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Friday, February 17, 2006 

Don't miss your chance!

OK Andrae this is too funny.

From the auction page:

Yes, indeed, you can believe your eyes. These are THE SHORTS from the show. After hearing all that I've heard about them, - the vehement laments, the anguished harangues, the turgid criticism and etc., I thought I'd send them out to the highest bidder to dispose of them (or not) as they see fit. Regardless of your intentions, whether you're interviewing for Hooters, going as me for Halloween, or just plain have twisted ritualistic bacchanals every third thursday of the month, I freely relinquish them to you and only ask that you don't don't tell me what you do with them. Some darknesses must in deep dusk remain. Vintage OP surf shorts, from the 1970's. Size S, waist 30". Orange, tan, and brown panels of cotton canvas. One back pocket, velcro fly. Autographed upon request.

No one is going to look as good as you in these Andrae!

In other news... I'm going to be on LIVE with Regis and Kelly this coming Monday morning! Set your TiVo!

A crazy week has almost come to a close, thanks to everyone for all your support... you guys are the BEST!


haha, everyone is going to want those shorts!! people have been talking!!

definitely won't miss Regis and Kelly on Monday! whoohoo!

omg, that photo made me snort so hard a little bit of snot jumped out of my nose!

Too funny! You're right, no one will be able to rock those shorty shorts like him. Awww...I love Andrae "our little lamb" Gonzalo. He seems like such a sweetie. Unless, of course, you break the overlock machine, lol.

Wow, those shorts are hideous. Oh, Andrae.

I will definetly tune in to R & K.


You and Andrae should definitely hook up and do a sitcom! Tim Gunn could be the guest star so he can get in his little "tiffs" with Andrae! Talk about must see tv!

Btw, is it me or does Tim sound like what Martha Stewart would sound like if she were a man? Hmm...

so santino, are you relocating to nyc?

Check out the Yahoo homepage right now - Red Lobster is featured in the Popular Searches section. Looks like Santino's influence is reaching the masses!!

Oh by shorts, I thought you meant short video clips that they didnt use on Project Runway. But you mean hot OP shorts. lol

Hey santino, you andrae and daniel v. should do a modeling campaign together, like for gap or diesel.
You guys are soooo cute together!!! and good on tv.
I will miss you guys on wednesday nights.

boo hoo.

I love love love you
but I have to wonder are you content to just be a famous personality?

Or do you want to be a real artist who is also famous?

Please don't let your quest for fame take you away from real creativity. I can buy stuff like Daniel Vosovic's at Barneys day of the week. I want real designs...I want to buy santinto rice condoms, baby bottles, cds, and commodes!!! I want your stamp not some commercialized shit!

So which item of Santino garb is going up for grabs? One of the t-shirts with a wild animal or skull (various colors available). The famous madras pants? (unless Kara took them back). Or the enormously tall fur hat? (always in style). We crave a piece of Santino!

This is kind of embarrassing but the first time I went to a bar, I was 19 and my date was 22. It was 1983. I was 5' 11". We entered a Freeze Dance contest where they would stop the music and we would freeze. But if you moved, you were out of the contest. Anyway, we won the contest. And I was wearing an Ocean Pacific sweater. It was a cold blue color. After we won the contest, people at the bar would say "Hey Ohhh Peee". And that sort of became my nickname. For some reason, it made me feel immortal.

I'll be watching Monday then, SANTINO!

Why do I really want, more than anything, to see one of those hosts get their nose licked? If anyone could and get away with it, Santino could!

Unfortunately, now I need to take a cheese grater to my brain to release these bad mental images...

you continue to become more entertaining and more awesome constantly, and i keep thinking i can't love you more and being proven wrong.

hey santino!!!!! omg i loooove you so much!! your soo funny and ur designs r awesome. im rooting for ya, cant wait to see ur collection!!!! im 14 and ur my absolute idol ok??? im an aspiring designer and i LOVED your dress with the gold and embellishments and omg i loved it!! yeah ur awesome.. good luck at fashion week, remember a random 14 yr old girl is rooting for ya!!
<3 Jess!!!!

Omg, someone sent me a link to that and I just lol'd all over the place.

OH MAN, gonna be on Regis and Kelly on monday? NOW I CAN'T MISS IT. I'm excited!

Oh, god, the shorts!! XD I'm so tuning in on Monday. =D Thanks for the heads up! ;)

1) Tuning in on Monday, of course.
2) Andrae pants-- I'm sure they'll sell quickly!
3) Hah, I was in NYC during the blizzard, too (can't exactly drive back to Boston in that...)-- and when I saw your blog, all I could think about is WHY DIDN'T I GET TO SEE SANTINO WALKING AROUND NYC??

