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Thursday, January 12, 2006 

My Dress in Rockefeller Center

"After each episode airs, the winning design is on display for a week (or two) until the next winner is determined."

(source) : photo credit : Dianne C

Here’s the thing: I neither a Santino lover nor a Santino hater. I am a Project Runway addict. I like some of your designs on PR. I seriously doubt PR is presenting an accurate picture of either your talent or your personality.

As for the personality, I suspect PR did a hack job. They created a caricature for every one on the show. I doubt I would come across well if I was put in a pressure cooker and videotaped 24/7. Maybe I’m biased, but the only person I think who has handled the reality television trap with grace is my best friend’s older sister Rebecca Jarvis of Apprentice fame, and that’s only because she kept her mouth shut.
The only character I couldn’t stand on PR this season is Daniel Franco, who seemed smarmy, pretentious and talentless (albeit a fair tailor). So I was quite glad that his Marshall’s discount lingerie fare kept you safe.

Regarding the designs: I liked the first green baby-doll dress. I thought the lingerie a good idea poorly executed. The Banana Republic jacket was sleek, well constructed, and attractive and different. Free of frills. Something my mother would wear to a cocktail party. No, that’s not an insult. This is the same woman who wore leather pants and a Gucci tube top to her 50th birthday party. It’s just that she’s 5’8 and flat chested, while I’m 5’4 with big tits—so I doubt it would flatter my figure. It was very top-floor Neiman Marcus evening jacket. It was not Banana Republic. But then again, I haven’t bought anything there since the 6th grade for a reason: their stuff is boring and poorly tailored.

I have yet to see a Santino design on the show that I’m truly crazy about, but I blame that partly on the PR format. It reminds me a lot of law school exams. Law school tests the basic skills of good lawyering and time-management, but every three-hour exam inevitably produces 25 pages of bile. PR tests the basic skills of a designer: innovativeness, commercial appeal, and construction talent. But with the time frame, I’m surprised the clothes aren’t held together with staples and safety glue.

I’m still on the fence, but suspect that you are a very good designer. Please, share your portfolio with the blog!


It looks especially good in this context— it acquires an almost ethereal quality. Nice!

Gorgeous. I would try to bid for it, but the dresses usually end up like $1,200 or something.

My favorite so far!


This was one of the best! Good luck with the rest of the show and hope you win mate.

I absolutely love you Santino and I think that your designs totally ROCK and I respect you so much as a designer and I totally acknowledge your amazing talent!!!

hello my name is stefanie krukowski i love your work i am 15 and i am already wantin to be in the fashion industry your work has changed my way of thinking i mean you go al out on your work i just love it. when I was a little kid I always wanted to have my work hung all over the world and I will do that so you look out for me cause one day iI am gonna have a store and my name will be Stefy's krazy designs well thank you so much for your insperation on designs i am so positive you are gonna win!!!!!
love stefy k

if you could write me back that would be so cool my myspace name is I am your super duper hero stefy k my e- mail adress is and

just gorgeous. wow. i love you & ur designs!
make me one!

That looks stunning!
I'm turning into a huge Santino fan. I thought you were a prick at first, just to be honest. Now I respect you for not being an ass kisser and for standing up for yourself.

man. i loved the lingerie. i loved the make up. i thought the deer idea was great. I didn't think it was poorly executed, I just think designs that are innovative and new get strange looks at first just because it is something people haven't seen in clothing. just like art. you are a great designer man, i love your clothes.

Extend the skirt part of the dress and that's what i want to get married in...for seriously.

I have to say when I saw the outfit I agreed with the judges that it wasn't very Banana Republic, but I loved your comment that it was "on the next page they need to be going to." Your interests in design are so NOT Banana Republic (that's a good thing) so I didn't figure you would do good by the judges on the challenge. But now this dress appears and as shady as it looks you get the last laugh. Anyway, good luck Santino!

I love the dress. Its beautiful.

god. that dress is gorgeous. your amazing, santino you reallyy are. its absolutly beautiful. i really want it.

Gorgeous! I want that dress. It'd look good on me, too.

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