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Wednesday, February 08, 2006 

Santino Chat

UPDATE: The chat room was fun and quite lively during the airing of the show this evening. I've taken it down for now but may put it up again next Wednesday night, thanks to everyone who participated!

Please keep the comments coming and take a moment to sign up for updates. Santino really appreciates your support.

So, Santino's got his hands full this week - the entire cast is in NYC filming the re-union show and stuff. But I figured I'd put up this little chat applet if any of you would like to talk.

xoxo Jamey | a.k.a. pearbobber | a.k.a Santino's bitch 4'eva

Reunion?? sweet!!

You go Santino! I'm pullin' for you to get into the final three!

Hi Jamey! Thanks for holding down the fort...keeping the home fires burning...minding the store...[insert your favorite cliche here]. We Santino fans are spoiled; love seeing something new every day! :)

your hands look cool.

my g/f hates u, i love u, totally the most talented on project runway


i love you and everything you represent.

Congrats on winning tonight! You looked totally hot. Sorry your project fell apart but hopefully you'll make it to the top 3!

Loves you!

I would just like you to know that I think you are fabulous. There are too many designers in the world like your competitors on PR and you are contributing something new to the fashion scene. When you have your own label, I will be its largest and most generous benefactress because you are fantastic.

Santino, after the reunion, you should swing by richmond, va (its only a 7 hour drive from ny!) and join forces with me..we shall create the most extreme/gorgeous/extremely gorgeous clothing line known to man/woman. let me know when you want to get started ;-)

see you in the top 3

mr pearbobber...thanks so much for tending the site. i am hoping the "in new york for the PR reunion" is just a's fashion week in nyc, and i'm hoping sexy santino is there with his collection!

ok so we haven't had a SINGLE negative comment to the site in 2 weeks and after this show we start getting crap like this:

"Can't believe you weren't eliminated tonight. You haven't shown and ounce of talent in many, many weeks. Your head's way bigger than your talent and I hope like hell that you never make it to Fashion Week."

listen up haters... you're slaves to the editing. get over it. lighten up it's just fashion.

We finally got to see Santino's chin! And a most charming chinny chin chin it is.

A couple times durng the show you did look distressed, hope it was a fleeting thing and didn't last long. - Shine on ! and keep pushing limits, fashion, norms, other people's buttons ... it's good for everyone.

tonights episode had me on the edge of my seat and almost on the verge of a stroke~
but glued jumpsuit aside, i'm hoping for you to win cuz i want to see some REAL couture on the runway ;)

i agree about the emotional draining-ness. watching the last seconds of that judging was excrutiating. i need to see a full santino collection at fashion week PLEASE.

santino, i just wanted you to know that you're linked to my blog as "my jesus, lord, and saviour." i'm so excited for next week's episode! can i just say that if you're ever in need of some good ol' fashion breeding, i'm half asian and we'd have beutiful babies...

i just realised how weird and creepy i am... hahahaha

Hello Santino,

Just let me introduce myself, my name is Amy. Great job, I love the unique flair each one of your creations has had. Keep up the good work


You are doing an awesome job so far, your pieces have a unique flair, keep up the good work.



You crack my shit up. I never watch these reality-based shows, but my partner is really into this one, and really, how could I ignore it when the TV sits next to my computer desk? I admit that I wasn't too sure about you at first, but you grew on me and now I'm rooting for you all the way. What do I know of fashion? Nothing. But I like your style as an individual.

As a fellow newcomer to the "fame game" (tenuous as that is), I enjoy reading your blog. My own has been flooded of late and it's nice to see you handling things so well. I'm a bit older than you are, but you're an inspiration when it comes to maintaining a sardonic sense of humor.

Best of everything to you!

gah!, you are such a sexpot

I hadn't realized I had become I fan until tonight when I thought you might actually go home. Yay, you're still in! You're hilarious and I don't understand where the other designers get off treating you like crap. To be honest I haven't really liked most of your designs, but you have tons of creativity and I'm looking forward to seeing what you design at fashion week.

Has anyone noticed that all the advertising links on the left side of the page are for fashion stuff...and red lobster.

Santino- I seriously had a dream about you last night. We didn't have sex or anything.... I think we were hanging out talking about bad art and then that little asian girl (Diana?) came in and said hi to us. Then you told me that if I was freind's with her, I was a total loser. I don't remember anything after that.

So, re: last night's show... a few comments:

1- I never noticed how ridiculously long your arms are.
2- I liked Nick up until he lost his model and started whining like a pussy all of the time... I thought it was harsh to dis you when he left, even if you were being an ass.
3-I dig you, but you're lucky you didn't walk on that episode.

