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Thursday, February 02, 2006 

Make it work.

thanks JustJared for the upload!

you need your own show. all i wanna watch is you all day long :) you make me giggle, so thanks for that!


you need your own show. all i wanna watch is you all day long :) you make me giggle, so thanks for that!


I have loved you all season, and after Red Lobster I could not possibly love you any more.

Your Tim Gunn impression is spot on. I know nothing about fashion; I watch PR for the hilarity. You sir, have embodied the insanity of an artist, and that makes for great tv.

Also, for some reason, the Andrae/Tim Gunn red lobster scenario is far too easy to imagine in my mind. TG might say it's bizarre, but I can definitely see it...

Thank you JustJared! This clip is great. Santino, I love you. You are incredibly talented. A man of many avenues as we say....


Um...kay. Sorry.
But are so funny.
Also? The Tim+Andre thing is so DISTURBING it's hilarious. I love it.

Santino...oh lord how you made me fall off my couch imitating Tim Gunn. Now the image of the two of them in some booth at Red Lobster fighting over a basket of biscuits will keep me laughing all week.

Definetly the best moment of the show so far.
Can I kidnap you?


I love you for the Red Lobster story and forgive you for every bitchy thing you said before. All I want to know now is, what were Tim and Andrae fighting about?

P.S. Your plant dress was beautiful.

absolutely hysterical. Last night was the best episode yet. Good luck with everything; cheering you on in PR. -Emily


You are by far the most talented designer on Project Runway with a unique flair; and Honey, you look fabulous in pumps!


Santino I want to marry you!

The fact that something as twisted as the TG / Andrae story was manufactured in your mind terrifies me but also makes me love you even more.

Santino, I have honestly never come so close to pissing myself as I did last night. It is a huge even to watch project runway in my dorm. My roommate hates you, but whatever, she's strange. You are easily the most talented in the show. More importantly, your Tim Gunn/Andre story is pure comedy gold. If you don't win, I'll hang myself.

Santino, I'm totally going to comment everyday cause I've decided you are a really cool personality and I really wish you the best of luck in the competition. At this point though I know you will not need to win to become a celebrity. You are well on your way because of your awesome personality and talent. And no, not your Tim Gunn impersonation (although it's deadly funny) but your clothes are so inspired!! Everyone is commenting on your "closer" video on my myspace!!!! YAY FOR SANTINO you my babydaddy.
Can't wait to buy all your stuff!!!!

Santino, I enjoy you SO much on "Project Runway!" A couple of predictions on this Groundhog Day: A.You will someday soon have your own TV talk show and B.This web page will become an enduring community of Santino fans (who are, of course, the smartest, hippest people in the world)!

That's a great clip! Good luck in the future Santino and remember to keep your head up. You boldly follow in the footsteps of such fashion icons as A.F. Vandervorst, Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan and I say hats off to you. My wife and I are praying for you.

You are my FAVORITE on project runway. I love all of your designs. I like how you take a risk, and I personally feel everyone else on the show is really playing it too safe. Anyway, I hope you win, because if you don't I'm going to have to stop watching if your not on. Seriously, without you this show is a total bore.

Love you!

Jesus GOD! You are brilliant. Tim and Andrae at The Red Lobster. I agree, you need your own show.

your comedy is genius. i cant wait until your clothing line comes out. i just hope im thin enough to wear it

Hello, I just wanted to say I think you are the most talented designer on PR2. Watching someone like you makes it easier for other misunderstood smart asses. Your genius is obtuse and aggressive. The qualities that make you a pariah also make you a visionary.
Last night Tim Gunn met Andre at the Lobster for margaritas and crab cakes, but Andrea just stared at the table until Tim said "Andre, don't DO this, I liked your French Astroturf Dress....I thought it had some kind of Flintstonesque qualities to it..." But Andre just grabbed his clutch and floated across the ballroom towards the door.

you already know you're my favorite designer

and i love you more than i should

because it's unhealthy

that's what people say

but i don't think so


I love you but...Santino...Sweetie...I hope you aren't going out of this competion meek as a lamb. Where's the old Santino? Tell Nina... Sorry Nina...because she is a sorry bitch. You may not win but you can at least be true to yourself. Their not going to pick you because you're nice! Oh and tell MK to take the stick out while you're at it.

