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Thursday, December 29, 2005 

To all my (anti)FANS

Thanks again! SANTINO

Sweetheart, they's just jealous is all. Love Mom.

antifans?? who wouldnt love you??

Ohhhh, You'd be surprised!
Haters come in six-packs,
with tight plastic nooses around their necks!


where's the middle finger santino!


all of your "anti" fans can suck my invisible dick.

much love xoxx

i just spent like 3 hours reading posts on the PR message board thing and i definitely see a lot of "antifans" out there and i don't get it...why do people get so offended by your confident, cocky remarks? it is clear that you play to win unlike those other designers who only design something that will just barely get them to the next round...i hate when other designers say stuff like "i'm satisfied with my design, i think it's good enough to keep me past elimination"...all i'm saying is is that there is nothing wrong with a little confidence and keep it up because the fashion world is tough and you need to be cocky!

Everyone is a fan, they just don't know it yet. No one doubts your ability, and most wish they had the audacity to stand up for something they believe in. Please post shirtless pictures for both your straight and gay fans. It always helps to show some skin.

The best always get the most criticism. :)

Keep on doin what you're doin, because it's great. Have a Happy New Year and I wish you all of success! PEACE <3, Suzy

These photos are hilarious. They show the side of you that is visible in the extra footage.

Have you seen PR forum there :-)

Those anti-fans just need to lighten up.

there is nothing wrong with confidence or a little arrogance bit it seems to me that you think you are better than others and you show it in a very perverse way. You catch way more flies with honey. Women are funny creatures. If they dont like you they wont buy and they will influence friends to do the same.

Just means your doing something right.

some say your cocky, i say your confident. all that matters is you have the talent to back it up. good job and good luck!

theres alot of those haters and i got tired of fightin with them on the bravo boards :/ im tired of them sayin stuff about you.
psh shiiit your the best and they know it! <3

Santino is my idol. Jay was the best last season, and you are most definately the most attractive, most talented, and most sincere designer on project runway! Ha, it's so funny when people hate on you because they're obviously envious of Y-O-U, and you know it. <3

You're irresistable, you're devastingly sexy, and can anyone dislike you, my dear?

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