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Friday, January 13, 2006 


HAHAHAHA!!! that was definitely the highlight of this week's episode!!

i wish i could somehow play this all day everyday on a loop

but i don't think my ipod has that much battery power

i love you

I was so glad to see that the other night. I hope they show the clips of me singing it with you. Still, thanks again for the single. It was genius at the time, and is still one of my favorite refrains.

Oh awesome lol, you are a man of many talents. Thanks for adding my link, Santino :D

Your singing is great but not near the quality of your yoddling skills!
MRS G (Sonny's elementary art teacher!... go get em SANTINO !!)

It'll go platinum. I sing about things all the time. I sing about making a peanut butter sandwich and people cutting me off in traffic.

I have been singing that song all day. That's so wrong. I love it though. Keep being you, Santino. Make fashion magic

please go get a record deal, or I'll get one for you.
i love you Santino!

My favorite part of the last show. woo!

hey anon 9:00 - I remember her!
I don't think that Sr. M. would have approved of Santino's stilettos! lol

this song is now my ringtone, so i can hear it anytime someone calls me!! haha

excellent point you make!

LMFAO!!! *sigh* That was sooooooo great. Next time the episode airs I'll be waiting for that moment.

Again I say. SING!
'Tino Man Dingo! Dress cut.
Do it for mankind.

Best project runway moment ever. This is now the ringtone on my cellphone.

I have to say I almost pee'd myself watching it on the show. Classic, Santino.

haha freakin awesome! seriously.
eesh btw tonite i met Andrae @ banana republic @ the grove. swesome night.

Your "single" kept running thru my head yesterday when I was at the certainly made the time on the treadmill go by faster ;)

Anyway, as a former figure skater, I was so excited to learn about this week's challenge! Competition dresses definitely need a makeover. Can't wait to see what you created for Sasha! :)

I love it. I want to make a full CD of just this song, over and over. I wonder how many times that would fit on an 80-megabyte cd, 100 times?

Love it!

dear santino,

you have a lovely singing voice. i especially like that that it is so clear and high, which contrasts and compliments your speaking voice.

next hit single: "you were my favorite jacket".

please do record a CD.

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