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Thursday, March 02, 2006 

In the Park with Tony & the kids.

This morning I about fell out of my chair when I checked my email and comments on the site. Thank you all so very much for all your kind words, i can really feel the love. Sometimes it's hard watching the character that is Santino on the show and I'm grateful that you were able to see a slightly different side last night.

I put a couple of these pic up back in November when i first started doing this site, but many of you have probably not seen them. Tony's daughter celebrated her birthday in the park with a handful of close friends and family...

thank you again for all the love, I'm humbled by your warm remarks.

Much Love SANTINO.

I have to admit that I was not a fan of yours from the start, but now I am completely humbled by how sincere you are. I know that there was a lot of editing involved on PR and that you were represented as the asshole of the group, but in retrospect you held the most integrity. I have seen your final collection on the runway. It is fucking outstanding! You are a truly gifted person.

The clothes they previewed last night looked amazing, I'm cheering for you! Besides, I think everyone knows that shows are edited to make things "interesting," though the 13th outfit was a touch 'o the sinister (in more ways than one).

Last night's episode was very humanizing for all of those people that might love to hate you. I'm sure many of your fans like myself feel you're an incredibly stand-up guy with high fashion sensibility, creativity and vision. On last night's episode it did feel like all the shows hype into creating your "character" really took an effect on you. By now though you already know you've won- every time I see the pictures of your collection I'm just blown away by how much better your stuff was in comparison to the others. It felt pretty awful seeing them give you the cold shoulder that whole time. Laughed out loud when you asked Andrae to join you. All the best to you and your bright future!!!!

Hi. I have to say during the show, you were irritating, but actually you were right on with some of your comments. Hilarious Tim Gunn impersonations. I think it the show rushed you too much and your line for the final show looks beautiful. Good luck. sue

That is the sweetest looking little girl in the world! I was really glad we sort of got to see you in your normal environment yesterday. Good luck (even though I guess at this point it can't do anything)!


O.K., now you are really making my heart melt. Damn it!

Santino ~ I have been pulling for you from the beginning simply because your vision is different and intriguing. After "Project Runway", I almost want you to lose because I think working for the Banana would stifle your creative spirit. I have been a Santino Fan for the whole run of the show. I see your humanity but I also appreciate and enjoy your wit and attitude. Yes, your "character" makes for great T.V. but I think it's be the BALLS to sit down with the real you over a heaping pile of fried crustacean at Red Lobster. Whatever the result of PR may be, you have already won by getting the exposure. It is now up to you in how you use your 15 mins.

GO SANTINO!!! You rock!!!

P.S. The way you counted down the final 3 and gave the finger to the camera was brilliant!!! My Santino crush hit a new high with that maneuver.

Last nights episode was incredible!
I loved the "COuch Comment for Chloe's collection" :) giggle
I don't think that you should ever apologize for the things you said SANTINO, because everything you say is REAL, so ahead of our time.
I feel like praying every time I see you work, thats how badly i want you to win. (Scary fan talk), but no , really I am AMaZED by you, and this is the first show i have ever tivo'd and enjoyed.
You truly are the KING OF THE JUNGLE !!!!
Bring it on


the most endearing moment in last nights episode had to be when i saw you break down to cloe. being in the public eye can be a reality check, and it seems you got your check up w/ all the negative feed back on your "character". i think it's great you were able to see the side of you, you didn't like and change it. honestly you seem like the only real person on that show, and so very passionate.

i know you can't say it, but damn i really hope you win this. your vision is amazing, and if you open a store in LA i will be there shopping for sure.

much love and good luck,

p.s. i live in LA, and i always love how they show venice looking like newport beach, and as much as i love venice and all it's character, we both know it's a bit dirty. :)

Hey, you've been the entertainment for Season 2 since day 1. I've known from the start that you would be in the to 3. I was sorry to hear about your "falling out" with Nick. Take a lesson from his polish and it will take you farther than the persona they gave you on the show. I've seen all of the collections, will you win? I don't know, but you do have a future. Gook Luck.

You look adorable with kids. Ya know I could be persuaded to give you one of those if you ask me real nicely.

