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Thursday, February 23, 2006 

Buck Huntin'


Was it really fun? Yeah - it was fun, it was great to see everyone and no one really held any real grudges (O.K maybe 1 or 2 grudges.).

What was up with Guadeloupe? She just had too much to drink... way too much to drink.

What was up with the editing with Daniel F.? If anything, they were kind to him in the editing room, that was really uncomfortable.

To all you 'new' fans... welcome to the club!


Greg, Adriana, Jamey and I blow off a little steam.The reunion show was fun, it was good to see everyone again. When Daniel, Chloe and I showed up, it seemed most everyone was already wasted. How 'bout Project Runway the Musical?!

I was NOT a Santino fan through most of the show but I've been converted! You make me laugh my ass off especially with the Tim impersonations! An awesome night would be hanging out with you and making out with Andrae! Love those lips! Please come out with a Santino and Andrae show!! LOL

I'm officially petitioning my director to do PR the musical next year.

Admit that you were scared when Guadalupe said she loved you.

Loved the 'musical.' You should be hosting your own twisted version of a TV variety show, with the show girls and guys "Santinoed- out" in a ton of feathers, plumes, leather and what not. I agree that the others on the reunion show seemed really wasted. What was up with Guadalupe? Totally incoherent. I liked what Nick said about you at the end, though. Warmed the f**cking cockles of my heart.

Guadalupe seemed more than drunk. She seemed lobotomized as well. WHAT A LOON. All the footage of Andrae flouncing about was PRICELESS. He is such an unrepentant fairy, he rules! The two of you should team up and do action movies together.

recap of last night's PR:

tim gunn asks, "guadalupe, do you think you should have been "in" and marla should have been "out"?"

guadalupe responds with, "personal aesthetics bubble with color and magic. peppermint cantaloupe cotton earplugs.... yeah!!!"

*giggle, giggle*

*throws hands into air*

*drools down shirt*

*stumbles off stool*

guadalupe vidale is flying high, even when face down on floor. santino is just laughing, appropriately so.

so funny! love, maria

notably, santino, i laugh hardest always at you, but guadelupe got the biggest gafaw during her one question of the night. come on lady, get yr act together.

um.....that "reunion" was kind of like a HUGE cocktease therapy session. since when are reuinion specials aired BEFORE the finale?

i wait in anticipation.

The reunion was awesome. There are so many people that used to say they "hated" you that are now changing their tune. Funny how that is!

The musical was hilarious.

So funny that everyone but the 3 finalists were wasted. Guadalupe looked like a mess.

Also if you said some of that shit about me I wouldn't care? It's a COMPETITION. Some people are so damn sensitive.

Stay how you are!

PS - Kill a lot of deer, but only bring back 10 pounds to the wagon.

Oh wait that's Oregon Trail


I was at my college gym yesterday and I was accosted by a group of girls who said "We found out from your roommate that you're a Santino that true?" And I told them yes and proceeded to beat their skinny asses into a pulp. Actually, I didn't really beat them up, but I did tell them that Danny V. was cool, but not cool enough to win. Plus they all want to bone him, apparently they didn't pick up the oh-so-apparent gay vibe. Anyway...Santino Rice for life!!

I have ALWAYS been a Santino fan from day one. I knew you would be in the final three and I laughed at every mean comment you made. You just seem like one of the coolest, funniest people to be around and whoever your real life friends are, they are lucky to be able to be graced with your presence. Rock the casba...

I am a huge Santino fan! HUGE, I tell ya! You are obvi the only reason I watch Project Runway (wel, I love Heidi too!)You make me laugh so ridiculously hard--it's great! Your sense of humor is fantastic! (As well as your designs!) Can I just say that I thought it was a bit bizzare (and extremely akward) when Daniel (the Daniel who goes on each season) told Heidi that he loved her..Is it just me, or did that seem very creepy?
xx Katie

Damn you were awesome on the reunion show last night. I am gonna be bummed when the show is over cause I won't have your antics to slay me.

you still effin OWN, no matter what anyone says.

Santino, if you ever star in Project Runway: The Musical, don't allow the PR ring tones to taint your musical masterpiece!
Too funy.

I love the fact you sing about mediocre parts of life as much as I do!

The reunion show made for really good TV, but it looked like it was hell to be a part of. So consider this a virtual hug from cyberspace.

P.S. I tried to think up a good Dick Cheney joke about today's pictures, but...yeah, that would be kinda cheesy.

OMG!!! I love the reunion show... you're so funny and I hope PR: the musical comes to life.

LOL at Guadalupe. Looks like Lupe was a little loopy. I swear to god, she was on something

You always make my week.

Where's Andrae?

My favorite parts of the whole series were your imitations of Tim. I'm glad he seemed to like it, too.

You are who you are, and you own up to it. I love that.

I, too, would love to see you re-realityized.

