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Wednesday, January 04, 2006 

Interview with... ME!

QUEERTY published this interview with me today CLICK

i just discovered your blog, website, and myspace. and i can't even express how much i love you! you are the most amazing designer hands down on this season of project runway.

so be expecting more stalkerish comments from me


im in freaking love with you santino.

i'm so glad to hear that you are totally have free reign over my vagina....

Haha, that was an awesome interview. You ARE Project Runway 2. :)

Rock on, great job with the Hilton dress! I would wear it in a heartbeat.

Congratulations on your second win, Santino!! I'm sure it's not the last. Loved the dress--Nicky does have exquisite taste! Woo hoo!

Santino, you're awesome and you know you are--that's what is so great about you.

That was a great interview too.

I love the interview. You have a great personal style. It's important to tell people who want to put you in a category to fuck off. You make nice clothes and have the attitude to sell them. By the way, if Nikki Hilton wants a dress, just give it to her gratis. She's a walking billboard and worth more advertising than Project Runway.

Dear Santino Rice,

I am planning my Sweet 16 for March, 2007. I would love for you to make me a dress. I love your style. If you can please contact me at whether it's yes or no, I'd be completely happy!

-Fiona Rois Devlin ♥

Dear Santino Rice,

I am planning my Sweet 16 for March, 2007. I would love for you to make me a dress. I love your style. If you can please contact me at whether it's yes or no, I'd be completely happy!

-Fiona Rois Devlin ♥

Santino wins again!! Not like i'm surprised...your design was amazing, as usual, and i'm definitely predicting many fans of the show will turn to your side now that nicky has chosen your design. Oh, and thanks for winning because you just earned me 60 pts on the Fashion Face-Off game!! I'll keep voting for you and i'm sure you will keep winning...I'm looking forward to winnning that trip to NYC and the dress designed by the winner (AKA Santino Rice, of course)!! I can't wait until the episode playing next and nick will be like a fashion superteam, i know it!! anyways, good luck!!

Just wanted you to know that there's another fan out there who loves reading your blog. Please, don't stop updating, cause your pictures and all of your interesting links make my day! :)

Congratulations on your second win; your designs are beautiful.

Yay! Now we all love you again! Ride the wave, babe.

ahh you are a leo too! leos are the shit

Santino, you're my favorite designer on Project Runway this season. I love you. Granted, that Danny V. is kind of hot...But you're still the best. I also love that you're bitchy as well...Because it makes me laugh. You make Project Runway 2 worth watching.

Much love,

May I just say, your stilettos are the shit! Just like you!

Cheers to you on your 2nd win! You deserve every bit of sucess you've achieved.

Haha, best interview ever. I think you could kick all of the haters ass with the point of your stilettos in a second. By the way, congrats on winning the last show. I knew you'd win from the start because I thought it was actually the only pretty dress. Everything else didn't seem to suit her well or I wouldn't step out in any of them, but yours. I love the braiding and details you put on a lot of your pieces. Marv-you-lous. PEACE.

OH my, I just loved reading that interview. Staying out of being labeled by anyone takes skill, when you just want to be known as a great artist. Keep that shit going!

Loved the interview and found Episode 5 riveting. Your personality coupled with your talent helps to make Project Runway 2 the best thing on television. I can't stop watching!

You absolutely deserved to take first last night, your dress was by far the best.

It was probably best not to rip on Nikki Hilton like you did Nina Garcia.. PFTZ!!

I don't know that I've ever seen a man pull off heels so beautifully.. and you're now my hero for saying Diana's voice annoys you. I've been saying that for weeks.

Congrats on the win last night - well deserved.

all interviews with you are uh.. interesting... greetings from nyc.

Wow, I never realized you had a blog. I guess I should've done a search earlier.

Anyway, I think your work on Project Runway is amazing and I'm looking forward to seeing more! :)

Santino the are the most compelling, fascinating, and brilliant designer on Project Runway. My girl and I are huge fans and we hope that you win. Even if you don't, we know you're going to light up the fashion world like a Roman Candle. Thank you for inspiring us to dream and to achieve. You're super-fantastic! xoxo Jason & Enedina (my crush from Poe Street)

santino is super-fantastic! keep it up kid!

I fucking love you.

Great interview 'Tino! Remember to credit your photographer when they use their images though shit!

your friend,

adamdavidcohen (.com)

Santino, you're the best. I wished I had found your blog sooner; highly entertaining. I've been rooting for you before season 2 started just based on the commercials: you have such a great presence!

Oh yeah, and f*%k Nina Garcia. I'm so glad you called her out in Ep. 4. Galliano, McQueen? What the f#*k?! While I love those designers, your design was definitely unique and true to your vision. She didn't know what she was talking about. So much so that she knew better than than to cross you on the runway again when you rightfully won Ep. 5. Plus I loved that you had your card ready for Nicky Hilton at the party -- true professional!

santino rice-
you are amazing!! i'm a huge project runway fan and you are by far the most original and creative designer so far! i am in love with all of your designs. i'm watching the auctions because i really want to buy something of yours before you get too hot and i can't afford any of your stuff!! the dress you made for nicky hilton is bad ass! one day i want you to design something for me! keep kicking ass and i hope you dominate project runway!
good luck

hi santino. you are my inspiration. im not a designer but you inspire me to keep loving fashion. i remember the first time i felt when i saw oscar de la renta's fashion show and i feel the same way when i se eyour designs. it fuels my love

truly awesome.why do i love you so much! eesh duH its only SANTINO RICE. danng.

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