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Thursday, January 19, 2006 

Article St. Louis Post-Dispatch

click here to read the article

aww santino, we love you

LOVE IT! St. Charles Journal had a very nice article last week. Will totally send it to you. They even rocked the class of '92 Senior picture! How sweet & innocent (yeah right!) you once were! Much love as always!

I love the article. I "loved" the bird dress on PR last night. I have to admit that it was the most memorable, and the one that I talked about with friends after the show was over. I hope you made it to the final three because it will make the finale so much more interesting. If not, you'll be successful anyway.

i didn't even read the article

i just wanted to say that i am completely obsessed with a noncreepy way, of course.
my current ambition in life is to become rich and famous and make santino my own personal clothing-designing man-slave

Great article. You know how I hope how this story ends!

I don't know what it is, but there is something about you that is soooooo damn sexy!!! You are like an exotic animal or something...Mysterious sex appeal, that's what you got!!!

I just love your work!!!Truly talented. Would love to have pieces made by him. Anyone know were santino is located? Desperately seeking santino designs!!!

Good article... On another note, in a community i'm a member of, they pointed uot this dress from Bannana Republic's recent collection...
So, why did they say your dress isn't 'their style'? I think someone might owe you some royalties, IMHO. Just my two bits.

Awesome Santino, you rock. I would totally tell you you're awesome in person but the barriers of the internet don't let me so:


BASICALLY, you are brilliant, and you need to go open a store.. like right NOW so I can go raid it. THE END <33

Hey Santino--

Here's a link to the Suburban Journal someone mentioned:

I was totally floored when I saw it! I had no idea you were from my home town! We even went to the same elementary school during the same time period (though I was definitely to young to have remembered you). It's nice to know that that little town can produce someone of such talent and creativity.

(Class of '96)

that article made me very horny. i love you santino - sexually!!

I loved project runway the first season, but what a awesome suprise this second season has become. The casting was perfect, especialy when it came to Santino Rice. I am so inspired by your designs, Santino. Keep living your dreams, This part of the journey will take you to where you want to be, we are all SO proud of you !!!!

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