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Wednesday, December 14, 2005 


My Model Heather is the most beautiful girl in the world - What a Muse - Thank you Heather for being so amazing and understanding!

Santino baby! She is georgious! You are absolutely BRILLIANT-- just as I've always known! Last week was hilarious...can't wait to see tonight's episode! Love you! Charity

i loved the way she really brought ur design to live and showed how beautiful they were.
cant wait for tonites episode either!<3

yo, have i seen you before in springfield MO? if so, your halloween costumes rocked.
good luck on P.R.!!

I watch the show and I love all your designs. you are a very talented man. Good luck ;)

Heather was my fave model since October!!


I just started watching season 2 tonight and I must say: you sir, are a bitch. I look forward to seeing how far you make it on the show. I wasn't that wild over the babydoll dress though. (And yes, Heather seems wonderful.)

Santino. I still feel the same. You are DELISH. You and your clothes are the love(s) of my LIFE!

I just found out that I could have bid on you beautiful dress from the first episode- I am so bummed that I missed out on owning that beautiful creation! Couldn't wear a model sample anyway... if you ever decide to produce that beautiful piece for the public, I have got to have that dress! My boyfriend wanted to know if you went to Parkway West H.S.?
P.S. I'm a Heather, too. I could totally be your size 8 muse!

wussup SaNt!n0, i know u hear this all the time but you are by far my FAVORTIE!! absolutely brilliant, and between u, me and the world, your design for Iman should have most deff won... i know you are winning tonight... mucho0o luv,
ps (Andre? Andre?) madd funny

i am in love with your first babydoll dress's design!! it blew me away, since then you were my fav.
your model is gorgeous.
good luck**

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