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Monday, February 13, 2006 

Blizzard in NYC

Hey Y'all what's happenin'? It snowed like crazy in New York and my flight back to LA was canceled so I went out and played in the snow!

Those lumps behind me are cars i think.
We took a break from making snow-angels and I caught last weeks episode for the fist time. Ugh, So funny Kara.
A lot of you have looked at the pics from the remaining 4 designers and have offered up some very kind words of support. THANK YOU, SANTINO.

What's Kara saying there?

haha, she looks like a tool.

YAYY you're back!! good job at the fashion show!!

You're amazing. I'd wear your entire collection.

That must be Kara's O-face.

It's probably a good thing the blizzard came along to give you a break to catch your breath.
Thanks for the update and the pix! You chose just the right freeze-frame of Kara to use. ;-) Gotta say it again: I just love how your mind works!

Hi Santino!

It's lovely to see you this morning, ok afternoon. I wish I could have been there in NYC to see the show. I know everyone must have been shocked to see how elegant and refined your pieces were, no exploding baboons anywhere!

What incredible fun it must have been for you and your friends.

I think Kara should have been more helpful to you on the runway, I think the jumpsuit looked great on her, very sexy! I could see you were really trying to help her out with the outfit she made for you and "sell" her outfit on the runway. You were really workin' it dude.

Santino, how about posting a picture of your mother? I'd like to see the lucky woman who gave birth to such an amazing character as you.

Also, I'd love to know what music you're listening to, give us a list, eh?

Ciao Baby!



I hope you enjoyed the snow. It can be beautiful, if you don't have to look at it a lot like we do here in Illinois.

I've been reading the blogs online about PR, and i'm starting to feel scared about Wednesday night!

God, how I love you. You are clearly the best damn designer on the show. And you are not there for the entertainment value alone! (Although you've got that in the bag, too.)

Your collection for Fashion Week was sleek and elegant and beautiful.

You'll be a great success! You already are.

I love the pic of you and Kara on TV!! hahahah.

1 more day until the episode 11 of PR, can't wait to see you!

I wish I could play in the snow...


HAHAH I was in New York over the weekend too! I saw Andre at H&M on 5th.. WHERE YOU WERE YOU? You butt!

Did you check out the ice rink at Rockefeller Center? You should have sent someone out on the ice in your Phoenix Rising skating dress. Oh, wait, maybe you DID - I can hear Nina Gracia screaming from here!!


Are you enjoying the east coast weather? Regardless the fact that working conditions getting sticky for you, I hope you will win next challenge, one at time!

Santino, you are ABSOLUTELY brilliant...your clothes are beautiful, and you are sexy :D Hope to see you in the fashion world!

How fun! I'd like a Santino snowglobe, maybe with you making snow angels and Heather twirling like a ballerina in that gorgeous dress you made for Fashion Week.

It must be a little surreal for you re-livng things through the episodes. I thought you and Kara were a cute team collaborating on your new looks.

Hey, glad to have you back in LA! Snow is great stufff as long as you ain't shoveling it. Wednesday is creeping up. I'm glad cause I'm sick of all the speculation about who is in or out. You damn well better be in. Or maybe like Iccarus, you simply flew to close to the sun. Much love.

Hey, glad to have you back in LA! Snow is great stufff as long as you ain't shoveling it. Wednesday is creeping up. I'm glad cause I'm sick of all the speculation about who is in or out. You damn well better be in. Or maybe like Iccarus, you simply flew to close to the sun. Much love.

I love the New York pictures. It seems like you had the time of your life. I think that Bravo ought to give you a show just last Jay regardless of the outcome. Your clothes are great. You are both a born entertainer and born desiger. You are also a talented singer. Would love to see more of that in the future. Satino, you are the winner because you showed America not only what fashion is, but what fashion can be.

I absolutely LOVED yourfashion Week collection. You deserve to win! :D Santino to the end!

Nice face Kara. HAH. I love it.

I'd rather be snowed in NY, than stuck in NJ like me...

Hmmm, Kara's impersonations aren't quite on par with yours (did you see her tring to imitate Andrae in the bonus footage?)

hahah cute

im not looking at the pics from the fashion show cuz im waiting for the show to air but im sure u did amazing! congrats! <3 saw some real winter weather instead of this 60 degrees crap...i moved away from southern cali for a reason

apparently kara opted for the "anus as a mouth" over the "penis on the forehead". ;0

Let it rip dude, well, not the fabric.
Steve -- beehive bitch
(the unpolished turd)

:) You did completely beat her down on that episode.. but she needed it!!

Waiting for Wednesday night here ... What was it Andrea said in one of his interviews after a segment ... "I just want to get to the final four and then let God sort it out"?? We're almost there.... Love you Santino.


After PR ends, where will we be able to see/buy your fashions on line? I'm not in LA, but if I do where can we see/buy your designs? I'm not young or as thin as your models, but I loved your Fashion Week showing and there were a couple of items there I would love to have in my closet!! Hopefully you'll do a few things in larger sizes.


Hey man, it's my first time on your site and I just wanted to say, you're the whole reason I watch Project runway. Every time you come in the bottem two, I tell myself, "If Santino gets kicked off, this time, I am never going to watch this show again" and you always make it. Dude, you have got to be the funniest man alive, because when pulled out that, "you can't polish a turd" crap on Nick, I thought I was going to die from laughing. Can't wait 'til tomarrow when I can get out of school early and I'll see you on the screen. you had better not lose (don't worry, I know you won't) and I hope you seirously pissed some people off like you did last time cause that's what I love about you!

Good Luck,

Santino, I love you! Will you be my valentine?


Happy Valentines Day! I was a little discouraged when you didn't post anything today. This doesn't bode well .... I have a sinking feeling about tomorrow night. I hope I'm wrong!!!! Win or lose on PR, we will still love you!

Loved the Getty images of your show. Wish I had been there to see it in person - I'd wear any of it!

You're fucking fantastic.


Santino, you should get a special medal of honor for making Kara look like a girl you wanna "get with" in that jumpsuit! That alone should have WON you that challenge. Your runway collection is amazing!


p.s. Dude, hook me up with Heather ;)

I have to be honest...I was not a Santino fan when I started watching PR. But when I saw the photos of your Fashion Week designs, I was amazed at their beauty. My hats off to you!

PS: I just took a look at KJanx' website ( and it turns out she's selling.....a JUMPSUIT! LOL.

Maybe you inspired her.

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