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Tuesday, January 24, 2006 

On the Mic part 2.

Why don't I put any of my designs on my site? Because I'm too busy rocking the mic silly.

It's like you read my mind. I was just wondering that yesterday and was going to send you an e-mail asking the exact same thing.

It's almost like you're selling the image of Santino rather than the actual designs. You're selling the Santino Rice Brand. Good marketing strategy.

santino i want you to shove your big feet in my mouth.

Is Michael Kors really Mugatu? Check the evidence for yourself and check these links.

Michael Kors


Or if you're too lazy to look up each picture individually then visit my blog at:

where the work has already been done for you.


it's official. you're a word now.

I'm sure it has something to do with a big contract of doom from Bravo.
But rockin' the mic is also great fun.

youre not busy ,singing ,i know youre feverishly getting your collection together for olympus ,right ? louie

this better mean a cd release soon


I just realized that you are 3 degrees of seperation from Kevin Bacon.
You're on Project Runway, which is judged by Michel Kors, among others.
At the end of Project Runway Season one, during the fashion show. Michael Kors met the Queer Eye hosts.
In this week's Queer Eye, they did a show with Kevin Bacon and his brother.

See? Three seperations!

Santino, Santino, I would pay any amount for an album by you.

However, I'm not having any luck signing up for your mailing list. Please torture your webmaster.

Please tell me that you sang in the voice of Tim Gunn!

Please tell me that you sang in the voice of Tim Gunn!

love the show. It is great that you are being judged on actually skill and talent as opposed to who can eat the most cow balls while stuffed in a bed of worms.

off topic you are from Missouri. Do you have a brother named Antonio?

Best of luck in the competion!

love me santino

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