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Friday, February 10, 2006 

Fashion Week

So I just got back to the apartment in NYC and was pleasantly greeted by many many beautiful comments from all of Santino's fans!

Santino was wonderful enough to invite myself and our good friend Rory to the show this morning!

All 4 remaining designers showed their lines and the room was on fire with excitement. Everyone did well, Daniel gave a sweet shout out to his 'upper-middle-class family' ;) and they all did generally well on the runway.

Santino was last to come on to the runway. He was like Tigger-the-fucking-Tiger all bouncing around and shit and the room exploded with cheer. Santino joked that whether you love-to-hate-him or hate-to-love him, he hopes you all enjoy his stuff. And if you don't... to be patient 'till next year 'cause he'll be back. then he said:

"Where's my mom? Oh there she is... Hi mom... Hey everybody meet my mom, she's the SHIT!"

The stage went black and the show started... I heard someone whisper behind me 'Is that Santino singing in the music?', i leaned back and told her that indeed it was. Santino even produced his own song for the show.

Anyway Rory and I cruised the room like a couple pro star-fornicators, here are a few pics.

I told Santino he had many many loving comments waiting for him once he could get his 'Out-of-this-World' ass back in front of a computer.

Santino thanks you ALL for your love, it was definitely felt on the runway this morning.

xoxojamey | a.k.a. Pearbobber | a.k.a. Santino's Bitch 4'eva |

CLICK HERE for Santino's entire collection.

Shine on, Santino!

Glad to say you made it to Fashion Week! I can't wait to see your line!

The line was just amazing! Congratulations!


Thanks for the update!

Santino, I have no words....

Oh wait, yes I do!


That's what I thought of your collection. It was fantastic! You definitely did the best job. I don't know if you made the final three or not, but you blew the other 3 designers out of the water. I just know that you are going to be hugely successful. I plan on keeping track of your career, and one day, but perhaps only in my dreams, owning one of your magnificent creations. Good job Santino, really.

Bravo, Santino-they were all beautiful! Even if for some crazy reason, you are "out" next week, you were a winner today!

Congratulations for being able to show at fashion week. Most of the season I haven't really liked your stuff at all but the majority of your fashion week collection is gorgeous! Congrats again and good luck in the future.
~ Brandie

It's so exciting! Jamey, thanks for the quick report...and the pictures! Santino's collection looks WONDERFUL, and so does HE! "I'm too sexy for my shirt. Too sexy for my shirt. So sexy it hurts. And I do my little turn on the catwalk." Got any pictures with "The Gunn?!"

I LOVE your collection. The greenish-brownish dress was particularly wonderful. I hope to God you win, and I can't wait to hear you sing!


The collection looks amazing! SO, so, so happy for you! You should be proud...I bet your mom was glowing! As well she should for raising such an amazingly talented & truly beautiful person. Enjoy it baby & I can't wait to hear all about it! Awesome day for fashion! XOXO-Charity

Santino you look alot like my granfather who died several years ago. He was creative and talented just like you.

I think you collection lacked the "santino effect" ( in the best sense of the word). It was beautiful but something was missing. Where were the deatils and the trims? I think Daniel Vosovic may have won this one....

Dear Santino:
So Glad you made it this far! I live for Wednesday nights, and this site is my homepage. Your ass is out of this world, indeed. I really do hope that you win, and if you don't, I hope you don't forget us poor college kids who watch Project Runway (which is really YOUR show by now) religiously. When you are famous and rich, can you please have a SANTINO by Santino Rice line that is a little less expensive, please? I can't wait to see your stuff in the stores. You've now become my favorite designer. Goodbye marc jacobs, hello santino rice.


ur collection is stunning!! OMG!!!

i'm just too damn excited for you.

oh wow.

I'm speechless. I want to buy it all.

To be honest, you weren't my first choice for most of the show. I mean sure you entertained me like crazy but I kept saying "yeah he's so talented, but when is all this talent gonna really shine."

And then I saw all these photos from your runway show...

Amazing. Truly spectacular.

Fabulous collection..and I understand you held all of the seams together with used chewing gum! Seriously, your line is gorgeous. Congrats.

