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Thursday, February 09, 2006 

Project Runway Odds?

We received this comment this afternoon from Poe Street and I thought it was pretty fun and wanted to pass it on:

Daniel Vosovich - The golden boy finally faltered and made Chloe Dao look like a painted up harlot from Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket" - "Me so horny! Me love you long time!" Poor girl. Immunity saved him from getting auf-wiedersehened, and it was interesting to see how he blanched under the criticism from Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. (I used to think Nina was gross, but she’s beginning to look more appealing... maybe it's my TV goggles).
Still, Daniel has got to be considered the favorite to make it to fashion week in NYC and win.
ODDS: Even to win

Chloe Dao: Well, she's been in the Kool-Aid mix from the beginning and now she has an impressive win under her belt. After coming in second place so many times, Chloe is sparkling at precisely the right moment. I think there's no possible way that she doesn's make it to the final 3.
ODDS: 2:1 to win

Kara Janx:She does have skills but her emotions often betray her at crucial times. With the pressure only increasing from this point forward, it’s nearly impossible to imagine her not crumbling under pressure. Kara is a potato-chip gangster... when she gets the pinch, she crumbles.

ODDS: 7:1 to win

Santino Rice: Our favorite is the dark horse. He's got a cool new look and an abundance of confidence. Now that his nemesis (Nick) is out, will Santino be able to focus more freely? Can Santino recapture the mojo that was flowing at the beginning of the season when he was winning with aplomb? Will Santino's designs be "female-friendly" and "practical,not conceptual?" I think yes to all of the preceding questions. Santino dodged a bullet and it looked bad with Kara's sleeve falling off and the glued-on fabric. Nina Garcia hates Santino and he's a breath away from getting peaced out, Deutschland Style. Jay from last season needs to relax a little bit and stop hating.

Regardless of what happens /has already happened Santino is a mega-star and is beloved. Comparing Santino to Jesus (as a blogger did) is just ridiculous, however. "You Can’t polish a turd."HILARIOUS... Santino you magnificent bastard, Simply brilliant! LIGHTEN UP IT'S JUST FASHION.

ODDS: 3:1 to win.

Background on Poe Street:

When they showed scenes from next week's episode - where Daniel said it was a mistake you weren't out.. I got really irritated!! He only stayed because of immunity, so he's one to talk!!

Santino, you can practice sewing "female friendly" clothes on me any day.

The 'bonus footage' of Santino's commentary regarding the "Would You Rather..." game on the Bravo site is the funniest fucking thing I have ever seen. My husband actually laughed so hard that he CRIED!! And, for what it's worth... I would totally choose the anus-mouth, but maybe that's just me... ;)

my bet is on tino and vosovic

The 'bonus footage' featuring Santino's commentary regarding the "Would You Rather..." game on the Bravo site has to be the funniest fucking thing I have ever seen. My husband actually laughed so hard that he CRIED. And for what it's worth, I would totally choose the anus-mouth, but maybe that's just me.... ;)

People seem to be unaware of the producer factor in these shows. A lot of "judging" goes on at the conference table behind the big walnut door. Santino has Star Quality written all over him and he brings in the ratings. The producers aren't fools. If they'd ever axed him, a lot of people wouldn't have tuned in the following week. Kara's next to go. I think the only judging that isn't influenced by the Big Boys and Girls is the show at Fashion Week.

Love you Santino!

F.A.G it up baby!

Fabulous Santino!

F.A.G it up baby!

bitch I fucking love you.

that jumpsuit is the only thing I've ever really really really badly wanted to own on any of these shows - last season or this one - and now Kara Janx has a practically identical jumpsuit on her website.

baby needs a tissue

thank you Santino, I haven't yelled for joy at the television for a minute

-Lauren from St. Louis

Hi Santino! I think you're awesome. I love that you won't back down from your original ideas even after you're warned that you're too over the top. I caught the show about a month ago by accident and have been riveted ever since. Last night I almost shit thinking that you were going home. I even have my boyfriend watching each week with me. It's hilarious when I get him hooked on shows that he would never admit to in public!! We were totally cracking up over the turd comment.

I have to ask...what is your sexual orientation? Sorry if that is rude, but I really can't tell and I'm just curious.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED your look last night! You always look cool as hell but I really liked the cleaner beard & shorter hair. Either rock. :) Good luck in everything,
Lisa in Cleveland

when you said to nick "you cant polish a turd" he should have said "you can put about 500 trims on it"... but nick isnt that funny and you had already cracked him mentaly... its a tough life when the pressure is on... too bad so sad for that guy... i hope you just run it wide open, full gas down the stretch...

Santino, Santino...just let your ferocious Leoness guide you and you will make it to fashion week.

Jay's an anus...

Go, boy, go..grrrrrrr

Santino,Santino, use you ferocious Leoness and get yourself to Fashion Week!!

Jay's an anus

Go, boy,go..grrrrr

Santino, I just wanted to say that I love you. =D And I hate that everyone else is hating on you, like Dan V. and Jay. Argh. Because you are AWESOME.

if you don't win, watching this bunch of uninspired and whiny assholes for an entire season will have been a waste. and if you have a moment, tell michael kors and jay to go fuck themselves.

Santino, you kick ass... make it work-k, make-make it work.. I can't believe you had little kid shots in the Elle supplement haha they were hilarious..

