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Wednesday, January 25, 2006 


Someone snapped this picture of me, I ripped the camera from his hands and then I ate him.

Photographers are crunchy and taste good with catsup.

Santino, you would love me. I know you would.

PS: I taste like creme brulee.

I knew it - Santino eats people!!! But dammit, even if there have been Santino discussions in a couple of my comment sections.. I've never said you eat people?

But apparently that is the case.

Maybe you will eat someone on tonight's show!

Hey Santino, you are mos def one of my favorite people on Bravo's hit "Project Runaway." Your fingers are like magic. Keep up the good work. I also have a blog too.


"If it came down to eating people... I would eat people."

I think It's pretty classy of me to want to hang out with you when you're known to eat people.
I mean, just saying.

Never has a reality star crashed himself into my REM sleep, yet Santino somehow always manages to crash my dreams!! My my, is this kat going to go far!! He's not only weaves into our conscious mind but haunts our subconscious!! Santino is a living ghost and has strangely become my best friend in my dream world twice. :) The power of reality tv is so peculiar!!

"You... just ate him?
My gosh. What about the delicious eyes and lashes? And teeth? And stubby fingers? I suggest that for the gooey eyes and the lashes, you dry those and serve it as a side dish with the toe-nail soup. The teeth would make WONDERFUL substitutes for the corn you use for popcorn. Afterall they are both the same yellow-ish color."
In the wonderful words of Anais.

Shoot...he DESERVED to get eaten for taking such a crappy, out of focus, picture.

Smile more beloved Santino. You never know when someone is going to take a picture.

Lol, the best thing about the caption is that I actually believe. Be my friend, Santino. PLEASE!

Your impression of Tim is ace.

SANTINO!!!! You're my favorite designer on the show...! I hope you won b/c you deserve it!

Santino, please don't eat people, oh well never mind you had good reason. That's an awesome pic by the way.

Santino, I'm disappointed that your favorite Santino quote poll does not have, "She looks like a baboon's ass exploded on her backside." That was the best thing that's been said so far.

I love you Santino!!!

which train?

what is going on santino? daniel is passing you ...lets step up ,i know you could blow away all them rookie wanna be designers.... i luv your impression of tim gunn ,when are we going to hear one of michael kors ? you better make it to the top 3.... whats up with jay ,something crawled up his ass.. all of a sudden ,he is mr know it all ... he never won a challenge ,right.louie villasanta

That looks like an N/R to me. Whatcha doin in NYC still, Santino?

santino, santino, santino.......drop the waistlines on your designs. lighten up....i<3 you.

Let me preface this by saying 2 things: First, I love Santino. (we all do right? or we wouldn't be here). Tim Gunn impersonation is so money. Second, it's time to start handicapping this a little bit. My rankings will come out the morning after each week.

Runway Rankings:

1. Daniel - his designs are hot and he's obviously got skills. Plus, his laid back personality doesn't interfere with his work. He's got to be considered the favorite to win it all. Odds: 2:1

2. Andrae - he has emerged confidently from an inauspicious beginning to be a real star, design-wise on the show. Odds: 3:1

3. Nick - consistently very good with his designs. A drama queen in the literal sense, his emotions sometimes impact his work negatively. Odds: 3:1

4. Chloe - she's got skills, but she's never won. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Odds: 6:1

5. Santino - Santino we all love you. You make the show a delight to watch, and you are HILARIOUS and creative, and brilliant and sharp...Your designs are so close to being there. I am pulling for you. Santino is the definite fan favorite and my dark horse to win this thing. Plus Heidi and Tim sweat you. Nina sweats you, but fronts like she hates you. In my opinion, she needs to get laid and is frustrated because she knows she can't have you. Michael Kors is overrated and needs to wear something other than a t-shirt under a blazer. Odds: 4:1

5. Kara - skills, but the creativity is lacking. And, she wilts under pressure like a daisy under the desert sun. Odds: 10:1

To all, keep the posts coming. It's enjoyable. :) I too taste like creme brulee, with a hint of coconut.

Where are the odds coming from? Just curious?

I'm pulling for you Santino.. I love your designs. I think you were right on the nose with a few, then you pushed the envelope, then dialed it back too far when they messed with you. I think you're going to find your happy medium and blow everyone away.

Don't make me sad.

Hi Holli...the odds are just out of nowhere. I just made them up but thought it'd be fun to do some prognostication. :) I agree with you though. I think the judges have messed with Santino and he's trying to conform to what they are looking for so that he can stay alive in the competition. His creativity and talent is unquestioned. I'm waiting for Santino's designs to translate. "DON'T CALL IT A COMEBACK!" GO SANTINO GO!

Yes.. Go Santino Go!!

You ate the photographer, but, saved the photograph? Now what does THAT say?

Just kidding - go on wit your bad Leo (so I've read) self.

He's gonna take that itty bitty world by storm. He's just getting warm. Totally offensive, totally bomb.



I L-O-V-E Santino!

I LOVE YOU SANTINO!!! Come to Arkansas and make a GREAT dress for me!! Please!!!!

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