I laughed so hard at your Tim Gunn thingy, thanks for the guffaw.
Okay... I don't think you are like Jafar anymore.
Let's just blame bad editting on the show?
Have a blessed week.

i know it totally sounds corny, but you really have very beautiful eyes. you should have done an impersonation of zulema or jay also. that would be great!

Hehehe, man are you good at impressions! And the thing with Red Lobster last night, I was laughing so hard I was crying! I thought the bamboons ass thing was hilarious, you're just great and you're disigns are kickass.

Carry On!

Santino..I just wanted to thank you for making me laugh so hard! I've been having a rotten few weeks and look forward to you, your designs and a Tim impression or two. I love your designs..they're delicious. My God, your designs are the only ones in the entire PR group that would ever work for me. I really look forward to your line and keep those Tim impressions (and others) coming! Stay cool baby and knock 'em dead! Love you!

OMG!!! I couldn't stop laughing after your imitation of Tim talking about his fight with Andrae at Red Lobster.

My boyfriend doesn't understand why it's so funny, but that's okay.

That totally made my week and I thank you.

The Red Lobster thing was funny...I like it when you are bitchy too, "I can't stand the sound of her voice." I loved the Hat you wore on the Ice skating challege. I hope you F&*%ing win you are the most inovative.

i nearly died when you were immitating tim and making up that story. it was so funny. someone needs to make your dialogue into a cartoon.

Oh, Santino! That made me laugh so hard. The fact that the setting of your little "Tim-Andrae" story was Red Lobster makes it all the more hilarious! I don't think Tim's ever been to a Red Lobster in his life. I adore Andrae, but I can totally picture that scenario happening, which is what made it so funny. Tim and Andrae get in an argument at Red Lobster, Andrae starts getting louder and louder, Tim keeps looking around very embarrassed and tells Andrae to "please keep your voice down", which prompts Andrae to throw the lobster in Tim's lap, and run off to the bathroom crying, arms flailing about. Hysterical!

yes, you need your own show. you are THE BEST. so funny. omg.

i can't stop laughing.

I'd like to hear you sing elvis and queen songs.

Iam sorry you did not win the show!

I am sorry yoy did not win PR!

I pray that you and Nick become friends again.

Iam sorry you did not win the show.

Please don't lose focus of the fact that God put you on this earth to MAKE BEAUTIFUL CLOTHES!

Santino.. if I wasn't postive that you are gay I'd marry youuuuuuuuu *laughs.. dies*

We need more Santino pictures! And audio! And video! And clothes! And sketches! And essays! All kinds of stuff! We want to lose ourselves in Santinoland!!!

Why not ask Bravo to creat series called " Santino: Project Rebel Designer"?

a funny picture from other reality site:

I can't believe I love you! Lol!

I think I just hurt myself laughing.

I knew you'd rock the kasbah when you sauntered into the interview room and nonchalantly showed off that little corset. I would love to let you dress me.

dress me!

yall ,lets write bravo ,so santino could have his own show.hell be great ,probably better than isaac mizrahi


When I'm having a horrible day, I watch the highlights of my favorite Santino moments on Tivo, and I instantly feel better. Thanks for that.

undress me!

Buahahaha. You are awesome.

Hands down, clip of the year. I'm calling it!

I love the Tim Gunn impressions..I cry laughing too often. More so since Listening to Gunn's podcast where he's quite befuddled on the point of them.

I loved the garden party dress you designed, it was very whimsical and cute. Good luck. I know even though you are really funny, I wouldnt want to be on your bad side.

Your Tim inpressions are simply too brilliant--some of the best moments on the show. Loved your plant dress, BTW.

Please give your public more of what they want - Tim Gunn impersonations!! Now that Andre is gone, who will be the little lamb? Good Luck!!!

You're brilliant! I was having such a horrid day when that episode premiered, and Red Lobster cheered me right up. :D

i don't care what anyone says about you--you f**kin' rock and so do your designs. love your humor, humility, and your tim gunn impression is en pointe!

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