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Thursday, January 12, 2006 

Guest Post

A few visitors sent links to this dress on the BR site...
(post by Jamey)

wow that's insane. i'm not a fan of american fashion with the asian influences...sleeves are really clumsy thus making it ruff to move around in. so, sorry, santino, wasn't a fan of yours n nick's dress. but damnnnnn i sure see stealing ideas here, esp after they said the asian motiff wasn't br.

When I saw you contemplating the kimono styling, I thought immediately of this dress from the holiday collection. When the show was filmed, Deborah Lloyd had to know this was planned for winter 2005. I think your design was not too forward so much as asian styling doesn't work very well for day. For evening, I would absolutely wear your outfit--I loved it! Keep on rockin' and give props to Nick if you see him.

wow, what douches! "thats too out there...oh, but we're going to make one like it a few months down the road."

I WOULD BE PISSED!!!! I loved it and would wear it in the day. It's not tacky for day. Depends on your own personal style. With anything, some people can "pull it off" and others can't. Anyhow, what a flippen trip they straight did you wrong Santino. You better have won :)(( (wink wink)))

What a surprise...Banana Republic has a similar outfit in their catalog to that of what Santino made during Project Runway. Whereas his design was criticized on the runway, I'm sure this design was celebrated or it would not have made the holiday catalog. Pretty weak on the judges part.

Nina is junk and she needs to stop hating. Seems like she's going out of her way to be critical of Santino and that she's harboring a grudge / vendetta.

Memo to Nina: Piss off.

Santino people just can't appreciate your confidence. If you don't believe in you, who will??? I believe in you and think that you are a very real person. Hoping that you win season 2 and knowing of you don't it doesn't matter any way. You can do bad all by your damn self. Much love!

That is exactly what I thought too, when I watched last night's ep. The judges hated Marla for copying, so what about Deborah Lloyd? Santino DID see the future for Banana Republic. The only justification is if BR already offered Santino an "internship" (they could learn a thing or two about design from him), and the dress was a Santino Rice design. Otherwise, Deborah Lloyd is no better than Marla.

Yeah...and it's on sale.


Ooh goodness! I saw that dress a long time ago in a forum board up for discussion and when I watched the show last night, I thought the dress you were making was that one, so I thought you'd win. When finding out that your dress wasn't that dress I thought, "BASTARDS!"

Unbelievable....Santino, I owe you an appology. After the show last night, I thought the judges had it right - I personally didn't think your dress was the winner and your confidence tended to rub me the wrong way. But now that I see that catalog, all I can say is "What bastards!" The least they could do is take you and Nick to dinner before they screwed you over like that. You had EVERY right to be confident in your design!!!! They just didn't want you to steal their thunder. My sincerest appologies, Santino. I look forward to your next masterpiece.

whatever, i didn't agree with the judges last night, but i was a-lustin' over that kimino jacket!!!

I actually really liked your and Nick's dress. I know a lot of people who can pull that look off. Lately I've been wondering to hate or love ya but after what you said to Micheal Kors I really think you rock now. I honestly never even heard of him until Project Runway...

Anyways, Good Luck and Kick Butt.

Actually BR also had a satin Kimono jacket from the holiday collection, which I purchased. I haven't been able to find a picture of it though. It’s very cute and it sold out quickly at The Grove.

That is way too wrong of them. I think they owe you some money for your ideas or PR and an apology. I really don't like BR, and I see then unfavorably after they stole your ideas.


SANTINO! I just loved, LOVED your comment to Michael Kors! But the best - the BEST - was his reaction. I damn near pissed myself laughing so hard.

You rock!

i thought the day into evening clothing you and nick created were way overworked, not elegant, and you came off as rude, yet again. i have no idea what the editors have or haven't shown, but either they are showing you how you are, or sticking it to you. all my friends love to hate you. despite which, we remain confindent you will make it to the end.

so was this done after they saw your design or before? either way that seems really hypocritical.

but come on, santino, who in the civilized world hasn't heard of michael kors? seriously! :)


mr. rice
i want to do you

You're not the only one.

Oh no they didn't.

My daughter and I keep fighting about you, Santino - she thinks your an ass, I think you're funny, but occasionally overly defensive, and it comes across as assholish in the editing room.

Anyway - I wasn't crazy about the kimono dress you made for the BR challenge, and that was some funky lingerie (and I don't mean that in a good way), but I hope you stick around for the long haul, because I'd like to see what you could do with $10K.

br is bullshit...there's also a dress that looks like a rip off of zulema/kara's dress, too, on their site.

