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Monday, January 02, 2006 

Fan Art

A fan sent me this image she found on livejournal. I feel I've truely arrived now! thanks Lisa! I went to livejournal to track down the artist and I believe it's oolong. Thanks oolong! it's awesome! SANTINO.

I'm really glad that you are just "going with" all the publicity, both negative and positive. I'm unsure why people are so negative about your performance. It's okay to like yourself and like what you do. And, it's okay to stand up for yourself. I really hope you are one of the final three on project runway. No doubt that you make beautiful clothes.

hahah e-fame is amazing

That is huckin filarious!

Andrae's and Diana's are pretty great too!

My big laugh for the day! =D

oooh, thanks! i'm glad you like it. I'm working on ones of the rest of the designers, as well as Heidi, Tim, Michael and Nina.

Thanks for the publicity and for lending your talents to the show - it certainly is entertaining viewing.

I'm so glad you're taking all of this in stride! We at LJ just like drama, and I definitely appreciate your humor about all of this.

Oolong is awesome at this, eh? Keep up-to-date with the latest art!

niceeee haha

It is so easy to trash Santino now. So, I choose to refrain from comment. Other than, it's all very let's sell something and it really won't matter what that "something" is. And do we really care if Santino is a better sculptor or a fashion designer.
He's A Designer good bad or ugly

Santino is a fabric sculptor and they should let him design and leave him alone. He applies fabric like bits of clay,,, oh, my how poetic he is and he could fill in for Tim in a heart beat.

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