Dear Santino,

Project Runway is clearly a hit, and it is a hit because of individuals like yourself. You among other designers have not only inspired millions of people but you have inspired. Just by you a brilliant designer you have "shown the way" for many aspiring designers. In my life i hope to pursue fashion because it is what i enjoy in life. Not only have you given me added support to do so, but you have shown me that dreams come true. Thank you can keep on keeping on.

Jason Page

Michael Kors may be a "full Dan fan" as he said in one of the episodes, but I'm a "full San fan". You make beautiful things. Not surprising since it seems you have a beautiful heart. Rock on.

It is good to know that America is smarter than TV assumes it to be - you come through clearly as the winner - skewed editing or not (check out all the positive blog comments after last night). Your skills, originality, humor / wit, intelligence and clarity were on a level above others on that show. That was probably really tough for some to take who used to be big fashion-fish on small runways and applauded by others who were totally confident in their own attributes ala Andrae (and actually Nick - I loved that he wants you to bring it on for the final runway!). Last night I think those contestants who wanted to be displayed as hip, confident, mature and above the catty crap were (again - editing?) looking a bit slimy and so predictable when challenged....
I don't have to say "please keep going" - your remark last night about never stopping said it all - I believe we will reap the benefits of your existance. Can't wait to see what you do with it. I'm glad you signed up for PR! Hope you felt that way, too.

santinoo!! i hope you win your designs are AMAZING!...i admit i was more of a dan v rooter but screw it YOU OWN <3!

You deserve every single nice comment, and more. You're such an inspiration, you're the most talented person I've ever seen, and truly just fucking awesome. I hope you win, I was a fan of your's from the start. Your wit, your humor, your style, your grace, your heart, your determination - you deserve to win more than anyone. I hope your wildest dreams come true. Never give up.

Dear Santino,
You are by far the most creative and talented designer on the show-The dress that Tim loved was my favorite too-I WANT THAT!! I just know you will win. I really enjoyed last night's episode and it was wonderful to meet your family-the love came through so much. BTW, the baby pics were so parents dressed me weird too!

Santino Rice is fucking class!

Boom goes the dynamite!


SANTINO! I hope you win this whole shebang! From what I have seen of your designs, you deserve it the most.

You have really overcome some tough stuff. I love the fact that you can say what is on your mind...more people should aspire to that.

Good luck!


I just wanted to let you know that me and my roommates at school LOVE you to death. I think anyone who has anything bad to say about is just jealous that you are amazingly talented and more honest than any of them!

Also, I loved seeing you with your friends at home because I think it gave poeple a lot of perspective on what a wonderful person you are.

I have my fingers crossed for you! And don't forget how beautiful you truely are.

The Ladies of Emerson College love you!

I have never been able to watch a reality show. I don't even watch any TV to speak of. Why have I become so totally fascinated with PR? SANTINO! Hooked. I'm a writer, and as I work I always 'cast' the characters in my head. Congratulations, you've been cast in my head as I write.

Hope you win!


I feel bad for dissing you in my blog. I apologize.
I got ticked when you had started mocking Diane Eng for her voice and demeanor. My family is bi-racial, I am caucasian, my son is of Asian descent. I did not realize that you are of a mixed race family. Wathcing my son grow, I know how horrible ignorant people can be. So I am thinking you must have gotten a ton of emotional baggage tossed your way. I am thinking you are the winner of Project Runway, but... look... even if you don't win the contest, if you have learned to be more kind in your words... then you have truly won.
Out of curiosity... did you ever apologize personally to Diane?
I wish you well. You are very talented. Use your gifts wisely.
Good luck to you.

Good Morning (oops afternoon now) Santino!

Is there some way you could provide a link or synopsis of the Syrius interview for those of us in the dark about it?

I'm curious now!

I hope you're having a great day. I'm really rooting for you and hope your future is bright and involves some more TV so the rest of us can keep following you.

When are you doing to impersonate Heidi? ;)


One more thing. Can you share about the origin of your unique name?


you made me cry last night, and then laugh, and then fall in love! first i just loved you as a designer and a comic, but now i love your soul. are so adorable in those pictures! I really hope that you win Project Runway. You have to. I liked Chloe’s and Daniel’s designs, but I like yours the best.
You have to have faith in your work, and you have to keep tough in every challenge that comes your way.