...I guess it's too big for that kind of luck, right? Since most of you were there... and I saw none of you... oh well. It's life.

-Lydia F.

ahaha...andrae...Santino, you are so chill

Gee, I already have shorts like that! (not)

You need your own show. With Andrae.
Shit yeah.

ok i didn't even see all the shit written everywhere about you and andrae doing your own show before posting my last comment.

and i thought i was being so fucking original.


if i had the money i would totally buy those...

santino, you should lend me some!

I love that you are getting so (in)famous. I can say I knew you when....
1. When the album INXS KICK came out.
2. When you wore your fringe jacket on the Chicago trip.
3. When the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded.

Santino, you're the shit!

santino, OMG, you are fucking awesome. and that is all i have to say.

andrae looks like a newborn alien but he has the coolest shorts.

i hope you win at fashion week.

Anybody needing a Santino-related item (while waiting patiently for Monday's "Regis & Kelly" appearance)- If you haven't seen the drawing of an imagined Tim Gunn/Andrae visit to Red Lobster someone put up on Santino's MySpace page a few days ago, go there immediately and look for it. It is brilliant!!!

OK, I tuned into PR a little late this season so I hope someone can help me out. Is Santino dating Adrianna? I got so jealous when I saw their picture...Make it work!

I'm glad I have Tivo.. I'll make sure to set it for Regis and Kelly.. The three of you should make an interesting mix!

Santino....I am new to your site but I have enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed you on PR I really hope you are the winner I love your outlook on fashion its Fun and Funky! My daughters adore you as well, and my oldest is the fashion icon........of course this new obsession with pink including her hair is a little strange! ANYWAY GOOD LUCK KICK ASS I saw the Ny Metro Fashion pics and your designs were GORGEOUS I want one of those dresses!

I'll watch you on R&K. Please harass Kelly, she's such a fruit...

I watch you and the other designers, and especially after seeing your line from fashion week, I just want SOMETHING made by you so badly... I'm sure you want to be a famous, high-paid designer, but your clothes would do really well mass-produced hanging in Target!! I'm serious... you make the clothes that those of us (I'm 23) WANT to be wearing right now.

If there was a "Santino Rice" store in the outlets, I'd go there before even thinking about Gap or Tommy... And I'm not trying to fluff your stuff, I'm serious. Great, great work.

Santino is the coolest m-fer I've ever seen!

Hey, just wanted to say that I think your shit is awesome and I would wear any of the designs that you've put up there. Thanksgiving turkey be damned - I LOVE red and feathers.

Santino, looking at your new poll, I think it'd be awesome if you did a sitcom with Andrae! And judging by the votes, it seems like a lot of people agree!

however, since we'd love for you to design I like the sound of "project santino" !!
this gets me excited. We just want to see more and more of your work!! Your work is unique and I love it when you take fashion to the next level (like Banana Republic outfit you did)..and I loved your lingerie collection on PR! HOT

Santino -- I love you on Project Runway. You're my favorite designer on it. My friends and I waited outside Bryant Park and saw you and asked you to do the Tim Gunn voice, but you snubbed us, so we were hoping that you would make sure we get in to see you on Regis and Kelly.

My friends and I are waking up in four hours to come see you on Regis and Kelly even though when we went to fashion week you totally did not do the tim gunn voice after he had snubbed us. You should make sure we get in :)

So I was in a restaurant with my wife today doing a Tim Gunn impersonation...

Entree...Entree...what happened to my Entree?

I think it's a great way for Andrea to make some money. I heard a little rumor that someone saw he waiting tables somewhere. I personally wouldn't want someone's nasty shorts, but they I have been watching the action to see if someone would actually pay money for them. It doesn't look like there's a lot of busy because his reserve has not been met yet. If the reserve is not met, he may want to try to throw in a picture of himself in shorts in various poses autographed. I don't know. Obviously he's going to have to try something else if the reserve isn't met. Who knows, still time.

I won't be watching Regis and Kelly because I will be at work. Have to pay the bills. But, I'm sure I will hear about it. Somebody should post some sort of recap.

You were great on Regis & Kelly this morning! And your hands are enormous. The tinfoil and cabbage dress was pretty funny, too.


I saw your New York Fashion week collection on the site. One word, fabulous!! Congratulations. My vote is for you.

where can we get a copy of the music you created for your runway show?

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