I'm going to try to resist the temptation to look at your designs because I want to be surprised when the show airs, but congratulations on getting to the final four!


omg! i'm loving project runway, but you just told us that the final four all have runway shows. which is cool, i guess, but (omg) i wanted the tension of seeing if kara or santino would have been the one to go next week. now i know all the remaining "win." (daniel and chloe were shoo-ins)

~$+*SANTINO RULES*+$~ Like whoa Santi baby you killed the runway!! I love you & your clothes.xox, yer fan ~Majie

I too am a fashion designer and I just want to say that yes you design fabulous work but you need to keep your ego in check or you will be going nowhere.

Very beautiful! Looks like you had a lot of fun. Wish I could have been there to see it in person. Thanks for the pics pearbobber. Best wishes and lots of love!

I love you guys. Thanks for the update and the pictures. Santino is gonna work regardless of what happens because he is talented and he knows how to hussel. I love the guy. He knows how to bring life to fashion. Larger than life, the only way to be.

Santino, I really love the purple dress with the jacket. And by love, I mean I need it in my closet now.


Gorgeous collection! I've been anticipating this collection since the first amazing dress you made for the very first challenge on PR. I was not disappointed.

Santino, I am at a loss for words... simply magnificent. I seriously had chills looking at your collection. I'm backing you 100%. I love you!!!

My co-worker and I couldn't stop looking at the photos - So Beautiful. Thank you for sharing all that lovely!

Hey, Santino--I loved your collection at fashion week! Your cattiness I would leave at the door, though (dog lover myself). I find you amusing, and possibly attractive in some strange way--but, alas, I'm way too hot for you! If you're gay, your personality would def. have me signing up as your #1 'fag hag' though (w*nk, w*nk)

Congrats! Deborah


I need your whole collection. Need! Do you understand me? This isn't some joking around shit.

You've got the attitude of a star and the talent to go with it. Rock on, buttercup.

I saw photos of your line earlier today and Oh My GOD. It was beautiful. My absolute favorite. You really did your thang thang.
If I had a vagina, I'd be saving up for you collection

Sir, I am impressed. Absolutely impressed. I'm at a loss for words, actually. Amazing collection.

Yay! I'm so friggin happy for this update! I really really hope you win, Santino. No matter how much people "hate" you for really no reason as reality TV is really edited reality TV, you really deserve it. And your collection looks AWESOME.

Hopefully you will have some stuff us fans can buy that's not too TOO expensive, because I really would love to wear a Santino design to show my support! I'm sure tons of others will agree.

You really really deserve all this popularity Santino, best of luck for nothing but awesome things that this excellent opportunity brings you! Congratulations!

Yay! I'm so happy for you and I don't even know you!


is it possible to be in love with a man i've never met? you have such a unique eye for beauty. and that's lovely. well done.

I loved every single piece. I'd wear it all. Design for me, Santino?
He's amazing Jamey!

absofuckinglutely awesome!!!! i just checked out santino's collection on a site a friend linked me too. gorgeous! i only liked his and chloe's and i definitely liked his the best. everything was clean and polished. i loved it. nothing was "santinoed" everything was perfect & classy. well done! *clapping* bravo!

btw, i liked kara's jumpsuit, too. i think you're the only one that really gave someone a full makeover. everyone else just put that person in some clothes. nick's suit was god awful. it looked like a polyester bus. suit by leslie fay. so what that it wasn't finished, you made kara look hawt (that's hot for the ebonics challenged), a fete i'm sure wasn't easy to do.


Santino, your collection KICKED ASS. Even if you don't win, I have a feeling you're going to do better than any of the other designers anyway...


You kicked ass! I said I hadn't really liked your designs, but finally here your potential was realized. Everything had a unique Santino look, and yet was very diverse. You definitely deserve the win, but in any case I'm sure you'll be successful.

All I see for the picture in the 5th slot is a little red x. I'll bet that one's naughty. Show us! Show us! (Tee hee hee).

Team Santino, team team SANTINO!!

To my dearest Santino,

I love you! You are the shit eternal.

I just have one question: If I traded in my vagina for a penis would you marry me?

Santino for PRESIDENTE!

Sieg Heil Santino!

everything looks absolutely amazing, i'm entirely impressed!!!

so much love and adoration


oopsie... I spoke to soon.
Checked out some fan sites and discovered that all the finalists photos are out there on the world wide web.
My apologies.
Your final line looks great.

Santino OMG gorgeous gorgeous collection!! I wanted to wait to see it on TV but I had to peek. You rock! I hope to see more of your fabulous work in the future.

