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Monday, February 27, 2006 

Seattle PI article

On season two of "Project Runway," fashion may be their passion, but the personalities were the main attractions. Although several contestants emerged as audience favorites, there could be only one star -- Santino Rice.

He was mean-spirited in his confessionals. He threw tantrums in front of the judges. His work ranged from inspiring to epically disastrous; one week, he made a gorgeous outfit by slicing up his own leather jacket, only to dress his models like intergalactic deer people later in the show.

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I'm proud to be one of the viewers who "got" Santino from Day 1. For some, it just took a little longer. Or may take a little longer still. LOL But no one is immune from "The Santino Effect!" Resistance is futile!

Like I've said before.. I just don't see the villain in you. I think we all like to talk a little trash behind closed doors. It's just that your "behind closed doors" arena is being aired for the world to see!!

It makes me sick to know how little that leather jacket outfit was auctioned for - GAH!! I loved that!!!

Whatever the outcome at fashion week, you're definitely the shining star!

"are these space pants because my butt is out of this world"
i just remebered this quote and felt it necessary to share!! please win Project Runway so i can watch Project Santino next season!!

Hey, you were in Entertainment Weekly :o

scan here:

I want to have your abortion

My house votes yes on Santino. Regardless of the outcome, we (well, there is on Daniel V. fan) all know you've made season two worth watching. Thanks for the "drama," here at Moravian College we love it!

Hey Santino: I live in Seattle and just about passed out this morning when I saw you on the front page! Looking at the full spread on the Living section, it was just delicious. Tim couldn't have been sweeter. And I'm a little surprised Chloe actually admitted that she only wanted to be on PR to get advertising for her boutique. But YOU looked fabulous as always. I really wasn't surprised that the state of Washington was one of the biggest watchers of PR. I have actually heard people singing, "Tim Gunn, Tim Gunn, when he calls your name you're done, what happened to Aaaannnndrae?" or trying to copy your Tim impressions in coffee shops, clubs and out and about.

Kisses baby!

You are soo not a villain. Don't believe the hype Santino. I think your personalityy matches your outfits. Wendy Pepper was def. a villain. She was the one who used a freaking costume for the show and then looked completely different afterward. You seem from your blog to be the same person as you were on the show. and it looks to me that most people on the show indeed liked you and did get along with you until the last couple of episodes which is normal b/c hey, it's a competition after all, adn would naturally get more stressful as the fashion week got closer. I hope you are able to take all the negative comments with a grain of salt and just enjoy the good publicity you are getting out of all this as tI am sure they will bring you nothing but good things in the end :)

Hey Santino: I think you were great on Project Runway. I loved your designs and you're very talented. And you are so sexy. I love a man with a lot of talent and a good sense of humor. I hope you take it all on the finale. Keep up the super work and know someone in MS loves you. Oh yea, I read the article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. I thought you had a little soul power in you. But you'd be great in my book regardless.

It's so easy for people to say negative things. But, the truth is that you were not in a normal environment, and ultimately PR wanted to get ratings. I thing you're great, and that confidence is a good thing.

Intergalactic deer people?!?!

i love santino

Thank God they showed the world, your softer, more vulnerable side-- I didn't need it, but I think all the Santino Haters out there can calm down now!!!
You rock- you're such a talented Lion. I've loved you from day 1- especially your voice-- oh that voice could make me do anything!
I'm so glad that you will finally achieve the greatness and notariety you deserve-- King of the Jungle. Rock on Santino, Rock On!

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