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Tuesday, January 10, 2006 

Reality TV Stars Unite!!!! Form of...

Hung out with Lisa at an undisclosed Photo Studio in L.A. You might know her from "America's Next Top Model" Whatever preconceived notions you might have about Lisa, After seeing her in ACTION, I see MAJOR POTENTIAL! Fun, Witty, Beautiful....Lisa is more than just a pretty face!

Lisa is awesome.

Super cute.

Love her

It sounds like you are having a great time - yay for you!!

Looking forward to the show tonight. Especially the point where Diana makes you snap off.

Never liked Lisa on the show... but a great model she was.
If I marry a millionaire, can you please design my dress? (Or better yet- a belly dance costume!!!)
-And thanks for being a myspace-friend.

Must be totally surreal hanging out with other tv people..i loved Lisa. Aint nothing wrong with a little freak action.
Just wanted to de-lurk to say Hola and tell you how THRILLED I am to have found your blog.

my two favorite reality tv stars! i don't care what any one says about either of your personalities or intensities. you're the ones with the talent and that's all that should matter. i wish lisa had won and i reeally hope that you win project runway! goodluck. i'm on your team.

2005 was a good year for reality T.V. We actually got *gasp* originality and *gasp* personality and flair, from yourself and Mrs. Lisa D'Amato. Cheers to that!

I love Lisa, she's so gorgeous and lots of fun!

Santino, I always look forward every week to see what gorgeous creation you'll come up with next! =D No more team work, I want "all Santino"!

Holy god. I love that you worked together and I can totally see the creative energy exploding. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall in that room. I hope to god your sperm will never touch her eggs because I don't think the world could handle that child.

you're self centered and bitchy, but your designs and creativity RULE!!

we love your work
we love the nikki hilton dress
we love YOU!
we love your MOTHER!
and most of all, we loved your feathery skating ensemble.
talk about WOWWYY.

much love to the santy man

xo -- us.

Hey santino, thank you soooo much about for writing about me!.. I just saw it now. And such positive things!!!!!!! that is really awesome!!! Well, I'm suppose to see you in NY... Where are u? I'm here now. You are suppose to be with Greg> I'm a big fan of yours, you are greAT!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE LISA

Lisa is amazing. I know she will be a "STAR" very soon. With lots of love from one of you good friends from Camarillo, CA. Good luck in New York Lisa...Don't forget you can always look me up.

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