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Monday, January 23, 2006 

More Yahoo! love!

SANTINO featured on the front page of Yahoo! today. Thanks for visiting, please sign-up for email updates.

Someone hit my blog searching for "Santino eats people" which I don't understand at ALL! But obviously you're getting a lot of coverage. I can't wait for this week's show!

"Yahoo" indeed

Santino, you are an RULER of the Fashion World! LOVE YA!

My wife and I have a bet going on and you had better of won this thing. Due to the fact that you are who I want to win...

PS the iceskating outfit was nice had you taken all the crap off the back.

I want to worship you, Santino, in a sexual way. My mouth would love to explore every inch of your God-like body! I love you and am your biggest fan!!!

The Yahoo shout out is what brought me over. Loved the pumps during the designer strut. Keep on doing YOU.

After seeing that Last Picture image, it all makes sense, this confirms that you do think you are God. Also who is Judas, Emmett?

by the way, last week's issue (Jan. 27) of Entertainment Weekly magazine has you on Pg. 18.

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