Keep strong me boy!

It was nice to see the producers decided to show the "other" side of Santino instead of the constant pompous prick portrayal. And they say you're full of yourself? Watching Daniel V huff and puff over not getting his ass kissed was pretty damn arrogant. Whether you win or not you so OWN that show and we all know where the talent is. Hearing about your struggles was really humanizing. You so deserve every inch of success you get. Pure class dude.

haha, the softer side of Santino.

Andrae should design Mens Line and have Santino, Nick, and Dan. V as models. Dan V. should model. He worked best under pressure on the show, but Santino did best on the collection with more time. People work differently. Good luck to all the designers.

ps. Why do so many gay men want to dress beautiful women in beautiful clothes?? thoughts...

I can't tell you how much i am wishing for you to win and for all the best of things in life to fall in line for you. No one deserves a happy ending more then you do.... i'm so glad everyone got to see the "other" side of Santino.. those that have loved ya from the start of PR, have even more love for you now.. i read the message boards over at Television Without Pity and the PR boards over there are now pretty much overwhelmingly flowing with love for you.. if you havent read them, you should check them out.

Sending you more love and good vibes along with the millions of other fans..

That child is absolutely fucking gorgeous.
Please tell her.
Without the fucking part.

you've been my favorite all along, based on your talented, innovative design. i pretty much saw through the editors' version of your "personality" (every show of this genre has to have a "villian" i guess), but i can't say it wasn't nice to have my opinion validated by last night's episode. i'm happy for you and your excellent collection, but i'm sad that the show is coming to a close! where will i go to find out what happened to andrae?! i think you need your own tv show as well as a fashion line!

Santino, you're amazing! Good luuck to you with everything!

By the way, looks like you had fun at the park, those kids are just too cute!

So adorable.
I feel better knowing I'm not the only outsider as far as my childhood goes. I hope I turn into someone as cool as you.

Adorable! Hey Santino... I watch the show last night and I was amazed by the clothes of your collection. I was talking with my husband about how much your collection rocks!!! To be honest it is more memorable than Chloe's or Daniel's which I didn't like so much.

Congrats on being part of the Fashion Week!

Can't wait to see the Finale :o)

Take care and God Bless!

Santino, all of the good stuff has already been said, but allow me to add my $0.02. You *are* a good person and you *are* the next great American designer!


I think everybody has been blown away by last nights PR. You're brilliant, and you will win, hands down.

Santino, I loved you before but last night's episode just made my heart break. Talented, hysterical AND with the hard luck inspiring background. My friend called me at the commercial break after your "at home" segment and she was crying! Screw the "love to hate" moniker - we just love to love you. Your collection was MILES better than Chloe's and Daniel's. If you don't win Project Runway, it will be a travesty.

it's about time people start to realize how warm hearted and talented you are. i am convinced you will win and i can't wait to know for sure. my boyfriend said you looked like you'd give great hugs and i concur. i can't wait to see all of the success and happiness in store for you. i hope you know how much your fans love you!

Dear Santino,

I think you're a brilliant designer and that your work is very risky and beautiful. I hope you keep up the good work because I think you're going to win this thing because Chloe and Dan's collection did not do it for me from what I saw lastnight. Good luck and keep being nice its working for you, i mean I love your boldness but I think people like the sweet side of Santino also.

I've been in love with you and your work since the very first episode of Project Runway. I've defended you to my friends, my mother, and several idiots on various Project Runway messageboards. I don't think last night's episode "humanized" you; most people were just too ignorant or oblivious to see that side of you before. I remember that earlier in the season you explained how self-critical and almost insecure you are. You reiterated that same sentiment on last night's episode, but I didn't forget it - mostly because I completely empathize with it. Also, I'm kind of pissed at Chloe. She kept bitching in interviews and to you that you called her a brilliant pattern maker, but you only responded to what she called you: a bad sewer. She said something like Santino is a genius (designer) but he can't sew very well. You just responded with the inverse - Chloe, you are a brilliant pattern maker, but you aren't a great designer. Ugh! Anyway, your collection at fashion week is gorgeous, I am hoping you win, there's not much competition.