Holy moly! Dude -- those clothes are GORGEOUS. Nina can eat her stupid made-to-build-tv-drama words that you "don't design for a woman's body." With a polished turd as a side dish.

There is no woman's body on this planet that wouldn't look even better in almost anything from that collection (qualified with an "almost" just to allow for differences in girly parts).

You're a good man, Charlie Brown. Now I just need to win the lottery and hire you to be my private designer.

Santino, I love "to love" you!


In all honesty and not to ride your jock... But you had the most cohesive and well designed collection out of all of them. Kara would be a close second... although I think she is the one who is the wild card because she's the only one without her runway model from the show.

Chloe's collection looked cheap. And it's a shame because I really liked her too. And Daniel V's collection did not tell much of a story.

Aside from that...I wish I could own a Santino Rice original.

What can I say, but WOW!?

The line is gorgeous, the fabrics are's all GORGEOUS! Congratulations!

you're line looked beautiful! no matter the outcome of the show, you've already made it, santino! good luck with everything!

Beautiful collection!!!!!


Your line was incredible! I am so proud of you. Talent! Talent! Talent! You are a star. And to all the idiots who are posting on the PR boards and claiming that your fans are all 12 year olds, I'm 50+ and I love your designs!!!

You shine, baby!! don't let anyone tell you otherwise .... ever!!

OMG, your designs ROCK!!! I wish I was famous TOO so I could actually afford them!

Hey Santino.

I think you're gonna bomb a town.

Is that Jerome Bettis's mom in the background of the second photo? Is she everywhere this week, or am I just seeing her everywhere?

Oh Santino! I love absolutely LOVE your collection! For a guy who apparently (according to some PR watchers and PR judges) doesn't know a woman's sure as hell made a beautiful collection that could fit any figure. I'm far from a model thin woman but your collection was the only one where I could honestly say I could wear every single item with pride and look stunning strutting my stuff! The other collections were not exactly what I would term "woman friendly" at all. When I want to go out, I want to look beautiful, feminine, sophisticated and unique. Your collection was the only one that could make that happen for me. Thank you for working so hard and showing the rest what you can really do. Gorgeous gorgeous collection from a gorgeous man! Much love, H


I mean...

No, I think I mean wow. Yeah...that's the word.

Once again, you succeed in rocking my socks off.

beautiful collection. im rooting for you

OOOooo! I want the red one! I can't wait to see the show when it airs on PR! Lot's of love in your direction!!!


All the designers are so different that it's kind of pointless to pick ONE BEST contestant. FASHION IS NOT A GAME SHOW.

Also I thought Santino toned it down for fashion week, but still nice use of leather and detail. Very feminine.

You and Daniel are my favorites. and Kara and Zulema.

GOOD JOB. and thanks for all the cheesy jokes. very entertaining show.


I believe it was you who said it the best...


When will the other contestants finally see the light and just face facts that there is no way in hell they could ever beat you? Even Jay is envious of you and he already won the first Project Runway. That goes to show how goddamn talented you are!

You get me closer to God.

Well after glancing over the runway shows, I must say, Daniel's was surprisingly awful for being the judge’s favorite, Chloe’s had some good pieces, but was overall nothing special, Kara’s was surprisingly good, although some pieces did not work at all (like that ruffled dress), and yours was surprisingly subtle, but wonderfully gorgeous. Thanks for the sneak peak!


I'm rooting for you to win..You keep it real with your designs, and you're impression of Tim Gunn is Oscar worthy..

Good luck!


So you showed at fashion week.. everyone did??? Well, I'm thrilled for you - I was going to be so upset if you weren't part of it.

Your collection is just fantastic. I absolutely love that first evening gown.. LOVE IT!! I can't wait to see all of this in action!!


All I can say is wow Santino. Me and my wife use to hate you but you've become one of our favorites this season. The collection is absolutely magnificent and gorgeous. You have loads of talent, let it all out because we sure do appreciate it. Good luck and thanks for sharing.

Absolutely gorgeous collection. The aqua dress is fantastic and dreamy.

I love you Santino!