See you next week mf,


Website of my paintings:

thanks for hosting the chat! it was fun....well it's crunch time now, final 4 time. may the winner conquer the fashion world on the back of several tasty lobsters because it takes a lot of energy to divine "what happened to andrae?"

Project Runway Lines:

Daniel Vosovich – The golden boy finally faltered and made Chloe Dao look like a painted up harlot from Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket” – “Me so horny! Me love you long time!” Poor girl. Immunity saved him from getting auf-wiedersehened, and it was interesting to see how he blanched under the criticism from Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. (I used to think Nina was gross, but she’s beginning to look more appealing…maybe it’s my TV goggles).
Still, Daniel has got to be considered the favorite to make it to fashion week in NYC and win.
ODDS: Even to win

Chloe Dao: Well, she’s been in the Kool-Aid mix from the beginning and now she has an impressive win under her belt. After coming in second place so many times, Chloe is sparkling at precisely the right moment. I think there’s no possible way that she doesn’t make it to the final 3.
ODDS: 2:1 to win

Kara Janx: She does have skills but her emotions often betray her at crucial times. With the pressure only increasing from this point forward, it’s nearly impossible to imagine her not crumbling under pressure. Kara is a potato-chip gangster…when she gets the pinch, she crumbles.

ODDS: 7:1 to win

Santino Rice: Our favorite is the dark horse. He’s got a cool new look and an abundance of confidence. Now that his nemesis (Nick) is out, will Santino be able to focus more freely? Can Santino recapture the mojo that was flowing at the beginning of the season when he was winning with aplomb? Will Santino’s designs be “female-friendly” and “practical, not conceptual?” I think yes to all of the preceding questions. Santino dodged a bullet and it looked bad with Kara’s sleeve falling off and the glued-on fabric. Nina Garcia hates Santino and he’s a breath away from getting peaced out, Deutschland Style. Jay from last season needs to relax a little bit and stop hating.

Regardless of what happens / has already happened Santino is a mega-star and is beloved. Comparing Santino to Jesus (as a blogger did) is just ridiculous, however. “You Can’t polish a turd.” HILARIOUS…Santino you magnificent bastard, simply brilliant! LIGHTEN UP IT’S JUST FASHION.

ODDS: 3:1 to win.

Background on Poe Street:

I am your #1 fan I love the show because of you I love your name, style, attitude, everything I think you are A GREAT designer and I hope you win. And to all those haters on the show well they know where they can go....You rock Santino I hope you win and you're super hott too.

Santino- I'm in agreement with rest...this was the most emotionally draining episode! I was hurting for ya. I mean, last week the designers were pretty kind and enjoying you and now they're hating you? I don't know what the hell is up with them but I don't understand why they (and many PR watchers) couldn't see that you were upset when they gave you the silent treatment, when they poked at Kara's jumpsuit after the runway walk and when Nick was axed. Far from other opinions, you didn't look like you were having fun that Nick was looked really upset, hurt and drained! And now Daniel is going to try to get in your face and say you should have been axed?! This coming from the boy who's trying to rock the Hayden Christiansen/Star Wars 3 hair do with the occasional Hari Krishna top knot? GEEZ, talk about a "one note"! Santino, don't let this get you down. If people are so quick to turn on you, they aren't worth your time. Stay strong and create the most inventive beautiful garments anyone has ever seen. I believe in you and you have my full support every step of the way. Much love, H. were fabulous. but i chatted with your mom at MODA on Madison and i see where your fab comes from! carry on....

Santino... it just hit me tonight who you've been reminding me of! The High Priest Caiaphas from the original film "Jesus Christ Superstar"! What's strange is, your voices are even identical, wow! Many of us have the taste and discriminating eye to see your unique talent, and I'm hoping to see you at Fashion Week. Are those photos on this site telling of your win??

hey santino! i love how your "tim gunn" voice. u are so good at it.

SANTINO....Love your style. Your personality radiated as much as your designs.LOVE YOU!!!! Hope to see you in the final 3.CANDY

Hey Santino,

Your comments when you spoke to Tim Gunn when he visited you in LA were very heartfelt.

You're a good guy. Great Luck to ya dude!!

Hey Santino - if you don't win... just make sure the world (me) knows where to buy your stuff - it's incredible... in fact, a year internship w/ Banana seems like a downer after looking at your clothes.... of course the hot ride and dough make it worth it. Hang in there and don't be so worried about people "loving to hate you" -you're funny and if people can't see that and want to make character judgements - forget them. Most people out here in the real world think your fantastic!

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