Kids and dogs are the best judge of character!

I can't wait to see ALL the reactions next week to your incredible collection.

Keep the Faith!

you can't be all that bad. that kid seems to love you.

I'm actually quite annoyed with everyone trying to make you feel like a bad guy. Part of what makes you unique and stand out is your character, your smile, and your willingness to share your opinion. While others stand around pointing out what they think is wrong with your personality, speaking of hurt feelings, you keep things alive with your smile and spirit. I don't think you should spend much time second guessing yourself, it is others insecurities that fuel them to react the way they do. In my eyes nothing you said was even bad, maybe I'm not watching the same show as everyone else. Keep doing what you are doing and be lucky to have an exuberant personality. You are great.

Hey Santino,
I, too, was not a fan of yours in the beginning...but I am now a complete convert. Your collection was by far the best of the three (saw the pics online), just unbelievably beautiful. The editors' attempt make you look like a snide asshole is stupid, because you are obviously a smart, funny guy with his heart in the right place. I will be fucking shocked if you didn't win the show!

Hmmmmmm -

Um...some of us have recognized what a cool guy you are all along. ;-)
Love ya, Santino!

I cant believe you have had a blog this whole time and I just found out about it. Love-LUV-LOVE you on the show. I went to your myspace page and put in a friend request. Love ya babe


Oh Santino :)

I found you interesting and fun to watch. So you said things that hurt feelings...doesn't everybody at one time or another? You could tell you were not trying to be vicious. Chloe was mad at you for calling her a pattern maker, but did she not realize that she
basically said that your sewing sucked right before your comment. I don't hear anyone getting all bent over that. I think you are a very interesting and talented person who has the courage to go for his dream no one can take that away from you. You seemed sad that you were the guy "people loved to hate" screw them they are all shit talkers too. Your collection from what I have seen is beautiful, I hope you win.

You are one of those people who just bubbles over with creativity. Hell, you inspired me to create and you did it through the television! Whether you won or not, you have the most inspired collection.

You seem like an amazing person. Keep making things.

Santino, I think you are a huge sweetheart; a brutally honest, CLEVER, sweetheart. ;P Its so great that you have Tony and his family to look out for you.. what wonderful people. But how can anyone NOT?? You're soooooooo lovable!!!!!

I was so excited that they showed your “other” side yesterday. I force by boyfriend to watch PR with me each week. Until this week he was always anti-Santino, but after the home visit for you, he suddenly was like, aww, I love Santino now.

I been a fan of yours the whole show, especially after I found out you are a fellow Missourian. Anyhow, your collection is amazing. You are a great designer next week will prove that. I am looking forward to one seeing you designs in all the top stores.

Santinooooooooo You are the reason I watch the show. I did not watch PR at all last season and one Saturday I was home while Bravo ran a marathon and I figured "why not". You had me at "Whatever Dude". I was LOVE at first site. You are the reason Season 2 is such a huge success and they know it. I saw your collection at Fashion Week and it is AMAZING! Where you get the PR title or not, you are by far the most successful of the bunch. I live in Houston and have had a chance to visit Chloe's store and I must say she is extremely talented but you are far more daring (and entertaining). I just want to hug you and be your friend. And as much they would hate to admit, I know Tim Gunn, Nick and Michael Kors are all rooting for you. Although I do wish you would patch things up with Nick. He is like the cutest thing on the planet and the two of you together could be the next D&G. NickTino anyone?

More comments on last night's episode at the Manolo.

I knew you great right from the start!!

in the end.. its all about the design and the clothes.

I believe you have proven your creativity and your great potential. I believe your designs have already created a buzz. and it has shown your a great designer.

I have seen that since the first episode... Although I believe PR has shown the many sides of you, in the end... your a good designer and i think you are going to win.

good luck to you.

WoW! From the short glimpses of what they showed on yesterday's show, your collection looks like it belongs on a superbly higher level than the other two designers. I was rooting for Daniel V., but after that, how is it I'm more than positive of your win. You're brilliant and I'm sure you know it. Have fun with that car they give you.

