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Tuesday, November 01, 2005 


What did you dress as?

Looks like fun.

Isn't that Alan Cumming? Great actor.

Are you a lizard? (I mean your costume :-D)

Was this in West Hollywood? I used to live there and it's the most fun place to spend Halloween. Very creative costumes.

yes that's Alan Cummings, he liked my 'lizard' costume too - thanks. hollywood's the place to be for Halloween.

Santino you are one lucky bastard, Alan Cummings is the fucking shiznit. I bet you two make a pretty awesome combo, there's got to be much fun to be had hangin' w/ you. Anyways, keep up the good work, you are a talented designer and you have a strong, fun personality that even w/ all the evil editing still shines through! ;p

Excuse me... Alan Cumming ^^;

santino, i love you. what on earth were you supposed to be for halloween?? a lizard? but whats with the stuffed animals?? don't worry about last night, those people REALLY dont know what theyre talking about (and you know it!). your collection was amazing, and you will go far!



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