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Wednesday, January 11, 2006 

Me & Richard Klein

Richard is the Publisher of SURFACE MAGAZINE and INTERSECTION MAGAZINE. We met at Hollywood Club LAX at the INTERSECTION MAGAZINE Launch Party. Off the chain! Hanging out with Richard was a blast. Thank God for Original Vision, Richard's got it!

whatever he's got in no way compares to what you have

i can't wait for tonight's show

much love


Oh wow ... you guys are double teaming me with beauty ... 2 pairs of green eyes! Homina homina.

Watching the show right now.. oh, I'm so nervous for you! I hope your's and Nick's design wins!

Santino! Make me clothes! Haha, I just wanted to say that I think you're absolutely fantastic and a true visionary in fashion. I really do appreciate your work that I've seen on "Project Runway" thus far this season, and I can't wait to see what we still have coming. Ok, thanks again, love.

By the way, I love you.


But I agree MUCH more with this one:



A while back you said:

"Trying to keep my head on straight....Music keeps me focused and grounded."

Please expound on that! What music are you into? I'd love to know.

your hat and his bald head = love

I think last night was a perfect pairing - those two definitely were the ones who needed to go bye-bye.

I'm so glad you're learning to take criticism better!! PFTZ!!

I think they way hyped up how "over-designed" your dress was.. I thought it was pretty.

I'm confused by the BR episode last night. Did they not tell Santino that the outfit was not geared toward the Banana shopper. Then, what do you call this dress?!

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