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Saturday, February 04, 2006 

Don't miss this weeks sermon.

Love you Andrea!

omg that's hysterical haha! You should sell some of your designs on here Santino, I want to go shopping! And your clothes are super hot. And I'm sure not just the ones from PR.

awww how cute ^.^

if you put that on a t-shirt, you'll make thousands of dollars. you don't know how many people love the whole andrae joke!

Dear God, hahahh.

That is so funny. I hope you go to fashion week. I think most of us are holding our breaths. It wouldn't be the same if you didn't go.

Tee hee. I love the way your mind works!!!

ohhh That's so funny!
Make it work!
Smiles, Ricky

XD That's so awesome.

love, love, love you!

Heh, church sign generator .com. Good ol' internet. Love it.

I love you santino
I want to fuckin' do you

I love you Santino,
I want to fuckin' do you


the midwestern catholic boy in you is so goddamn appealing. your playful humor and killer charm leave me weak in m' knees. rock on.

oh my!! hahahaha


Just a random thought here -

Regarding great Santino quotes, I'm surprised no one has mentioned "Just start gluing shit on" from the skating costume episode. I see it as kind of a universal response when someone is up against a deadline.
"Senator Jones, the Federal Budget is due." - "Just start gluing shit on."
"We have to get this house built by the end of the week." - "Just start gluing shit on." Etc., etc., etc.

Hi Santino!

I see that the Project Runway ads are preparing us for one our "favorites" leaving. I hope it's not you, I already feel sick thinking that it is.

It's hard to imagine no more Santino Rice every week. What a pure joy you are to watch; your dynamic personality and punky sense of humor and your "Tim Gunn singing Closer" had me in tears laughing. That's the hardest I've laughed in ages.

What a total bummer life would be without you, I know that all of your many friends would agree.

If you're out this week please come back to us soon in another incarnation, you definitely need your own show!

I feel a bit odd writing such things to someone I’ve never met in person, I’m not usually
the “fan” type, but your personality is so endearing that I can’t resist.

Please don't go away Santino!
You would be greatly missed by everyone.



I Like "Just start gluing shit on" too.

Santino, you could sell clothes on your site entirely put together with glue!



I seriously hope that Mary is not correct, but that is how I read the trailer for next week too. I don't want you to go! Please promise that whatever happens with PR you will still sell your own line cuz I want to buy it! You ROCK!

oh no! your red lobster bit permeated my brain to the point that i ended up having a dream about you and the PR crew where we all went to summer camp and had to glue grass onto popsicle sticks and ride in a van together. your roaming fingers touched my knee and i got butterflies in my stomach but i wasn't sure if you were gay or not so i just sat there in the van and hoped to god i didn't fart.

You kill me Santino! Thanks for all the personality and creativity you bring to the show.

Ah... the church of Tim Gunn.

Loves it!!

Haha, that's cute. Aww, I'm going to miss Andrae...*sniff*

I was sad to see Andrae go at this point in the show.. but I guess it's going to come down to one in the end.

As long as you pull it together, dammit!

Can I just tell you, my husband and I have been walking around all week saying "Where's Ahhhndrae" every time we can't find something... looking for the coffee filteres? "Dammit, Where's Ahhhhndrae?" It never fails to crack us up... too much...of course my husband has also taken pains to walk around talking like Tim Gunn too (I care tremendously about each and every one of you ... tough love time....) , but oh well. Small price to pay for the best entertainment on tv though. Funny stuff, man.

I'm now going to make a shirt that says that. :D Or a shirt that says, "It looks like a baboon's ass exploded on her backside!"

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