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Monday, February 06, 2006 


After a long day I always look forward to reading loving and often funny comments and messages from all of you. Sometimes people remark 'you probably will never read this' and 'is this really you' and I just want to say that i read all of your messages and am very thankful for your support both here and on my MySpace profile.

Much Love, SANTINO

Ok if you read these - I just want you to know that regardless of whether you win/won you are great - I think the judging is so subjective and who is really qualified to say what is best - I mean is a banana or an apple or an orange the best - my point is all are good and it is just in the eye of the beholder - and I like you and your creativity

Hi Santino,
I pray I see you @ Fashion Week! I really love your eccentric style and can't wait to purchase clothing from your line. Take care

You rule Santino! My mom and I both watch Project Runway together and she used to not like you at all but I was like AWW HELL NAW SANTINO RULEZ and now finally she is warming up to you and your silly impression of Tim Gunn. You make PR a pleasure to watch.

Keep up the awesome work, and even if you don't win, I know only good things will come for you!

Love you blog and your myspace. I'm Melissa with the fur hat by the way. Not that you'd remember from your 1099090239273 billion friends but keep up the good work my pretty little unicorn.

My very talented Santino,

I just saw your picture/article in Star magazine. (Umm..I just read the tabloids in the grocery store line, of course.) You looked great. All this publicity is wonderful. Nina and Michael Kors must be going crazy ... too bad!! You're our Santino and we will buy your designs win or not on PR. I'm so proud of you!!! I pray we see you at Fashion Week.

it's reassuring to know that, in case tim gunn dies, he has an understudy. a universe without The Gunn would be a sad place indeed.

I've become such a fan of yours that reading this blog entry made me giddy. You're such a funny, appealing guy that I have to remind myself that you'd be my favorite PR contestant even if they edited everything but your phenominally beautiful designs out of the show- your work is that incredible!

I get more and more nervous each week, and I dread how crushed I'll be if you get auf'd. I really want to see a Santino Rice runway show!

Santino - I must say that thanks to you this past week's episode might be the best hour of TV I've watched in a long time. I Tivo'ed the episode and have rewatched your Tim Gunn impressions over and over to brighten my day. They're hilarious...I'll never look at Red Lobster the same again. Love your designs and style - you rock and good luck!

What's up myspace friend? hahah

It was so thoughtful to post a picture of yourself at the computer, one picture being worth a thousand words and all. It makes me smile to see you reading our comments. <3

hey santino!
youve probably heard this a million times, but you are truly amazing! Your attitude rocks and your designs are really inspiring for young designers. Keep doin' your thing! Still watching PR pretty much just because of you!


Ode you-Santino
rockin' PR everyweek
with designs that are
uniquely yours,
bustin' out in song,
or puttin' on Tim Gunn,
dissing all the judges,
standing up for what is
youre Santino
who will take over the world,
or eat everyone in the end,
but you rock,
and I wish you all the best!

I've now forced numerous people to watch Project Runway with me.. and I'm not ready for you to go. (not that I get to decide anything, just wanted to add my two cents.)


Dear Santino, I seriously hope you get your own television show or something of the sort because you are very entertaining.

Santino u rock!!!

I watched last season of Project Runway and I must say this season is SO MUCH BETTER because of you.

you probably never read this but here is a cat in a top hat.

Hi Santino,

I too am hoping you're in NYC this week, working out the final details of your collection. If you're not at FW, however, I hope you're enjoying life wherever you are. I was just looking at Elie Saab's Spring Collection on the FW website, and I haven't heard you mention him or his work, but it seems you are in his ilk. I hope you hear this as a high compliment, as I think his work is beautiful and exuberant.

Ciao bella!

You know, it's a breath of fresh air to see someone as sassy, yet classy (that rhyme was painful, I know), as you on Bravo! these says. I don't say "oooh snap!" about anyone as much as I get to say it when you're around. Keep it up!

Firstly, The lingerie was the best, they were so off on that one, Secondly, I knew you had to be a fucking Leo, Thirdly, That Heidi is a straight girl. She is jealouse my friend. Get it? Micheal afraid. Be very afraid.. Your talent is your truth don't worry, it will come through either way. A fan.

Santino, we think you should imitated Tim saying "I just peed a little, make it work!" and also, throw in something about him and Barbara Walters. (Pronounced Bob-a-wa Wah-tahs.)

We just had a good time at Tim's expense in our very own living room.

Carry on.

-Sarah and Jessica

My horoscope said today:

It's the seemingly insignificant things in your life that are the real sources of happiness, so learn to appreciate them rather than dismissing them. That's especially true right now, when many small joys abound.

Ah, Santino, see- the proof is in the stars that you will win tonight! Lots of love, Gillian

we love you! Even if you don't end up winning, you will still have your own calling. Keep up the excellent work!
<3 Stella

We love you! Even if you don't ended up winning,you will still have you own calling of fans. Keep up the good work!
<3 Stella

we love you! Even if you don't end up winning, you will still have your own calling. Keep up the excellent work!
<3 Stella

I fuckin love you santino!

Santino is the real star of Project Runway! From the first episode of PR when I saw Santino making his first design I thought this guy is going to win - he is a creative genius! It just oozes out of him! It's so obvious- Santino has to win - he is the most talented and creative designer in all of PR history (ok 2 seasons)not to mention good-looking and witty and immensely entertaining. Even if he doesn't win (unthinkable!)- he will end up being the biggest star PR has ever produced - much bigger than Jay (who?) or anyone else. I can't wait to see his designs in Macy's and on the red carpet. Finally, a new, unique voice in fashion design - we needed you Santino!

SANTINOOO!! Ok, so I know there is fat chance you are reading this, but I just wanted to tell you how freakin' cool you are. I completely hated you at the beginning of the show (can you really blame me? You're such a prick!), but more and more I've grown to find you the most hilarious person EVER!!! Me and my husband have tuned in every show just to let you crack us up. If ever we get a chance to go to Hollywood I would love to stop by and buy your shit (even if I looke like a turkey threw-up on me)! Thanks for the laughs, and good luck on your future endeavors!

Thank you for the most entertaining show on TV. Every Wednesday I couldn't wait to see you and the rest of the PR designers.
As a fashion design student at FIT, I understand the stress of meeting a deadline for projects---I felt your pain but you have inspired me to believe in myself and my designs and to keep going.
I wish you well and hope you win but your a winner no matter what.
PS: I am starting to have a crush on you. Would you ever date a girl? Seriously. Hope our paths cross some day. Take care.

You are f'n awesome Santino. Congratulations on the great show you put on at Fashion Week. Keep polishing those turds! Leilani - Seattle, WA

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