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Thursday, January 12, 2006 

Just Frontin'

Someday, Santino, Someday.....
Here's to having a dream!

I think you should design a t-shirt that says "Nina drinks because I embellish".

I am 40's gay bear and fan of Project Runaway... you are best "evil" designer in PR2!!! Nina and Michael Kors pissed off at your remarks on their judgements! Go Santino! you gains a new fan!

I find Nick so cute! Emmett is cute too!

More insults on Nina and Michael Kors! Make Michael horny to hump you! Blow kisses to you!

oh my Santino
you are an amazing designer.
and probably one of my favorite people on the TV show (which is the only one I am addicted to, coincidentally).
rock on.

get away from my car, bitch!!!

ha, ha, ha...actually, you could urinate on my rolls and i would treasure the rust stain like my offspring (if i had any!)

you're wonderful and everyone knows it, even those trying to deny it!!!!

Do you know you are featured on

Keep it going, my man.

why do i love you so much. omg its incredible. imm obsessed that when i met andrae i asked about u :]

dear santino,
you're amazing. i think we should drink beer
and you should talk about dianna's voice more. or, i could just say i like your designs and leave it at that.
love always,

so, i just watched tonight's episode and i thought your dress was beautiful, as always. fuck michael kors and nina! nina always looks constipated anyway.

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