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Thursday, December 15, 2005 

Thanks MyYahoo! is the feature on Inside My Yahoo! today.

mr santino rice,

i found your blog by googling your name. i want to buy some of your designs if i find something for the occation. i have my first gallery opening next year and i want my first exposure to the public to be as sucessful as what i hope for my art. do you have a website where you sell your work?

jamie randall

I've been watching the show. I love your designs. Very very classy and they look good! I can't wait to see more episodes of you and the rest of the cast!

Hey Santino,
If you search for blogs related to "Project Runway" on technorati, only two come up--yours and mine. I'm mostly a book/literary blogger but I also post about Top Model and now Project Runway.
I'm about to write my post about last night's episode and wanted to say a quick hello first. Your designs are truly spectacular. I missed the first episode (where you won the challenge!) but what you did for the "Clothes of Your Back" competion was just beautiful. Loved the Barbie dress as well! I'm eagerly anticipating your next stunning ensemble!


of course MyYahoo put you on their is only the best website ever.

p.s. i really loved your barbie dress, and actually every single thing you've ever designed. you are very talented and have a distinct style that is entirely your own. i am proud to call you my favorite.


I found you at first, very irritating yet fascinating on the show. Plus you have big beautiful green eyes. My sister is a musician in Hollywood, and I can definitely see her friends and herself wearing your designs, where can we get them?

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