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Wednesday, February 15, 2006 

Red Lobster Time Square.

Let's do this.

hmmm what to get...

mmm... cheddar biscuits.
Look at all that fried goodness!
Aaaaaand scene.

Happy (belated) St. Valentine's Day everybody!
Much Love, SANTINO!

Santino- Happy V-Day! Looks like you almost finished your plate! Mom would be proud!

Where's Andrae!?!

Was that you last night at Ray's in Nolita? That place is all right, but you should try Arturo's, Patsy's and Joe's on Bleeker.

You are awesome. This made me spit coffee on my computer screen, I was laughing so hard.

you better win this shit.. Santino all the way baby!

Who was your date at Red Lobster? I hope it was Andrae..What happened to Andrae?

Haha! So awesome! The only thing that would have made that better is if Andrae had been with you, lol.

Hope Andrae and Tim didn't get in any tiffs while you were there!

You crack me up, Santino. Where is your bib?

amazing. simply amazing.

Santino, this is nuts. I love it.

HAaaaa. Too funny! I think that's actually one of my favorite episodes yet because your impression is so spo on!

Caption for picture #4 -

Waitress: "Mr. Gunn didn't want this to go to waste. He had to leave. Mumbled about some kind'emergency.'"

I would say something about Andrae but that would be killing it (HINT: this means maybe you shouldn't either!)
By the way, those biscuits look really good...

Santino - that is fucking fabulous! Red Lobster isn't my favorite but you totally rock it well. I won't wish you good luck b/c, judging by the collections, I'm sure you've won. Much Love, Runway Fan

You are just too too, Santino! I do hope you keep this blog going after the show ends, which I've no doubt you will win in a blaze of glory and hilarity and an up-yours to all those who just don't get it.

I'm on pins and needles (ha!) for tonight's episode. Yay for your blog and giving me a laugh in the meantime!

Where's our little lamb? :(

Santino and a Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuit...holy shit. Could you fit any more greatness into a picture? I think I need to make that my wallpaper.

Happy Valentine's Day Santino (even though it was yesterday)!

I love you (of course) and I can't wait to see you kick everyone's asses on Project Runway tonight. =D

Andrae... what happened to Andrae... AND TIM??

Were they dining with you until they got into a little tiff? LOL.

Santino, dahlin, you're just too funny!! Can't wait to see you on the tele tonight.

Hi Santino. You said that you read all of your comments so i sought this as an oportunity. I'm a budding designer and i was wondering your impunt on some designs i have created. My site is:
and i am also holding a compition much like project runway and it is featured here: just please leave a comment if you will!

Only 3 more hours til the show starts! I'm gettin' a lil' nervous... just kick Kara off!

I LOVE You Santino!
You just made my day.

This is great, we can all pretend we're having a Red Lobster dinner date with Santino.


I loved your pictures at Red Lobster. Why didn't you invite Nina Garcia to join you? She could have had the crab.

Wow I laughed so hard, "designers, rock the casbah!" OMG I just lose it :) Thanks :)

Bratz World

Santino.. i hope you are getting money from Red Lobster for all the free advertising you are doing.. I wouldn't be surprised i you don't become the next commercial spokesperson..

if you do... design some lobster inspired dresses..

I love you Santino, you are awesome!!!!!!

you are the best Santino, Keep up the great work !!!

Seen in a cafeteria :

Shoes are required to eat
in the cafeteria. Socks can
eat any place they want.

A shrimp sole my girl; I lobster
and haven't flounder!

A note left for a pianist from
his wife: Gone Chopin, have
Liszt, Bach in a Minuet.

Just got done watching the "PR" episode with the Red Lobster story AGAIN! I was trying to get interested in "American Idol," but while channel-surfing during commericals, I ran across the "PR" rerun and couldn't leave. The Red Lobster story and some of the other bits make me laugh EVERY TIME I SEE THEM! Santino, we need you on TV on a regular basis.

