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Thursday, June 08, 2006 

Making SuChin dress for MTV Movie Awards From TRL

MTV Article #1
MTV Artical #2

Santino, I was yelling at the TV screen during the Movie Awards pre-show, calling the dress "perfect," and then SuChin introduced you and you said she looked...yes, "perfect!"

By the way, there's a longer version of the "Making the Dress" saga on, and it's well worth checking out. We get to see Santino know... DESIGNER STUFF!!! Very cool!

I watched the pre-show and once again the dress was beautiful. You did an AMAZING job, Santino. It was not only pretty but well made. The other girls' dresses, on the red carpet, couldn't hold a candle to SuChin's. Congrats! And In the morning I plan on calling and ringing your balls, oh wait, I mean bell. My mind's in the gutter again!

Santino, I hope all of your fellow Project Runway contestants/hateraid alcoholics saw your stunning dress for SuChin Pak and it made them "piddle in their pants!"

I'm going to check out Baghadad ER. I think it comes on again on the 13th. If so, I'm watching it.


Am I the only one here offended by Tara Jarmon's fake Santinos at Target? Or am I the only one here who goes to Target?

I was surprised to see you on MTV. I was like heyyyy I need to watch this! The dress is fabulous. SuChin looked amazing and so did you.


Santino!!!!! You are the greatest! It's so good to see you again on my TV. Hopefully, you are a part of Season 3. No one gives a shit about seeing what's her face! I'm waiting for you to have clothes in stores across the country. I always believed in you Santino! Love, Love, Love!

saw you on E weekend edition when they were talking about the MTV awards and said something about how good the guys looked - and then, they showed you and some other guys -

I was reminiscing over earlier posts today, reading about and admiring pix from the famous Santino Lawn Sale. Wherever the dragon puppet is today, I hope it's happy, not missing Santino and weeping (from all 3 sets of eyes).

Tee hee. Must be time for a new post.

Yo - Santino - I know this is off topic, but I gotta say I was a huge fan during Project Runway. I was so pissed when whats-her-face won I couldn't stop talking about it for days. Seriously. I just found your site here and wanted to hollar at you. Check out my music too if you get a chance - .. peace! J.

Wow. That dress is so beautiful, I love that color!

Great job!

that is very awesome &
the dress is beautiful.

Tres bien! ces't magnifique! yeah yeah I'm learning french and had to throw it out seemed appropriate enough! You look like you had such a good time making the dress too! Congratulations on a major success! <3 xox

I love how excited you got when you were creating SuChin's garment. You were like a kid in a candy store at Park Pleating. It's like Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "nothing great has ever been accomplished without enthusiasm."

Hey Santino,

If Kara didn't like what you designed for her during the Makeover episode, then how come she designed this jumpsuit and selling it on her website?!

I think she is a closet Santino fan, whether she admits it or not.

omgosh! Yea..that Jumpsuit you designed for Kara that she supposedly didnt like..she's totally selling one on her website. I saw it and i was like wtf? lol. Kinda crazy...

Anyways..Santino you were my favorite! From the first dress on the first show i was like omgosh Santino is gonna win1 lol. & then Chloe did...and i was kinda bummed, I *loved* your runway show..and I think I would kill someone to have the first dress that came out on to the runway. It was sooo gorgeous. And so is the Suchin's dress...its soo hott! lol

Well I guess I need to get rich so i can afford your clothes & i wont commit suicide...because i tihnk im in love with them. <3

- candace

Awesome stuff santino u should have ur own line show everything u are the man!

When are we going to see baby Shiloh Jolie-Pitt wearing a Santino original?!

Yeah where is my dress- I am super hot and moderatly important....

I would have loved to have been there while you walked that blue carpet. ( carpet, I thought the carpet was supposed to be red, damn MTV) Anyway, I read the MTV article about you "schmoozing" the V.I.P. crowd. I bet you were great. Not only did you have the benefit of an amazing personality but SuChin was walking proof of your genius. I hope every "rich" celebrity there left the event with your business card burning a hole in their pocket. (And if they were smart, a date!) I mean, if they're going to spend a ton of money on something or someone, it might as well be you...someone funny, sexy, talented, etc. So take their money, Santino. Before they spend it on drugs and hookers!

Santino, Congratulations!! It is nice to see that you are out there doing your thing. You designed a beautiful work of art, which I'm sure SuChin was honored to wear. (What woman wouldn't be happy to wear one of your creations. :)

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