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Friday, February 24, 2006 

fun stuff over at FourFour

FourFour has a great recap of the reunion show, complete with images and sound clips like this, this and this.

go to article

I am from St. Charles Mo. too! When did you escape the state? What highschool did you go to? Did you ever spend time at the Cave Springs Denny's? When I first watched the show I kept thinking how familiar you look.

Santino - I love you like Daniel "See ya on season 3" Franco loves our little miss Heidi. You and your brilliant mind rock. You're a star, baby.

this is a little late but...Santino, your runway show was nothing short of ORGASMIC. holy shit. i can't wait till i can buy your stuff.

haha in case you didn't see this already here's this link of a little emo child who doesn't like our stuff
Love you, love your work. Your fucking amazing.

Totes Umbrellas consistently has really amusing recaps of PR episodes. There is some Santino-bashing, however, but I still think it's worth taking a look at.

I hope you and Nick are okay, or that if you aren't you become that way. It was so nice to see the clips of all of you guys getting along so well together from early in the season. I'm sure it would be better for his own mental health, too.

boo! just wanted to say hi :)

boo! hi santino just wanted to say hi! hey you should make a vid of the tim gunn impression :) i'd buy it!

Thanks for the link and sound bites. I particularly love the third "this." I wish I could just carry that around on a continuous loop and play it whenever I get annoyed at somebody. I mean...I say it, myself, but in those deep Santino tones, it somehow carries more authority!

My favorite sound bite on that recap is Zulema/Shetangy exclaiming, "To my horror!" I love Zulema, she's so Shaka Zulu fierce.

hehehe santino i'm such a goof i made a Closer by Tim Gunn video okay so i don't really sound like him, but i changed the lyrics a bit (added some andrae's and designers's in there) to make it related to Tim go watch and enjoy!

I love the reunion show. :D You were great.
...Was Guadalupe really, really drunk? Because she was acting...a little...odd.

Mister Santino - I KNEW you were a Leo. I'm one too. You're absolutely fabulous, and I squealed when you got a spot in the top 3. It seems like people on Project Runway aren't rooting for you - but I am. I hope you win - I know you'll blow them away. Good luck, and you're truly just amazing.

Hi Sanntino!
I'm 13 years old and I love project runway! My favorite designer is you! I think your really funny and the best designer!

I wanted to create a page on wikipedia about you. I wanted to see if you could give me some of your history before and after Project Runway!

Thank you!

Hi Santino!

I am 13 years old and I love Project Runway! This season you were my favorite designer, I think your funny and a great designer!

I wanted to start a page on wikipedia about you and I wanted some of your history before and after Project Runway!

If you would like to do this then email me at

Thank you!

Oh man. That singin' Lisa really knows how to stroke the strings... Wow...

I'm waiting for my clothes... :)

Santino, may I just say you are quite possibally the greatest human being alive. I am certainly not worthy to leave this comment, but I live to break rules. You really are too awesome for Project Runway and I hope lotz that you win out in the end. I wish you luck and I really think you should put out an album of songs you've created during Project Runway. I would totally listen the crap out of that cd.

Santino, you really freggin rock. Indeed I am not worthy to post a comment, but I live to break rules, I'm like that. I hope super lots that you win, and I believe that you should try and put out an album of Project Runway songs, cause I would listen the crap out of that cd.(oops, run on sentence)Anyway, I'm a huge fan of your work and you have luck from all your rockin' fans.

Heheheh.. "Eat my ass." :p You remind me so much of one of my friends.. you even look kind of like him. You're awesome.. good luck 'n' stuff.

Santino, I think you have exceptional creativity, magmatism, drive and ambition and I commend you for putting your whole self into your designs regardless of what others said. I believe that you will definately succeed in your field of choice. I wish you the best of luck!

I predicted episode 1 you would win.
I hope I am right (I was last season)...but, nonetheless you have every right to be the cocky asshole you were. You remind me of myself-It was a priviledge to watch you this season. Talent and passion always win in the end, Goodluck.

You are fucking hilarious, and definitely made the show worth watching.

I thoroughly enjoy your sense of humor.



Whatever the outcome of PR, you are already on everyone's radar. I wish you the best and find you strangely attractive. Viva la glue gun and tim Gunn impersonations (I peed myself during the NIN parts - I know TMI).


i hope project santino is in the making.

hey santino! there's a great(spot-on I think) analysis of you on the show over at Blogging Project Runway (number 9 on the list)


Thank you for these links! I downloaded the songs and am playing them over and over. You are too funny...anytime I am sad I will think of the funny things you do and laugh and smile, and feel better!

I can't wait to see your collection, I am trying to wait til the show so I am not spoiled. You are very creative, and hopefully someday I can buy something you have made.

Thanks so much for being you!

Hey Santino--\

Fess up--who did you boink on the show?

You're great, but you spelled "artical" wrong! Make it work!
Your fan,

i love how bravo tv has sort of become santino tv, everytime i turn that channel on i see you and its miraculous..

ahhh.. the Santino love is wonderful!! i'm hoping you win and make millions over that dork from last season, hell and all the others too. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! I'm lookin forward to buyin your things.. we're waiting on you!

With love from another escapee of Missouri (Creve Coeur)

Hey Santino, I just made a livejournal icon that I thought you might enjoy...


Only two weeks til the end of "Project Runway!" Santino -I hope that if you WIN (won) "PR" you won't turn into a snob (and shut this place down). Or that if you LOSE (lost) "PR" you won't think nobody cares anymore (and shut this place down). Cuz...this feels like HOME!!!

You're the only one on the show with any balls. I'm sick of hearing everyone's whining on the show- if you weren't on it, they'd have no damn audience. So keep up the good work, and if you ever get a chance- please punch out Omarosa, if you ever run into her.

jesus christ this damn comment page took FOREVER TO LOAD. kinda, you should be licking my balls for sticking with it so long. except, i don't have balls. i have a vagina. but saying lick my balls has a much better ring to it than lick my vagina.

after you do that i just want to tell you that your website kicks ass and so does your line. you made this show worth watching. peace and cherry coke.

Oh one more question. I went to look at the fashion week pictures and it looks like Kara presented also. I thought she missed out on her spot b/c she was out.??

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