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Thursday, December 22, 2005 

Boy In The Bubble

I feel like I'm in a bubble, it amazes me how many people watch Project Runway 2, Thank you for all the support!"

say what they will...that you're a dick, that you look like general zod, that your beard is made of are the star of the show. you are the reason people are watching it now. you're the only one on there playing to WIN. the others are all "oh, i hope i can make it to the next challenge". and everybody is too nice. nice people never win. especially on TV. Don't go changin' or nuthin Santino.

BTW, it makes me SO JEALOUS when you flirt with Nick.

I was a little nervous for you last night........guess they realized you were the one with more talent.

Santino, you are amazing! My heart was racing while watching the episode that aired last night...I declared that I would never watch the show again if you were eliminated. I'm very glad you weren't because Project Runway is my favorite show and because you are clearly the most talented designer this season. I hope you are working on your line for fashion week right now because there is no way you arent in the top three...anyway, good luck!

We're all rooting for you down here in DC - you're a fantastic designer and we expect great things from you to come. As a friend put it after watching the first episode, "that guy's definitely headed for Fashion Week." Good luck!

Hang in there HoneyBoy!

You're so cocky on the show but oh how I love you Santino you're the BEST!

you're amazing!!

i love you!

You seem to have quite the fanbase growing ;)

When Heidi said that your blaming of that no-talent fatty was "cowardly," I was thinking, "Isn't that just like an Aryan, turning it around and blaming the victim." Plus, damn she's fat this year. And when you totally DISSED that chick team with that IN YOUR FACE comment about them not having had sex, I was like, OH SNAP CHECK OUT SANTINO! he's the only one with enough BALLS to tell it like it is. I bet you got more balls than the average dude! Remember, they will always persecute you because they are jealous, because they lack talent and clarity of purpose, and because your underwears collection was HANDS-DOWN the nicest garments I have seen since Fruit of the Loom came out with their Urban Chic line. Keep up the good work, and don't let that fat sourkraut or that absolutely HORRENDOUS Nina woman hurt your feelings. You know what we call you here at
Walpole? The GREAT SANTINO! i started that nickname myself! My name is Shorty, but that's just a nickname. I"M NOT THAT SHORT! anyway, congrats on the underwears victory. Well you didn't win, but you gave it to those c***ts who were trying to take away what is rightfully yours. YOU will wear the crown. I love you, Shorty.

Do you ever get recognized? Please share if you do! <3


I honestly would rock two of the pieces in your lingerie line. The longer white piece is gorgeous, and actually opens itself up to glamour.

Too frequently, the judges want a designer to conform to accepted ideals of garment type while demanding that they have their own vision. Michael Kors and Heidi have aired frequent "It doesn't look like a ______," comments in both seasons. Daniel V.'s lingerie designs were boring (a bra and boy shorts? Really?), but they looked regular, as in Playboy/TJMaxx underwear section regular. He won for that reason.

I'm not going to say "good luck on the show," because it's pre-recorded and luck has run its course. But Happy Holidays & good luck in your current bubbly life, where you are handsome and hott!, and I'm glad you're well aware of that.

we loved the leederhosen undies!!!

i ADORE you.
ur not cocly to me, ur just confident.
and like they said "nice ppl never win" u say it as it is/ psh ppl cant take in the fact that ur the winner. <3

Santino -
I have been watching Project Runway religiously, and I don't see how you don't get bored already. No one on that show's talent, creativity or style can compare to yours - I would lose my drive! How do you do it? I happened to be in Rockefellar Centar this afternoon and saw your first dress, and I was speechless. It is amazing. I think you have an amazing talent, and you have even inspired me to start designing myself. I'll be taking classes at FIT this winter because of you! I can't wait to see your line during fashion week =).


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