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Wednesday, January 04, 2006 

Mario and Me

Out rockin' the club, my friend Mario and I take a moment to pause for the camera.

Check out Mario's AWESOME band Dirty Sanchez!

Santino--you are the SHIT!! And PLEASE tell me there are more episodes where you basically tell Nina to kiss your ass!!

Stop teasing the girls with those highly kissable lips and tell us what sex you prefer, we all want to know. Rumor has it your gay.

hey you up there has an interview, santino is only half a fag.

Nice hat! LOVE you on the show. I didn't watch the first season, but now I am addicted. Can't wait for tonight...

What is up with blogger? I tried to post and it didn't work, which sucks because now I have to try to remember my clever banter.

Screw it. Love you on the show, it is my new addiction. Um, which take it for what it is worth because I was addicted to Laguna Beach. Yeah, I'm 28, but I am proud of my Laguna Love!

Um, now it get it. Hooked on Phonics bastards! I want my money back.

Uh, ha ha, I swear I'm not stalking you.

haha, looks like a fun time.

I love the show.. I'm glad they brought it back again.

I hope your designs this week back up your attitude last week.


I'll be watching.

Love ya on the show, your my favorite!

Love the interview, love you on the show. Smartassing to the judges really works for you.

You two look good together. So hot.

Aw, hipster scum. Cute

yo! santino ,you really worked nikki hilton congrats !!!!.... she loved you , sorry i have to ask ,was nina wearing a wife beater ????, does michael ever wear anything else besides jeans ? also could you tell me where you got those 6 inch size 14 stillettos ? not like you need to be taller ...i met paris at work ,she was with her new under age greek tycoon boy . , she was trying to be incognito, with a hoodie and big ass shades ,channeling eminem ...... i thought your dress was too over the top ,i think nik should have won ..... not......go make me proud ,your bro louie call me when you have time ,from your break finishing your collection for olympus.... i feel you are one of the top 3 .... you , emmet ,and diana lol

o wow big fan of dirty sanchez and YOU! <33

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