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Friday, January 27, 2006 


Thanks for all the comments, suggestions, feedback and Project Runway Erotic Fan Fic. (WTF??!!) on yesterdays post! Here's a photo of me and the darling Adrianna. Have a great weekend! Love SANTINO!

Wow Adrianna is gorgeous!
Yeah seriously people are weird. Erotic fan fiction.. yeesh.

Hey Santino!!!!!

Santino that is CRAZY that someone wrote erotic fanfiction about you. I just would like to say that I don't think the editing on PR does you justice. I also wanna thank you for having the balls to say what's on everyone else's mind, and saying it when no one else will. Even if you don't win, you will always go down in history as my favorite PR designer EVER, not only for your designs but for your sense of humour and your passion for what you do. Besides that, you have really pretty lips.

And I think when it comes down to it, you should EAT THEM ALL.

Much love.

Arianna is hot!!!

I *got* your ice skating outfit. You're good. Now when you're famous, (joke) please remember us tall chicks and do some sweet stuff for us. Fitting trendy clothes to a 6' frame is tricky. You can do it! ;)

Are you an asshole in real life? Or just on the show?

awww you guys look like a cute couple.....only... not...


This is completely off topic but...
I TOTALLY THOUGHT YOU WERE RUSSIAN. SUCH A SHOCK WHEN I FOUND OUT YOU WEREN'T. The fur hat you wore with the skating outfit REALLY suited you.. (Russian vibe anyone?) You look like the modern.. cleaner.. less creepy.. version of Rasputin. "I will kill you with my eyeballs" kind of thing I guess... :D

aw, cute.

The Project Runway fanfic though really scarred me for life, but I found it rather amusing. Because stuff like that makes me laugh. Though I must say, Poor Danny V and Andrae...I wonder what they'd say if they heard about that *haha*

'Tino - is it just me or are your eyes rather RED? Is there a secret to your new-found semi-tranquility? "Leave my business, leave my business, and you mind your own..."

Forever yours,

Aw she's so pretty! ^_^ I didn't read that fanfic for fear I would go blind *shudder* I'm not into slash fic.

I skimmed that fanfic, it was... interesting. Some people just have way too much time on their hands.

Hey Santino,
I think you have the most vision, imagination, and style out of everyone on Project Runway. You have a rockin witty personality. You inspire me. Keep on dancing!

Here comes another stock comment you've heard more times than "Andrae! Your dress doesn't have a back on it!" My friend Rachel and I obsess over your humor, and we're hoping you kick some ass in the competition. And I'm kind of hoping Daniel's willing to date a college sophomore. Still, you kick so much ass that it hurts (must be the stilettos), andddd... yeah, please keep rocking, representing, and snarking.

-Willing to dancefight you,

The picture is so hot. As for the erotic fan fiction, enjoy it because it means you are a star. If you can touch someone and inspire them to reach into themself to create something original, that's wonderful. I'd be more concerned if people didn't want to. I didn't actually read it, but I love when people open up and reveal themself. That's a big part of what you do as a fashion designer, I think. Creativity is everything.

Santino, you kick ass beyond belief. If you don't win PR then we know for sure that the world isn't fair. I can't wait till you actually have collections for sale...I'll definitely be one of your most loyal customers! Keep rockin and never lose that personality, you're the best!

I just read about said fanfic in LJ. That is crazy talk, and now Project Runway will forever be immortalized in erotic fan fiction.

PS - Santino + Tim Gunn impression + NIN = owns my soul.

Santino, you're my hero. I love your attitude about everything and your competitive spirit! I'm rooting for you all the way! I have posted all of your designs up on myspace and i love them, even if Nina and Michael don't.

huge fan,

Santino, you're my hero. I love your attitude about everything and your competitive spirit! I'm rooting for you all the way! I have posted all of your designs up on myspace and i love them, even if Nina and Michael don't.

huge fan,


Honestly, I am a fan. My only question is as a designer, if you are 30 and not already where you need to be say something? Same goes for Nick. Is it a burden to not be "young" e.g. Daniel? Seems like the judges are rewarding everything but "fresh" vision

[additional generic compliments about how funny and amazing you are]

Nah, really, this is a great season and I always look foward to what you put together. I'm really hoping you made it to the final three and your work and Tim Gunn imitations will never go unappreciated with me. ^_^ Good luck with your career!

(And speaking as a fanficcer, there are a lot of crazies like the one who posted. Most of them know to mind their own business, but a few escape and it's humiliating chaos. Hopefully, they will be dealt with. No cake for them. Just 'or death'. )

I just pasted a fanfic from an LJ entry into that post. I thought Santino would get a kick out of the concept of women writing creatively about him and his peers engaging in homosexual acts, particularly given the context of this particular reality shows.

It reminds me of the British rendition of this show, Project Catwalk. In the first episode of that program, when the cast gets back to their apartments they immediately start getting drunk and discussing which of the guys are straight and which are gay. I don't need to tell you all that these topics are studiously avoided on the American versions, likely for some bullshit puritanical advertising reason.

Hey just have to tell you you are a true original. How awesome that a talented individual has come forth, not only with style and vision, but also a personality that couldn't be made up. Your eyes are GORGEOUS in this pic by the by. Your confidence will sustain you, and I'm sure beyond designing, you'll be answering some calls from Hollywood for other engagements, as clearly, we CAN NOT get enough of you. Your Tim Gunn impressions are better than anything I have heard in a while, so, be you, keep up with the great designs, and know you've made many smile.
Lynn RN

I want to know what Santino's feet look like!!!

Are you selling tee-shirts with your picture on it on e-bay? I hope it's you, because if not someone is using your likeness to make money.


you ROCK. End. Of. Story.


o.O santino you rawk! and you have a rawkin girl to be by ur side. Arianna is beautiful! [lucky bastard] XP

uuuurgh, i just want to tie micheal and nina back to back so they can bitch together in a dark hole in the earth. how do they not see that your designs are MASTERPIECES!?! they're good people but, are they really that clueless?!?

I just started watching the show and I love it love it love. I think you're a lil dramadic at times. I love the Fleetwood Mack look you got going on your face.. Kinda cute..Love the height. Good luck I hope you win. My fashions are pretty cool too..just thought I'd let you know~

there are erotic fanfics of everything, dude. I'm sure you've heard of them. nonetheless i'd be wierded out by one if someone wrote it about me.
btw jesus was a hippie.

wait is that your girlfriend? if it isn't, can I be your girlfriend? please?

Damn...miss the fanfic...where can I find it? hehehehe...yeah....seriously.

do you prefer oprah or modern mechanics?

Santino, you're a good man.

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