Watching the repeat episodes today and either they reversed the view or you're left-handed. No wonder your crazy!!! Nothing but love though.I share your oddity. However, only true artist are left-handed.

I've said from day one of the show that I wanted to get inside your head and play around up there. I'm extremely glad that another side of you was shown, and I was near tears for the whole segment. I can relate to so much of what you've been through -- at least the portion that was shared with us on TV -- and it was a moving experience. I hope you're a happier Santino than we saw in December. You have more support than I think you realize.


I feel like a proud mother. I've been a fan of yours since the beginning and have posted on this board often. It is so lovely to read all the emails to you after last night's PR show. It is nice to know that others now see what we've known about you all along. Genius. Magic. Boldness .... and lots of Heart.

Santino, I have got to say that that was the cutest photo ever. I think I am going to cry, and I'm not even a girl :). Ive just got to say, I truly know now that you will win... your collection was awesome and after the whole Tim deal, Dainiel isn't so cocky and Cloe's collection did look like my couch lol. All her stuff was way too poofy, and the judges will see that. Too bad they pulled that MEGA bull shit last minute dress out. That made us at home mad! It's like, you're working so hard on the dresses trying to finish up, when they bust in and tell you to make another one. I hope you got through that ok, but I loved it when you just screamed on the interview. That was an inspiring moment for me. Today when i wen to school, i was so misserable (for no reason I might add) that I almost did that in the hallway in front of everyone. I guess its a good thing I didnt. Anyways, I hope you win (of course), and I hope you werent too lazy to read this post, cause I know I would have been with all the posts there were. Maybe this was the longest post, so if your skimming through, maybe you'll read this one. That's all.

Santino, everyone knows that reality TV shows are edited so that producers' "characters" "develop," i.e., the sweet girl, the bad guy, etc. Thankfully Bravo let us see the real Santino last night. It's all about the struggle ... I am so rooting for you! I have not seen the completed collections as some others have (somehow), but what I saw last night was amazing. You'll succeed as a designer whether you win "PR" or not. Good luck to you!


I want you to win so bad... sooooo fuhhhhcking bahhhhhhhdddd.

I admire what you said about not ever giving up. I feel that way too.... people do give up on their dreams every day. And since everyone has only one life (as far as we know) they may as well do exactly what they want and push it as far as they can go. But not everyone has the guts or drive to do that... so cheers. You've made it this far, and even if you don't win, you are still by far the most memorable and talented person on that show. And that's a great jumping off point to fashion immortality.

WOW..Santino the clothes that we got to see of yours on last nights show were amazing!!!!! You've been my favorite from the start, and I wish you the luck!!!

Honestly, I had you picked as one of the three who'd go to fashion week after the first three episodes. I just saw some photos of your final collection today, it blew me's kickass, seriously. Seeing you interact w/ your close friends was excellent, you seem like a fantastic person. Love the Tim Gunn impressions. Best of luck w. everything in the future.

You are wonderful. I watch the show, and I cheer for you 100%. The things you say on the show aren't wrong, I think you are just very focused. I think your designs are very unique and brilliant. You defiantly have an eye. I know you are going to become very successful, congratulations on the top 3.
You also have great style yourself.
Cute pictures with the kids by the way :).

I have been rooting for you since Day 1 and last night's episode proved to me that I have been betting on the right horse. You really came across as a genuine and sincere guy, and I can not wait to see your collection (I have purposely not looked at the runway coverage online - I'm waiting for the TV reveal next week!) Good luck in everything you do. And I plan on wearing Santino Rice in the (hopefully) near future :)

i would much rather sit around with and angry giant covered in glitter than some one boring. cute kid.

Tony's daughter is so adorable. I hope she was able to see it so that she knows she's a tv star now! lol.

And we wouldn't be all internet buddy-buddy and tuning in to watch you if we didn't think all this about you, hun.

I honestly think you and your designs are amazing. You have been my
favorite designer since day one, and I always looked up to you, and
respected your honesty and openness. Good luck in everything you do I will be
pulling for you!


aawwww how cute is that?!

