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Sunday, January 08, 2006 


My friends and I bumped into Kiefer Sutherland at Hollywood's Magnolia Restaurant on Saturday night! 24 was having a party there and Kiefer was a Cool Cat to talk to. I'm a Huge fan of the show, but our meeting was purely coincedental. Also, it's funny that the same week Kiefer's featured on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, I'm quoted inside on page 69!
Oh, yeah, and you know Kiefer got my card!
Holla at your Boy!

wow you look so badass!

what's even more ironic is as I read this, I was watching 24.

Adding to the irony is the fact that I have huge crushes on BOTH of you sexy boys!

Great pic!

Always pimping the card! Excellent.

you are gonna win this whole thing with project runway.. you are a visionary, you have your mojo on at all times.. and I love how you get on all the pussies, whiners and half assed bitches on that show.. that is the worst part, the lack of confidence that the other contestants show a lot of the time.. and you came to rock that shit out, which I absolutely love!!! keep it up!!! Priscilla

I as well.. was watching 24 when i read this post... irony you say!

I.. want to marry Jack Bauer.

so when do i get your card?


no way! i was at the magnolia restaurant in hollywood just a few weeks ago.

i feel about 8000 times cooler.

i also really like your hat. and your soul.

Please crush diana.

Santino. I loves you.

SANTINO ! I WANT TO TELL YOU THAN uHHMM IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN IN THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD! and I WANT TO- be YOU ! lol. okay or at least meet you ! my DREAM IS TO BE A FASHION designer* and I LOVE YOUR STYLE ! I WOULD KILL TO WORK WITH YOU !!i really look up to you and YOU InsPIRE ME TO BE An amazing Designer LIKE yourseLF!! I THINK YOUR STUFF IS THE SHIzz ! I WOULD CUT OFF MY RIGHT LEG, rap it in foli and cook that shit *** as lONG AS I COULD LEARN FROM YOU ! haha i hope you like my username!hah IM not really a stalker* hA* JUST kINDA Think your HARDCORE! AND i WANT TO LEARN FROM you! thankS

I WOULD CUT off my right fucking leg , rap it in tin foil and cook that shit! if that meant you would be MY guru ! NO SERIOUSLY! mY DREAM IS to be a fashion designer! and i think your fashions are inspiring! i want to learn from the best, and well your THE SHIT!!haha. NO reALLY i WOULD DO aNYTHING TO WORK WITH YOU !!!!!!!!

santino,santino. I am so jealous. I adore 24. I must have screamed at least five times out of shock tonight during the season premeire.You're an excellent designer,and your personality keeps project runway a fun show to watch,and,this is completely irrelevant,but I feel compelled to say this. No,I don't know where the hell your chiffon is.Hah,sorry,I had to get that out of my system.
Keep chic,

Kiefer looks blotto!

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