Hey Santino, you're awesome. YOU NEED TO WIN.

hahah i LOVED the reunion favorite part was definatley the project runway musical somebody needs to get a video of that on here

Dear Santino,

Exactly how uncomfortable was the pause in conversation after Daniel Franco proclaimed his love for Heidi?

Huge? Gigantor? Massive? Long enough for security to arrive on the set?

i agree!! someone get the music montage from the reunion show--that was sooo funny. Santino! i think you're great! I really hope u win the show, but even if u dont, u will make it! ur so talented! and funny! i wanted to know if u still keep in touch with Andrae? (you two are my favorites!)Love from Texas!! <3 Kristina

i laughed my friggin ass off.
thank you for being hilarious and on tv.

What in the fuck were Gaudalupe's parents smoking when they conceived that freak of nature? Scary beyond belief.

I was the only person I knew of watching Project Runway last season, and I've practiced fashion for a while, so its really annoying that people who know nothing about fashion are all watching the show this season and telling me how much you suck.

You are a true artist, you have unique visions and you express them eloquently in your designs - never stop creating from the soul.

Every picture I've seen of you, including the reunion special, you've been wearing that tiger shirt.

It's okay though, you could wear a barrel and still be hot as hell.

reunion was awesome! I saw the pictures on the web of the final shows, i think you have it in the bag.

Also i saw the bonus footage on the web today and you said the worst part is when the camera's turned off. What did you mean by that?

Holler from another former missourian

"I Love you Hedi..." BIZARRE EDIT. ERRR HEH?

The Musical--PRICELESS.

Lupe. Ludes. Period.

Santino, the older I get and get more comfortable in my own skin, I find it bizarre how sometimes let others words affect them so profoundly. For all the "hurt feelings", you also bring laughter and joy to others. You are not just a "taker".
Thank you for making me laugh, I really needed it!!!
Best wishes dollface,
California Love :)

Was it really "fun?" It didn't look fun! It looked really uncomfortable.. well, except maybe for Guadalupe - and watching her was uncomfortable for me. The only fun part was your singing and impersonations.

Hi Santino,

Danieeeel Franco where did you goooo oh oh...
Danieeeel Franco where did you goooo oh oh...
Danieeeel Franco where did you goooo oh oh...

LOLOL Ahhhh again I nearly lost it LOL

Danieeeel Franco where did you goooo oh oh...

Bratz World

Hey Santino,
Just wanted to send a hug and grin your way after the reunion show. The musical was priceless (I'd love the clip on your website) and Timpressions were only outdone by your creative designs. Don't let any rabid Santino critics get you down - you have a huge following. It would be great to see you and Andrae in a reality series together after this!

Yet another Santino fan

what the HELL was up with that awkward-ass moment when daniel franco confessed his love for heidi?

and is there a way to get that project runway the musical bit on here? i would KILL to see it again.

congrats,'re great.


Millions of viewers tuned in each week to see what Santino was going to do. The other designers, and Bravo, should thank God you brought them all those extra viewers.

santino, u rock the casbah! you're the best!

SANTINO wrote:
"Was it really fun? Yeah - it was fun, it was great to see everyone..."

Ms. G. responds:
That's cool, but I'm not taking back my virtual sympathy, (which was just an excuse to give you a virtual hug all along! Heh, heh, heh).

I have loved you from the beginning. You say what you think and there's nothing wrong with that. I thought your evening gown was absolutely gorgeous.

Hey Santino! The reunion show was hilarious. Do you keep in touch with Andrae?? The musical killed're a riot!!

Okay so at least the show was hilarious! and also good for you for standing up for yourself and playing with people's minds! I would do the same thing! i have not missed one show and i love your dresses the ice skating dress omg so hot!! and the nikki hilton dress it goes with out saying thats hot!!! i will definatly be a santino fan and customer once you win!! ou rock so hard and you rule show them bitch who the real designer is! oh and when you do win do not be like the fatty from last season he is so upsetting and a DRAMA QUEEN!! and whinney! okay well baby you better win and even if for some unknown force of nature you don't...don't forget people in indiana need you clothes too! peace out!

Santino, u rock for answering the questions!!

correction - u rock even MORE, 'cause u're already just awesome. much love.

Okay first of all it was such an kewl show and snaps for standing up for the way you are! it was so funny when little drunk girl tried to make a fool of her self he he! and don't listen to daniel hes just mad cuz he is a gay man stuck in a breeders life! and also when you win make sure you rmember that people in indiana need your clothes too! i have watched every show and LOVED ALL of your designs! Okay the pheonix rising beautiful! and trust me you rock! and when you win don't be like that fruit from last season he is so whinney and annoying you are a lot kewler than him and you can do so much better, btw the nikki hilton dress ....loved goes with out saying! but i gotta quote her skanky big sister thats hot!!!!

seriously, santino.. you are AMAZING

I loved Jay, but you far surpass him. I'm all for the santino show & I love your work. HUGE fan. i should be rooting for Dan because I'm a fashion major at FIT, but you're just too amazing.

Let's have coffee sometime.