Santino - Break a leg with your runway show, baby!!! <3

Your "nemesis"? That's funny. But I think you are an amazing designer and people let your personality (or the PR editing) overshadow your talent as a designer. Because that's what's going to win the competition, the fashion, not because you were friends with everyone. You rock and your pantsuit was so cool! They're so rarely seen, but you still went for it. Kudos

Santino, you totally rock. People are just not getting that this show is a GAME, and you are puhLAYIn' it! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

WHO THE FUCK DOES DANIEL THINK HE IS?! If he had one unique fashion in that horse shaped head of his, I swear I'd die of shock. The only reason that he continues to win, in my opinion, is because Nina and Michael Kors both dislike you. Daniel continues to win b/c his clothing looks like every other outfit I see at Nordstrom. You have vision and talent and I'm not exactly sure what kind of woman Nina is talking about when she says your clothes aren't "female friendly" b/c I know that I would wear your designs any day of the week and I know plenty of other women who would too.
In a perfect world, you, Nick and Chloe would have been in the Final 3. To be honest with you, I didn't even notice Daniel until he won that Banana Republic competition and that's a bad thing b/c NOTHING he has ever made has stood out to me. Jay needs to stop hating too. That bitch didn't even win a competition throughout the entire series until the very end. That's like getting C's on all your tests, getting an A on the final and then getting the highest grade in the class. Absolute bullshit. He's lucky he was even in that final 3, but then again, Wendy Pepper was there so apparently my chihuahua could have gotten into the final 3. Last season, the final 3 should have been Alexandra Vidal, Austin Scarlett and Kara San and I'm still mad about that.
Whatever. I went off on a tangent. Santino, you rock my world.

Dear Santino,

You are so funny!! I can't believe you actually tried to act like Tim, 'cause you almost got caught by him! I liked your green dress. I really want to find out who wins. I think you're not getting eliminated, because if you weren't on the show, the show would be boring.

Maya (7 year old 2nd grader)

This is SO on the mark...can't wait to see how the season pans out. Santino, trust me, between myself and everyone I know that loves you, you definitely won't be struggling anytime soon. We're anxiously awaiting your clothes line, seriously.


Hello my dear...just wanted to give you some encouragement as you take on the fashion world. I expect to see great things from you Santino. don't let me down, just make it work. haha goodbye.

Santino, I've enjoyed you this season. I like your different take on things, and I get that you have no control over how the producers edit the episode. But honestly, I think you were damn lucky to stick around last night. You and Nick both had execution problems, but Daniel looked halfway decent in his outfit, while Kara looked awful. You're lucky Kara didn't speak up and talk about how uncomfortable she was, how unfinished her outfit was.

Santino, in my opinion, you deserved to go last night and Nick didn't. I hope you live up to the second chance you've been given. I think you're capable of better than you've been showing lately. Also, stop dissing Kara. She's been given kudos from the judges two weeks in a row, and you haven't won a challenge in weeks. She may beat you out for the final three.

santino i love you, and i want to have a 3some with you and Tim Gunn!

love jennifer

you can call me a softy.. but when everyone was crying and laughing.. where were you santino? I think it was not cool that everyone ganged against you. I know you have your own style and character.. and I guess you have some weaknesses.. but I hope you know that I can see you are a very fun, and sweet guy.. on the inside.. and my heart went out to you when they all seemed against you.

take care of yourself santino..

You are my hero. My hero, I tell you. My hero. And you're getting the shaft. The outfit you designed for Kara was like a "bonus" outfit, since you had to spend so much time saving Kara's behind. Shoulda gotten the designer credit for the outfit you wore.


Thanks for posting my odds. Santino is an unstoppable pop phenomenon. TSUNAMI! ;)

santino i love you and i want you to win. although it did make me sad that you used fur on kara's jumpsuit.

Your collection at fashion week was RIGHT ON. Positively beautiful. Totally "female friendly"

If you don't win, then I don't know what they are looking for... Silly hats and Jay knockoffs or the same stuff you see over and over?

heres the link to the collections, if anyones interested


i have to say santino, your runway was very beautiful, great job. you haven't been my favorite in the show, but you pulled off a beautiful line of clothes. be very proud of yourself, and good luck with the rest of PR and your future.

I have loved Santino since day one, but when he used a Christine quote (you cant polish a turd), now THAT, America, is blow job worthy.

also, why would Daniel V make Chloe look like this?

You were the best looking model in the group, Episode 10, maybe you should switch careers.

santino, i think u rock the are the only reason i watch project runway...i love your personal style and all of your is too "safe"...daniel is too simple...and kara is too whiny...u keep it real...i love you santino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After seeing the collections I definitely think this competition is between Daniel and yourself. Chloe has spurts but is fairly inconsistent and it seems that Kara is a bit lost. I had hoped to see you really tear the envelope open with your show but it looks like you restrained for some reason. I love the leather/silk? jacket and am looking forward to seeing your future work.

All the best.

omg i think your the best designer on this goddamn show!!!!! Your the best designer ever and i hope you get to the top three *at least* because i luv your style and i hope to see that in malls! i see everyone elses clothing everywhere, but im sure its hard to create something under pressure, if your reading this i am sooooo freaking happy, you dont compare to the other designers, i thought that Nick was the only one that came into perspective to your talent,good luck * you dont need it * ~Sk

Fashion needs a designer equipped with jumper cables, not sleeping pills. Arrogance aside, Santino will jolt, the ever-bland Daniel, off the runway. Gentleman. Start your engines. Chloe has talent, yes, but, do you REALLY think that a woman will win a male dominated profession? Especially after she expressed that she didn't want it? Didn't Nick have the same attitude, before he left? M'Kay.

I have NEVER posted online like this before but was quite moved by Santino's comments and insights on last night's program. I have absolutely LOVED him all season, his creativity and willingness to take chances and be different are an inspiration. I'll keep my fingers crossed that he wins...I love his collection, but even if God forbid, he doesn't,someone like Santino is destined to be a STAR. Good Luck Santino!!!!!!!!

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