Santino, my daughter and I think you're fantastic, very talented and if personality were money, pound for pound, you'd never have to work again!!! I'm 54 years old and adore you!!! *big kiss* ~Donna

Santino, my daughter and I love and adore you (she loves you, I just adore you). You're talented, smart and if personality were worth money, pound for pound, you'd never have to work again. You're the reason I watch Project Runway. *big kiss* *big hugg*

And Santino, I was crushed Andrae left. The two of you together were quite a pair and your Tim impressions will go down in history. *big kiss*

If Red Lobster doesn't jump on that shit, they are crazy.

They would make so much money off your melodrama with Tim and Andrae. For reals.

wedensday nights are so stressful

i really hope you make top three tonite, i cant see you not...

<3 <3

FUCKIN A!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope that you do very well.

santino you are a diamond in the rough

Oh Santino, I love you

Although I have an even more limited bag of tricks than Marla, you're seriously inspiring me to be more ambitious with my knitting design. My mom and I cannot stop talking about your pieces on the show -- I look forward to following your career!

Ok, Sonny....I couldn't stand it any longer!!! I just uped my satellite subscription to include Bravo channel so that I can watch you WIN PR2! I truly love your designs.......... and to think that I knew you when!


congrats on making it to the final get the nearest red lobster and celebrate!

i'll see you at fashion week. you talented fashion god, you.

Red Lobster has probably gotten substantially more business since that joke aired on television...

Let me know what everybody thinks of the new Santino Logo

Did you go there to celebrate making it to Fashion Week?

Congratualtions, Santino!

I found myself very attracted to you throughout tonite's episode.
Good Job

Santino you nut!!! You're so much fun!! You need your own show! :)

That dress last night made your model look like a mermaid! I'm glad your fashion week collection didn't look like that!

Over the river Jordan and into the promised land. Congrats!!! The final three ..sigh

Just found your blog online! You don't know me, I'm just a Project Runway fan.

You will DEFINITELY have the most interesting collection at Fashion Week - can't wait to see it when Bravo airs the episode!

Oh, and I HEART Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits!

All the best,

I think you should wear that purple unicorn shirt soon... hahah, that shirt is hilarious.

ALRIGHT!!! You made it!

Fashion week would have been nothing without your presence - at least for me.

Daniel is wearing me out - he's turned into such a little snotball.

Can't wait for the final episode. I'm thrilled for you.

Santino, my man! I knew you'd make it; no doubt in my mind. I've been saying since the first episode that I can't wait to see your show. You're a pimp-ass designer. . .rock the Casbah! Santino for el Presidente!

Looks yummy, even though I'm vegetarian.
Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!


The cheese biscits i fuckin love those...

i hate reality gameshows. i don't know why people go on GAME shows and then get pissed when you are out to win. you can tell the ones who are there to make friends. it's not the damn YMCA. stay the way you are. you're the only one i can relate to on the entire show. BTW, why was Nina all in your shit?

Happy Belated Valentines Day Santino!

Why are you alone at Red Lobster?
I would have traveled across the North American continent to have the privilege of being your valentine.

On the show, I adored the fact that you refused to compromise your unique sense of style & refused to be fake to who you are. You truly kept it real.

All those judges need check out their own online action to see how much the public is willing to pay for your designs & finally realize how great of a designer you are & that you are truly the public's choice.

I got nothing but love for you gorgeous.

What happened to Andrae? :(

Haha. You rock...(the casbah.)

Hi Santino! I must admit I was not a huge fan at first, but after seeing you on Regis and Kelly, and the Reunion Show, I have done an about face. I love the way you stir things up and provide many of the comedic moments this season on PR. Now I understand wher eyou are coming from (not from a place of evil). Wishing you all the best! I love the singing and impressions so much!


John P

I gotta applaud you for keeping it real with your love of Red Lobster.. to many a working class kid growing up, Red Lobster was like going to a four star restaurant. Mmm.. biscuits and crab legs.. word.

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