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Tuesday, February 28, 2006 

Project Starwars

Tiffany sent me this gem, ENJOY!
Other news, Kim's boy Brad really knows how to show the love!! That is without a doubt the funniest thing I have ever seen! I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard! Santino, Andrae, and Tim. Fabulous!

man, what a great idea. I'll hint to my friends.. hey, my birthday is this friday!! I want a cake like that!! lol

Santino, this is BRILLIANT! In fact, since I work for Lucasfilm and we have a section on the official site where we interview celebs and bands about why they dig Star Wars -- would you be interested in being interviewed? We'd love to run it before the season finale on Bravo! Please get back to me ASAP.

That cake brings a new meaning to the term soul food.

Did you see the quote from Tim Gunn on today? Here it is:
What is Santino really like?
He is a very complex character. When I went to Los Angeles to visit him in mid-December, that Santino was a dark and brooding guy. There was a sadness to him. I wanted to cradle him in my arms, and at the same time I wanted to weep for him. I feel kind of weepy now talking about it.

What's up Santino? Need a hug?

Dear Santino,

Is it weird to see yourself on tv and the internet? Has Nicki Hilton contacted you yet to design stuff for her? Thanks for putting up the Project Runway the Musical Video!!!! You're great! I love this site! :)

Since they did a Project Jay.. and you're obviously BY FAR the most compelling person on this cast - has anyone approached you for YOUR own show? Just curious, but you probably can't say.. hmmm.

Somewhere on the "What Would Santino Do" thong, it really should say, in little tiny letters, "This garment is meant to come off."

Oh man. That Star Wars picture just made my night. Thanks for the pick-me-up, I definitely needed it.

<33, Alyssa

OH MY GAWD that is fucking brilliant. You are Han Solo, for sure. I love Andrae as Leia, and Tim Gunn is Luke...INCEST!!

Incest at the Red Lobster!!


Heh. I saw both of those on LJ...and was going to link you to it...I got beat to it! I do have to say that the Star Wars picture was very well done. :)

i invite you to the party in my pants at sxsw.
hit me up.


Loved the Star Wars photo. I had a strange dream last night where I was at Mardi Gras and people started tossing gold paillettes instead of beads.

Dear Santino,

This is a love letter of sorts.
Posted on a blog for lack of a
plane with a long banner.

Keep it up, for "all us sinners"
I like that you are honest.
Bunny Rabbit Style.

Your precognating mata-hari Ginger,

"I'm Santino Ricealker. I'm here to rescue you [from bad fashion]."

that SW photo was the best. funniest thing ever. reminded me of a time on my cousins B-day my dad sent him a picture of Fat Albert and the gang but with our faces on there... so hilarious

I want a cake like that!! I love Santino sooo much!!! My birthday is coming up, too, so I am telling my roommates to get me that!!

Missing from the Star Wars photo:

Daniel V. as Chewbacca
Michael Kors as C3PO (He's so golden and shiny)
Nina as R2D2
Zulema as Darth Vader
Daniel Franco as the little fraggle rock dude that sat on Jabba the Hutt's lap.

Tim Gunn should really be Obi Wan Kenobi.

That... would be awesome!

i love it! couldn't be any more perfect.
kiss kiss
candice <3

santino, i'm getting a pair of your thongs for my birthday!!! (well not YOUR thongs but the ones you designed) ahaha.
i'm doing an SG photoshoot in them!!!

you are rad. hope all is good with you.

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