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Friday, February 24, 2006 

Project Runway the Musical

Santino, my man, you are HILARIOUS!!! And you have a strangely great singing voice. :) Keep on keepin' it real.


that is all.

"see you on season 3"
that made me laugh pretty hard.

I LOVE the "Daniel Franco, where did you go? (See you on season three!)" That almost made me pee in my pants...I love you Santino Rice

You and Nick and Andrae should start a little band.
Andrae can be a backup dancer. :D
Ohh~ that'd be so hot.
Oh dear, I'm a 14 years old monster with crazy fantasies.

OK, where am I going with this?: "Vest Side Story," "Beauty & the Baste," "Annie Get Your Glue Gun." And you wouldn't even have to change the name of "Jersey Boys."

I must say, you, Andrae, and Nick are like models of my perfect man. Not only can you sing, but you have amazing fahsion sense!

I've been playing this video over and over. I love Andrae's reaction to seeing the clips. "Oh! Oh good, we're singing!"

Comment back some time if you get the chance. Auf wiedersehen, motherfucker! See you in season 3!!!

<33, Alyssa

you're hysterical

Santino, the project runway store seems to be out of your leather cuffs. Are you going to make some more?

thank you thank you THANK YOU! :)

santino, you are the best ever. you need to get your own show... your own channel... your own world to dominate. damn you're awesome.


aw santino, you're so cute.

Just watched the Reunion show today and you were great. When they showed your clips (that not doubt garnered Bravo a large amount of viewers), I laughed out loud. You said Diana's voice really got on your nerves and right afterwards she spoke on how she felt about that and I thought I heard glass breaking. You speak the truth! Anyway, you really made the show worth tuning in for and I will miss you on the next show. (unless you want to make an appearance with Daniel Franco in season 3! :) I am glad to see that you are wildly popular and I am waiting for the Project Santino Show!

All I can say is you are "FUNNY CRAZY" I love when you are put Nina on the spotlight...that was so crazy....

See yah on season 3....

I watched this episode yesterday and, between the singing and your Tim Gunn impersonation, I laughed harder than I have in ages. I still think you're an asshole, but you're beginning to win me over. I think you just say the things everyone else wishes they could.

Damn "Daniel Franco" song has been stuck in my head all day, though. I doubt I'll ever forgive you that one.

You're so damn witty. It makes me cry for my lack of wittiness (did I even spell that right?) That comment about Daniel Franco being back next season was hilarious.

HAHAHAH!!! You were the driving force of Project Runway the Musical and you know it. LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!

fantastic! Project Runway: The Musical should/must happen. You could play the lead AND design the costumes.

and of course, Harvey Fierstein's a natural for Michael Kors...

best of luck to you!!! sara

you crack my 6 year old daughter up.

that was hilarious. i love you guys

why are the most creative the most feared?

Hey Santino --

You made that show this season, but if you win (won?), I don't think you should bother with a Project Santino -- I hate the way they tried to edit the show to make you look like the bad guy (everyone had shit to say about everyone behind the scenes). Fortunately, those of us who know better can see that you are just funny and honest, and obviously care about your friends a lot ("Lighten Up, It's Fashion" was hilarious but also incredibly kind to help Andrae recover from his hurt feelings). You made me think better of LA.


You are awesome! I have been rooting for you to win PRway since the first episode. And if you ever get bored with fashion, you can always go into musical theatre! You crack me up! This is the first time Project Runway should do a "soundtrack album" and I hope that future casts will follow your lead and keep things lively and interesting!
Good luck!

OMG that was the funniest part of the reunion show i have fallen for you santino it's official haha you are super funny i love your sarcastic humor and especially when you say aviterzein (sp) LMAO. you sing great you design great you are a santino of all trades i hope you won and you better win cuz you deserve it

oh man, i love the segment where you and andre are singing "lighten up, it's just fashion!" we sing that and many other songs you all made up in our sewing labs at my fashion school. good luck during fashion week!
p.s. i loved your impressions of tim gunn, we all try to imitate, but none of us can do it as well as you!

I don't care what anyone says about you, you're the greatest thing that has/will ever happen(ed) to reality television

faux realz
<3- niki

Best post. Ever.
(You deserve a medal.)

I'm so fucking down with the singing!

I so want the link for that video so I can post it on my myspace page!!

I love you

Santino You are a kind person regardless of how the show portrayed you

i was on the fucking floor.....impromptu singing is one of the greatest things ever.

Fan-freakin'-tabulous. And what a voice! Heh. Why, oh why, didn't they put in more of "Don't Let Emmet on the Surger( Or No One's Gonna So No More)"? Well, if the whole fashion thing doesn't work out for all of you, I'd pay my $90 for box seats at Project Runway: The Musical.

I think they should just give you and Andrae a sitcom already and be done with it! God that would be the best!

I am so upset. Now that i wiped my tears i have to tell you I cannot believe you didnt win. You are so amazing. I am a "dreamer" designer, but my life wont allow it so i am living my dreams through you. The clothes you make are so beautiful. WHy else would women wear clothes? I hope sooooo much to see you live your dreams, from one artist to another- you are amazing.I will be moving back to nyc soon and i hope to be living my dreams as well so go for it. You deserve it all. Maybe someday i will own a Santino Rice original.

-Rachael Knight

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