Oh Santino!!!! OK...I was already a fan of yours and I wrote yesterday that you totally floored me with your story in last night's PR and that I am loving you more with every bit of new info I see on you. And NOW you bring out more pics of Tony and his family. Santino, you're killing me! *grin* Could you please tell Tony that he has the most beautiful family and that I really appreciate how he has let us all in to his home to see you interact with him and to learn more about you? Tony sounds like a great man, an amazing good friend and you're lucky as hell to have him (and his family) in your life. I'd give anything to have good friends like that. We all love ya Santino. Hang in there and show the world what you can do! Love ya babe, Heather

Dear Santino,
You remind me so very much of my brother. He looks like you and is about 6 foot 5 too. He also had dreams of being in the music industry and was really good as dance music, but he gave up his dream for herion and has lived on the streets. I can only hope that you continue to persue yours despite the odds and not give in. I wish that my brother had the drive and passion that you do. Best of luck and keep it up.

From what I saw of your collection last night, in my opinion, yours is by far the best. I've been rooting for you since the very beginning, despite you being portayed as a huge douche bag. I wish you luck at Fashion Week, I know you will do very well.


P.S. I also grew up in the St. Charles area.

Santino..your such a beautiful person inside and out. And it really showed in last nights episode. By the way, your collection for fashion week is THE BEST ONE. I seriously hope you win...I told my friends if you do we're having a party to celebrate!!

But even if you don't, guess what, you made to the top 3, your HOT!, and you've made a name for yourself. So either way, your good to go.

I think I'm in love with you.

Awww Santino ... I liked you from the beginning - yucky editing and all!! The pictures of your collection are amazing and I hope you go far. Keep livin' your dream and never apologize for being honest. *muah*

Yay, now everyone loves Santino. :]

By the way, I love your collection.

Current State of the Union: Santino Rice vs. Daniel Vosovic.

Santino, you rock! I am a fan of yours and your work. Best of luck to you.
I was quite flabbergasted to see Mr. Ward last night on PR (and may I say what beautiful family he's got!). I am a big fan of his as well. I've saved my CK underwear boxes and have masturbated to Tony when he was in Madonna's Cherish and Justify My Love videos. Ahh... good times.

Wow loved seeing last night's project runway.. Been with ya since day one man.. I hope you win Project Runway and no matter what, stay the same person you are.. all the haters, ignore em. their just jealous hehe..

Much love & rock the casbah :)

- Miss Jamie

The waiting is driving me nuts....I want to see your post-PR success now. Keep living your dreams to keep showing others with courage they can have their dreams come true too!

There were many times I felt you were too arrogant for your own good, despite your immense creativity and talent. Sometimes you would throw your "wins" in the others' faces- for example-the Nicky Hilton challenge.
But I always loved your sense of humor, especially with Andrae & Tim Gunn. I want to hear more!
Last night, I got choked up during your segment. I realized how much pain was under your bravado. It took a lot of courage to take off the mask and I have much respect for you. Good luck to you- your collection is beautiful.My guess is that you're the winner.
But I still miss Nick.;)

On last nights show you said people love to hate you. Well, I have thought from the beginning that you are awesome! All of your designs have been great and you are extremely creative! Even though people thought you were an asshole I always thought you were just honest. I am anxious to see the finale and see you win! If you don't though I will be sad....but I am sure even without the title you will be hot shit! Oh and by the way your collection for fashion week ROCKED!!!

Santino! You have made me smile and laugh since the moment I started watching the show. I love your sense of humor and above all your designs. I'm rooting for you!

I am totally a fan of yours. You do some outstanding work.

Hey Santino, thought you'd like to know that my family (who watch the Runway with me) changed their opinion of you somewhat after last night. It was pretty cool to see you with the little kids and so on. By the way, I think the dresses you showed for Fashion Week were probably the best-- and I hope the last challenge turned out well! (Though it was really lame for the judges to make you do that.)

Best wishes, Maya

Congratulations on an absolutely stunning collection. I was so happy to be able to see more of you outside of the show. As a former small town midwesterner I know too well what it's like to not fit into the very narrow range of what is normal in that environment.

The show would not be the same without your talent and humor and your kindness. And you're right, Diana's voice was grating as hell!

Best wishes.