I know, even if you post this, you may not respond... but why do they spend the whole last episode tricking the four of you into believing that only three designers will go to fashion week, when all four must go to make sure that the top three designers aren’t reveled early? Also, why don't they air the goddamn show a week earlier. Poor Kara had to spend months, or an impromptu one or so months like Austin, knowing that she would not win. Whatever. At least you didn't get stuck in that position of creating a line to cover up a five day early spoiler. Sorry for the long comment Santino, but please answer me because you are my favorite designer on the show!

Hello, this is my first time posting. Hear are my thoughts on the 4 collections

Kara's was a nightmare, to list the reasons why would take too much time. Chloe's had the right ideas, and on the surface it seemed she knew what she was doing, but not quite. The garments had a really lazy construction that smacked of make at home prom dress patterns or the summer sale rack at Kohls. Empire waste dresses, halter tops, and "sexy" above the knee dresses are just cliches and could be found in the sketchbook of any 13 year old girl bored in History class.

Daniel, who I think will probably win, had an edge simply because it fit with the season. His was the only collection that payed attention to color trends and was appropriate. That's actually a big deal and gives his collection major points. His designs were clean and direct and as a cohesive collection it felt "right". At the same time his garments weren't constructed well. The aesthetic and design values used were nice, but nothing that couldn't be found again...on a sale rack, perhaps at H&M? His collection seemed like a good impersonation of drab New York designers. There wrere dozens of other collections shown that week that were twice as interesting and 5 times better sewn than his and even they are struggling to get attention let alone buyer's and editor's support.

I'll say what I didn't like about yours first. My main issue was that it wasn't focused and didn't fit in with the season. There is always a mood in each season and while a designer shouldn't sacrifice his tastes for it, he should be able to translate them and make it relevant. That's what fashion is all about. Finding what that mood is half the work. This season Gothic romance as well as the shift in paradigms of what modernity is (i.e. a return to cleaner and less "affected" styles and a less misogynistic appeal) seemed to be the major ideas. It was present in Marc Jacob's layered chic looks and Narcisco Rordriguez's razor sharp and uber minimal dresses. That's at least what Kathy and Suzy have been blabbering. I couldn't really tell what season your collection was from. The colors didn't seem right. It was off-putting but not a huge issue.

I also couldn't really tell what you were trying to say about the way women should be dressing other than that pretty dresses are good. Art is a monologue, design is a dialogue, what was your collection discussing? (p.s. Alber Elbaz said that, I can't take credit) You had no definite silhouette or shape, it was a bit over the place and again, that kind of puts one off.

Your collection had one very key aspect that makes it shoot leaps and bounds above the others...quality. Fashion, especially high fashion is a luxury goods business and commands very very high prices. If Chloe wants to make cute dresses for Kohls or if Daniel wants to be a sweater designer for H&M, that's fine. But they shouldn't expect anyone to pay more than 50-100 bucks on one of their garments. When prices begin at 1k and go up to 20k for a ready to wear dress, kohls and H&M doesn't cut it. You were the only one that showed a true interest in making beautifully clothes, at least from what I could see in the photos. I look at Alaia, Mcqueen, and Galliano, they are master cutters with patterns and draping that baffle you in how they were made. It's how they built their names. You weren't at their level, but you were speaking the same lingo, know what I mean?

I think you still need to find out what you want to say, because I don't think you have. IF you have, then it isn't anything not being said by just about every other fashion designer hopeful in the country. I think once you do get it all together, it'll be a very good thing for american fashion.

The collections from new york I did like were:
Marc Jacobs
Doo.Ri Chung
Narcisco Rodriguez
Calvin Klein
Proenza Schouler

Also, you should check out Christopher Kane's work from the recent Central St. Martins MA show. It's really good and is similar to the stuff you do with uber embellishment. It borders on ugly but is skillfully done.

Just wanted to add my gushing to those already posted.

Santino, the collection is stunning, baby!

Much love and here's to a dazzling career!


Santino, do you know if you won yet? I'm following Project Runway on Bravo and the last episode’s still 48 hours before Fashion Week.

I’d prefer they announce the winner on a live show… well, best Santino, whatever happens, you’ve already won :)

I love YOu So Much
It's fashion lighten up

I it's fashion
Pasties and a maxi pad
Love k-dog

You better do what Nick said in the "reunion" show and...BRING IT! I hope you win. I wanted you to win since day one. You're AMAZING!

your line was the bomb... you were denied most egregiously!

someday i hope to be rich and throw lots of money at you.

you are a design god and an inspiration!

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