him, his expressions are priceless.

you can't be my favorite because you can wear stilettos better than me.

does the theme song to "fiddler on the roof" come to anyone elses minds???

"if i was a rich man...."

I laughed so hard. Brokeback runway.

You know he wanted you, and he thought you were hot, Santino. I'm sure Michael Kors did too.

I wish I knew how to quit Tim Gunn, too.

dannng too frekin HOT.

As Anonymous, I have to agree with Anonymous. The Gunn is a god.

I love this website, too. I'm officially a Santino fan (maybe not before, but the song... the picture... the caption... Before, I wanted you to be top 3 due to talent, but now, it's more than that.)

Damn. I think Mr. Kors is just jealous that you can get that close to the Gunn.

i bet you were grabbing his ass to get him to make that face huh? go santino! your wonderful darling! \(^O^)/

oh my god, so good.

best caption, so best.

And here I thought my OTP was TimxAndrae. Now it's SantinoxTim.

Hahahahaaa!! Santino, that is by far the funniest caption to a picture I have ever seen! I had tears from laughing so hard. You are an absolute gem.

Why do I immediately start laughing upon seeing this?

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