It's about time PR showed you in a positive way. Although, I like when you're evil, doing Tim Gunn impressions, and making skating outfits that look like a baboon's ass exploded all over it too.

Your clothes are marvelous and I love your attitude!

Santino, let me start by saying that EVERYONE IN MY FAMILY LOVES YOU. Yesterday every viewer go to see a side of you that the producers never let anyone see. Those girls are really cute. What race are they? They look just like me and my sisters when we were little. We're half Korean and half Irish.


Santino, I love you. xoxo. Today was my birthday and you were included on my birthday card, front and center. You were the best one on it. <3 <3 <3

Santino - I've loved you from the start and believed in you from the start. I feel like you design exactly what is going through my head! it's kinda weird actually. Don't let the hype get you down - your a great man and some tight wads dont get your personality and sense of humor. But believe me, you'll show them.

Love rachel from cleveland

Santino, I didn't get to watch the show til tonight, on my Tivo.

I want to say that honestly I was thinking Daniel was going to win, but now that I have seen your beautiful pieces tonight I think you are going to take it all!!!

That blue dress was so great, I would totally buy it if I saw it in a store.

You are a true artist, you just needed more time to put things together.

I also thought your closeness to your friend's kids was wonderful and it showed another side of you.

I wish you the best, I know that you have had a tough life and I want you to know that I think you're a true success story.

Santino my room mate and I have adored you from the start. And we love you more and more every day. We quote you all the time because you are hilarious. I hope you won the show, your collection is the best one. I seriously adore you. I think you're a lovely funny person. Have a lovely day.

from whatever you read out there (from people who love or hate you based on the show), know that it has been always your talent that has gotten you this much attention. you truly have a gift and when you put the time and effort, you blow the competition away...

you never cease to surprise people...and the only surprise i'll see next week is you not winning (even if it's to chloe). whether you win or lose, you've already won; your names out there and you definately have the talent. best of luck to you and yours!

Hey Mister Santino, I just wanted to echo all of those crazy Santino fans you are great, blah, blah, blah. Not that you need respect from a crazed Librarian, but I love how you interacted with your buddy Tony's children. Anyone who thinks you are and asshole or are you don't have a soul..SHUT-UP! Children can sense the good from the bad, and Santino isn't evil (even if you play that role on T.V.). Much respect to you, from a chick who works with kids!

I will say that from the first time you appeared on the show, I thought you were talented but at times mean to others. But I realized it's a competition and you were rocking it better than anyone. Rather than cry at every thing, you spoke your mind. Besides being a great designer, you will go down as one of the most fascinating reality tv personalities ever.

With all the Superman 2 comments comparing you to General Zod, you should make a "Kneel before Santino" shirts. I'd totally buy it.


You should put some "Tim Gunn impersonation" clips on this site when you get a chance.

Love those beautiful little girls. You interact so well with them, it melted everyone's heart to watch it.

By the way, I really liked the dress you made for Iman, so F those judges. They are soooo pretentious. They have lost sight of what a real woman wants to wear.

Also, please come back to NYC sometime and go clubbing or something, we miss you over here!

The soft side

Santino, those pictures are beautiful, you are beautiful, those girls are beautiful, your life is beatiful. I am envious!
-Shae /

dear santino,

you need a 100th comment.

that family beautiful, and so is venice beach, your clothes, your face, and your soul.

seriously, last episode was the sweetest thing i've ever seen. it made me love you even more (and i thought that was impossible).

a fan

dearest santino,
i must admit, when project runway season 2 started, i just found myself saying, "my god! santino! hes soo mean!" but even despite the harsh words i had no problem admitting that you were easily one of the best designers on the show. honestly. i would say to people "if this competition were a personality competition, santin's be one of the first off, but in this design competition, hes easily going to the top." and look where you are now... so i saw the latest episode last night (i missed it on wednesday cuz i fell asleep >_<) and i was like "whoa. santino has a soft side!! YAY!" my mind has TOTALLY changed about you. and i want to apoligize for pre-judging you. you are TOTALLY awesome and your collection is AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS. good luck in EVERYTHING you do!


I LOVED that we finally got to see another side of you too. I think Tim Gunn was noticably moved as well.