I remember seeing that dress in stores and really liking it more than anything else they had. I think the dolmain sleeves and and empire waist with the the drape from the bodice is quite nice. Mind you I wanted to get this for my 54 year old mother, and she's Korean....but she is far more willing to BUY anything from BR rather than 21 year old sister who just wants a pair of 7 jeans a t-shirt from Urban Outfitters (gag).

I think with Santino's version the porportions were a bit hard to wear, especially with the sleeves. They were also a bit over designed. It is BR, and while the idea was progressive I think the actual garment would have been too exspensive for BR to sell at their price point!

p.s. michael kors hates Santino because he is the only that realizes Kors is a shitty shitty designer.

i personally LOVED your outfit! It was definently the future look of BR!! The jacket was definently asian influenced and just the other day i'm seeing little sweaters with the same design at 'Limited' and 'New York Company.' It says 'leader' not 'follower' when a lady wears it.

I saw this episode with a friend of mine. A few days earlier I had seen their "Memories of a Geisha" collection on another show. When I was watching I had assumed that you had won because of that line. I was completely stunned when you were told it wasn't right for Banana Republic. I told my friend this and we immediatly looked up the collection on line. I also thought it was interesting that suddenly you couldn't find the line on their website when that particular show aired. So sorry you got screwed on that.

I was SO just about to post that. Did anyone take note of the caption about it being part of Banana Republic's "limited edition Asian inspired collection", try Santino inspired -- espescially since it wasn't their style.

The outfit was gorgeous, as is everything else you created on the show.

I can't wait to see your collection on the finale!

Oh heeeeellll no. Now they know that's not even right!

*shakes head*

*whispers* Yours was better, too.

That's the first time I'm seeing this dress and yeah, I'm thinking they totally ripped you off, too.

But... yours was NICE. This one looks like a freakin' bath robe.

And you were totally right about Michael Kors. There are loads of people who don't know who the hell Michael Kors is, or don't care.

What don't you ever put posts on your page that don't agree with you? Chicken?

Santino I also want to know why you won't put comments up from people who don't suck your metaphorical cock.

you happy now anonymous??!! NOW FUCK OFF. thanks.

I simply adored your design and after watching the rerun last night, I liked it even more.

To be honest, after last season's Banana Republic choice of Wendy Pepper's "little black dress" that looks like every other retro inspired "little black dress" from 2002, did you honestly expect Banana Republic to choose a design as fresh and unique as yours and Nick's?

I know it's a competition and you take all the wins and recognition you possibly can but I'd be slightly relieved that I didn't get chosen.

*sigh* BR needs ideas and they stole it from you/nick/kara/and zumela

I loved your/nicks's dress...its sad when a big company like BR can just take your ideas and not get in rtouble for it. *plagiarism*

you should have won the br. challenge santino. you should win every challenge *sigh* i love you and everything you make..

1st, I do NOT like BR. I've been in their store once and seen their site once. I do NOT like their clothing. I've never bought anything from them, and never will. I do not go into their stores to "just look" either. I've never had faith that they actually would have something that I'd spend my hard-earned money on. That said...

Columbia Pictures called BR to create a partnership for the Memoirs of a Geisha movie. Amy Pascal head of Columbia Pics thought of BR cause of the film's "beautiful fashion aspect", and Chris Nicklo VP of brand management of BR accepted cause apparently BR customers are into "fashion, culture, and art". Because BR has been invloved with Project Runway, they wanted to continue movie tie-ins and TV experimenting. BR and Memoirs aren't the only ones to be doing these type of partnerships, there has also been Bloomingdale's/Moulin Rouge, Von Dutch/Cinderella Man. So, although Santino/Nick (I'm a total Nick fan) had an asian-inspired design, I doubt BR took the idea from Santino. It was already in their plans, especially since things like these take a long time (I'm in both prod. and fash.)

The challenge was to make a day-into-evening dress. The design's jacket was bulky. Not a BR trait I think. It didn't fulfill the challenge given. The dress was nice. I liked it very much. It was the jacket that killed it really.

About the whole Zulema dress thing, did anyone notice the fabrics were given BY Banana Republic. Meaning, those were the types of fabrics THEY use for their designs. C'mon guys. Let's not look for excuses. Besies, dresses CAN look alike. Damn, the top parts were different, so it's not EXACTLY the same dress. Fashion is NOT like writing. You can't copyright your shit, so try to get it out there before the next person does. EVERYBODY knows that. At least mail it to yourself, but doubt that'll work.

Santino be honest and tell us what you really think of the whole thing.

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