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Thursday, December 15, 2005 

The Plot Thickens

So last night was fun... right? love SANTINO

Oooooh! Yes - loving the thickening plot!

Truly LOVED your outfit last night!

I came across your blog because it is the highlighted 'blog of the day' on Yahoo! Congrats to you!

I thought your Barbi outfit was the best! I would buy a Barbi dressed in that.

Ithink your Barbi outfit was the best.Love your work!

Loved the dress - you have a vrey creative and unique style. Love your use of ruffles. I want to try your techniques!

Are you really as catty as they portray you to be - or is it just the editing? You reaction to the other guy winning was horrible! They made you look like a sore loser!

Santino is a confident person, he's also a very caring and giving person (which we hope you will see in future epesode(s)) sometimes in the show he comes off as quite harsh depending on how they decide to edit the program, Santino is not going to whine about the editing here on his blog, he enjoys the show for it's entertainment value as much as you all do and thanks you very much for your support and comments. Jamey.

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to the anonymous blogger asking about cattiness,

try being disappointed about something you're passionate about, then compound that with ever-watchful camera lens...i can't imagine anyone not having a moment when they come across as imperfect.

santino's stunning designs speak for themselves...the added drama just makes for great tv.

Absolutely scrummcious!! I have to say that I am watching this season of Project Runway just to see you win!!!

i don't know whether its your basso profundo voice or those big wall eyes, but u r a mindsticker....just remember, when u signed up for this gig, u knew those cameras would be everywhere, so watch your game face -even if the show is edited, they're looking for those little "slips". U did say, .......they didn't want to give it to me twice in a row...or words similar to that...Count on your talent and BE GRACIOUS.....

I love you... your the most amazing man I've ever seen.

No words...

I love you... your the most amazing man I've ever seen.

No words...

Santino, you rule.
But you might want to cut back on the gloating at others mistakes, it comes off as sadistic.

Yes, tino-San is the master.
This warrior has no mercy for his rivals.
Humbly bow to the pure forms, this tower generates.

Was that a haiku?

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