And those kids rock! You should design kid clothes for them! ;-)

hey santino! i already added you on myspace awhile ago (only "L") and sent u a message there but i thought i'd leave a comment here too. those photos with you and the kids are adorable. i saw it earlier in your blog..i think you had labeled it softer side of santino and it definately does show. i think seeing this second family of yours was one highlight of the show this week, another being your fashion week collection.
as a side note i think its great how you aren't a hypocrite. some of the things you've said this season were blunt and maybe a bit hurtful but whenever Tim or anybody said something a little snippy about you, you took it graciously. (I remember when Tim cautioned Daniel about the Santino effect and you happened to be there.) I don't think Chloe had a right to be so pissy about your patternmaker comment, she already didn't like you and it was really not a big deal.
anyway from tim's reaction to the collections, looks like you deserve to win...whatever happens, that collection ellicits a "wow!" from people. Tim's comment was right on about the degree of refinement present in your fashion week collection.

hey santino! i already added you on myspace awhile ago (only "L") and sent u a message there but i thought i'd leave a comment here too. those photos with you and the kids are adorable. i saw it earlier in your blog..i think you had labeled it softer side of santino and it definately does show. i think seeing this second family of yours was one highlight of the show this week, another being your fashion week collection.
as a side note i think its great how you aren't a hypocrite. some of the things you've said this season were blunt and maybe a bit hurtful but whenever Tim or anybody said something a little snippy about you, you took it graciously. (I remember when Tim cautioned Daniel about the Santino effect and you happened to be there.) I don't think Chloe had a right to be so pissy about your patternmaker comment, she already didn't like you and it was really not a big deal.
anyway from tim's reaction to the collections, looks like you deserve to win...whatever happens, that collection ellicits a "wow!" from people. Tim's comment was right on about the degree of refinement present in your fashion week collection.


It's great to see this side of you Santino (with the little girl) in the photos.
Good luck with everything.

Dear Santino,

Thanks so much for making "Project Runway 2" so interesting! My husband was the one who first started watching, which is really funny as he knows and cares nothing about fashion....we have been watching for about six weeks. At first we did think you were really mean, but later we saw your honest, sensitive and funny sides, and I think you have learned to tone done your comments. A lot of the time when people think you are sounding mean you are actually being funny and they just don't get it. Also, some others who think they are so nice can be really catty and stuck up! I saw your designs for fashion week and I thought they were amazing! Since I can see from your blog that children like you, you can't really be that scary! haha. I wish you lots of success and hope to see your designs available for regular shoppers one day.

when your good, you know your good. Santino, you rock! I knew it from the first show- your designs are amazing, & you are in every sense of the word an ARTIST. I'm pulling for you- I really hope you win! you deserve it :)

Look, I HAVE been a fan of yours from the beginning. You're totally charming. I feel sorry for people who can't appreciate you even as a character on a TV show; people are freaks. Your badass attitude and optimism and passion and imitations make the show. Plus, you're adorable. At my house, we love you. And Nick loves you too, we think. have been my favorite the whole way through. my friend and I get in a fight every thursday at school over who we think is going to win...and now he agrees with me that you will win. I know you know already if you won or not but even if you didn't you are still a winner to me!! haha (i'm from missouri too. like an hour away from St. Charles)

I love your work and I have loved your attitude from the very begining until the very end. I can't wait to watch the finale!

See, what got me was that you proved that sarcastic people can be sincere as well. And as one myself, I thought it was really awesome when you were apologizing to Chloe and Daniel.

Anyway, great collection and cute pictures, she's a doll.

hey, I met you at the fabric store at the fashion district, maybe a month ago...Im from New York just moved to L.A, Cal Arts ...just wanted to say you make some hot ass shit, keep doing it big, and i looooooove that brown jumpsuit you made for that girl on the show. Good stuff, I want it.

Aww I wish I had an UNCLE SANTINO!!! That girl is so precious like on the show aww!

I love you. You came off as someone to hate on the show, but you showed us all that we cannot judge people simply by looking at them or even listening to them. You became my favorite person on the show due to your beautiful vulnerability and determination. You are truly an inspiration to just be true, fun, and amazing. Thank you love, Mickey.

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