Hello from your hometown STL. I fell in love with you, Santino from the first episode and i can not get enough of you!! If you don't win and get your own show i will just wad up like that alum foil on Kelly Rippa and die!! You are so superior to any of these chumps...who do they think they are anyway?! You make me laugh and when you show your vulnerable side it is so sexy. Do you have a steady? Meshell

everyone seemed a bit out of sorts but you..........and you looked great ;)

oh santino
i love you <3
lets get married and eat watermelons

Ahhh, what to write that hasn't already been conveyed by everyone here...thank you for keeping me in stitches; the songs, the impressions, the dances, the fearlessness to defend your designs, the designs! I could go on and on but just one more thing ;-) As my VERY southern mother would say, "Whew child, I do believe you have given' me the vapors."

Much love and continued success,
Diana Rossetti

could you have been ant cuter? i'm thinking no

That reunion show should HAVE been called "The Santino Show"!!! The camera loves you & so do I... XOXO!
Ps. What's up with those comments about L.A. people? LOCALS RULE... HA HA!! :)

Did they exaggerate in the editing room to make you the bad boy?Or are you just like on the show?

Awww look at all the love for Santino!! You are so talented and knew exactly how to run the competition that is PR. Those of us who are true fans know that you aren't evil ;) Your collection is superb! I've been rootin' for you since day one! And you're freakin' hilarious! Can't wait for the musical-maybe Stefan can score it! I sing about stupid shit all the time too :) Carry on!!

xoxo Jill

Lighten up, it's just fashion!
Man I need a video of that musical, I'd watch it every damn day.
I've enjoyed watching you from the start Mr. Rice. Me and some friends made a bet taht you'd make it to the top, and sure enough you did. I have 5 bucks more than I did at the start of the show. Thanks.

I'm not buying it that Daniel is straight. What a lie! And yes, his "love" for Heidi is creepy.

Like everyone else, I LOVED the musical montage. The best line - "Daniel, see you in season 3!" I almost peed my pants.

Can't wait to see you win!

If you designed children's clothes, that would be fierce! I'd put "phoenix rising" on my toddler any day!

Hey Santino,
I just want to say that I was a fan from the first show. You are in no way the Wendy Pepper of the show this season. I think you did what you needed to win. It indeed is a competition after all.What's the grudge btw you and Nick? He is talented as well, but what's with all the hurt feelings??? Can't wait to watch the last two episodes. Rock On Santino!'re just so freakin awesome...definetely the best designer PR every had!!
You should record a CD...i love "paid in fool" and i replay it over and over again on my ipod...haha...and that was some funny stuff at the reunion...:P

If you started your own label I would so buy your clothes! Please do so!

Ah, the show was...interesting to say the least. Nevertheless, it was fun to watch stuff that wasn't on TV the first time. I always love me some outtakes. >:D

You kill me, man.

Were it not for you, that show would have been boring as hell.

Yeah Lupe was pretty wasted. I kinda thought they all ganged up on you a bit, which was lame considering they ALL pretty much trash talked each other in those confessional interviews.

At any rate, I thought you came off a-ok. The Andrae clip of him dancing was genius tho. ;-)

Santino, when will you be on SNL?

Santino, when are you going to be on SNL??? You should donate some of your designs to the Smithsonian-they could display them next to Mr Rogers cardigan!

Santino, when can we expect to see you on SNL?

I want whatever 'Lupe was drinking although I'll have to make sure there's no cameras around when I partake, or other people, for that matter.
Daniel F. seemed really weird and bitter, not cute.
I loved the look on Zulema's face when Tim said Rachel was coming out to chat about Modelgate. Deer in headlights, for real.
I really hope you win, darling!

Santino,sometimes I love you and sometimes I want to punch you in the face...but you always make me laugh! How can I resist your singing, "Fashion, lighten up it's just fashion, fashion." I mostly loved your designs. Truly, all of the cast had something that I liked one time or another. But I thought that your designs were pretty consistant in their originality. The reunion show was the funniest thing ever! Love you!

I used to like you, but after seeing that photo of you buck hunting, I was grossed out. I love animals and I dont think they should be killed for fun. Good luck with your career.

I'm glad you actually had a good time. I had a hard time watching everyone "gang up" on you! I guess I just see that you're generally a nice person who is focused on a goal and likes to talk trash for fun!

Santino, I am absolutely in love with you. I had never even heard of project runway and accidently tuned in on the first show this year and thought you were the hottest, greatest, funniset, and most open minded desinger. I love the fact that you are so much like me in the sense that you don't give a FUCK!!!!! I love you and I want to have your babies!!! Love Ya BRIANNA

I am for you being on SNL. You have such great material you have already done. There is so much more to do.

I also agree with the comment that the other designers trashed talked the other designers on the show. They only picked on you which was extremely one sided considering.

I do believe it was the Santino show. You were brilliant. My fingers are crossed for you tonight.
Jeanne from Phoenix

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