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Monday, January 23, 2006 

Breakin' Bread?!

My good friend Matt of many years whipped this little jem up one night while drinking a little too much 'Jesus Juice'! CLICK for bigger pic.

That's effin' awesome! I'm thinking that all the nuns from ASH would not approve of that.

Still cheerin for you from my la-z-boy. I live for Wednesday nights!

Truly outrageous...truly truly truly outrageous!

You make a nice Jesus though. Make sure you send a copy to Mel Gibson. I'm sure he'll get a kick out of it.

jesus christ santino rice!

further proof you are my god.

Hahaha! This is totally hilarious. It captures you all in true "PR" style!

All hail...JESUS JUICE!

yes, but where is our fair ms. klum????

Next thing you know, Dan Brown will come out with a book called the Santino Code based on that picture.

That is perfection.
I think I peed a little.


ahaha this is so great! you should mass produce shirts with this image and sell them :P

That's some pretty perfect photo manipulation. You have a great friend. Perfection. Really.

ahhhhh, that is AMAZING!

i knew you were jesus

tooo awesome. iv always thought u look like jesus. neato.

how cool!

Heh. That's well done.

Apostle Daniel V works out, I see.

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