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Monday, February 20, 2006 

Saran Wrap and Cabbage - LIVE with Regis & Kelly

When Santino arrived on set they sprang a challenge on him, giving him 45 minutes to design a dress for Kelly using items found in her kitchen. For those of you who missed it - I'll try to get a video up for tomorrow's post. Here are some screens of the highlights.

Look everybody, Santino's on TV!Santino's gona make Kelly look HOT.

Regis thinks the crowd is screaming too loud

Regis gives 'Tino $%# about doggin' Michael Kors
Here she comes

Just caught Santino on Regis & Kelly. Fortunately, I had the holiday off today and remembered to tune in...Santino, you carried yourself as always -- superfu**ing cool, charmismatic, and charming. You can tell that Regis and Kelly were both sweating you. A tinfoil dress?..."Surprisingly Well Made" CRAZY! That a boy!

I'm watching it right now! Love your hat Santino!!!!
CaliforniaLove :)

Watching now- Santino, you are FABULOUS.

Darnit - I forgot to set my Tivo. GAH!

I'm stuck at school right now, but I made sure to set my tape this morning. Can't wait to watch it. In an odd way, I love that tin-foil creation you made for Kelly. Very you.

Santino you were so great!! You made Regis look like a dwarf, hahaha.

Grade A . Santino is too cute.

What fun!

Santino, the worlds' next big heart throb, goes Hollywood.

Go get em'!


Thank the Lord above for that fucking SICK TIGER SHIRT


Santino, you got a shout out on

Way to go!

I saw it this morning. Nice job Santino -- only you could make aluminum foil look so good. Well, with a little help from Kelly.

Keep us posted on your other appearances and such!

DUDE! Where's the wickety wack?

haha, i'm so glad that the university was closed today

that was amazing, i love you!

and the fact that you rule "project design"

It doesn't matter who wins the competition, you have already won. That comment about Michael Kors is so fucking true. People laughed, because it was so ballsy, but the funniest part is that you were totally telling him the truth. Outside of Project Runway fans and people in the fashion world, nobody knows who the fuck Michael Kors is. But everyone will know who Santino Rice is. You are going to be huge.

i love you santino.

santino, i love you. you kick so much ass. i love your attitude, even when you're being a big dick. rock on :)

Haven't watched yet, because my tape is still running, taping the "Project Runway" marathon! But I'm very much looking forward to it, and those photos, particularly the tres sexy top one, are tempting me to rewind and watch RIGHT NOW!

Oh my god, Santino, you rocked on Regis and Kelly today! And I totally love that jacket you wear, it's my favorite! Especially when you wear it with that long night shirt, LOVE IT!

I watched this morning and is it just me or do you get better looking every day Santino? I mean so tall, hair all trimmed up, deep sultry voice...oops im drooling. Anyway just wanted to say that i enjoyed watching you and your tinfoil dress. (why does everybody make you make dreeses out of such weird stuff? what happened to fabric?)

San you are so awesome!

Damn, missed it, but I woulld have been at school anyways...

By the way, what did you say about M. Kors?

santino i love you!!! you are awesome!! you are the reason i watch project runway!!

I don't have TiVo and I was in class when it showed.. :(!! I really wanted to see it.. the dress looks like it would be fun to make.. haha.. I'd do it!!

Santino, I've got to say, that dress for Kelly was the best you've produced yet. You should've made a matching one for Regis!

It's amazing, because of your zany personality I've got my boyfriend addicted to Project Runway. He can even replicate your impression of Tim.

If you ever need a photographer for any reason, give me a call-- I promise I'm just as zany as your creations!

I wish you could make my prom dress santino....i'd be so lucky !

omg i missed it!! santino its ur idol again jess lol OMG i missed it!! i friggin slept til noon once in my life and as soon as i woke up i was like "CRAP I MISSED SANTINO ON REGIS AND KELLY" and none of my friends tevo'd it!! Please post a clip!!!!!!
<3 Jess

You are amazing! *Mwah*

I love the picture. The dress is amazing. Maybe Kelly Ripa will also be buying dresses. Networking and telling people who you are is where it is at. I'm looking forward to seeing the video.

Interested to see in a local Nashville paper an article on Banana Republic's new Kimono designs, two pages of japanese-styled dresses for BR women. I'm confused. Weren't you criticized by creating a kimono look that was inappropriate for BR? One of the navy blue dresses had a top to it that reminded me of your dress.


In the opening interview you were like a foot taller than Regis - in the second - did they totally crank down your chair so he wouldn't look like a shrivelled up California Raisin next to you??? Good stuff!

I was LAUGHING my ass off! You totally rocked the show with your booming voice and Santino vibe. The best part of Kelly's outfit was the footwear. And the replay of the KORS dis was PRICELESS. KORS who? Oh yeah! The orange guy!

Project Runway may be afraid of another BIG personality - since Jay refused the $$$ they may want someone meek this season. But as they say, THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE and everyone knows you are the star of that show times ten.

Rock on!

Santino, you are THE best on that show, I do not care what Michael Kors or that stuffy witch Nina say. They are afraid of you b/c you are they acted like your dress for BR wasnt right so that BR could steal your ideas. Do not let those fools steal your are the real winner no matter what happens. You have all it takes..talent, personality and most of all unique style. Also you are hilarious...the Tim Gunn impressions alone...and we all love Tim, and we know it was done out of love...BUT it was so funny I almost peed my pants...You are a superstar already...good luck and enjoy!

santino, you are adorable and sexy all at once. who else can look like a muppet in one moment (as you do in the picture backstage, and i say that with nothing but fondness for muppets) and in another moment be such a smooth and sexy cat? i don't really care how you're able to pull that shit off, but please keep it coming.

wow...I've never seen someone make foil SEXY. Kelly makes a great model for your clothes, I have to say. ;-)

When will you be on the telly next?

I have to say, I used to really Hate you but now I LOVE you. At least you had a personality on the show, plus the designs were overall great. I want to buy your designs.

Santino, whether you win the 100,000 or not, you've already won. Isn't it the most important thing for a designer to get his name out there? You are the one on the show who appears to enjoy the spotlight the most, and that will help your career. Like Nikki Hilton said, you've got the right attitude to be a successful designer.

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