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Tuesday, February 07, 2006 

Star Magazine

Star Magazine did a sweet little spread about Santino! Click to view.
Also the Chicago Tribune named him one of the 5 great characters on TV (The other 4 are fictional). Link

It's Santino's world, we just live in it, baby! Love you or hate you, EVERYONE is talking about you. Of course, I fall into the 'love you' group.

ahh, i need to get a copy of this

for my love shrine


Santino, when people criticize you or say you're not a good designer, I just want to shake them! Your approach is so unique and full of vision, and why people can't see that is beyond me. Just look at the floral challenge. Instead of just gluing crap to a fabric dress, you utilized nothing but floral materials to make the form. It was brilliant!

As an architect, I greatly respect the way you deal with layering, shape and movement. Your brain is just overflowing with ideas and creativity. If ever you missed the mark in a challenge, it's only because you had too much to express (which is so much better than playing it safe and saying essentially nothing).

To hell with PR, I say. You're too creative for Banana Republic. You'll go so far on your own, and I can't wait to see it happen for you. Endless love and respect from a designer who knows!

Oh Santino. I'm so excited to go buy this and put it on my wall, and piss off my roommate. We're having a big party this week to watch Project Runway. We're making some rice--some santino rice rice! Yeah!!!

Thanks for keeping it real.


Yeah! I posted a notice on this blog yesterday about the Star magazine article and also on the PR boards. Bet the sale of Star magazine goes up this week!! Lots of folks love ya, Santy. Can't wait til Wednesday.

aw, but i love to love you!

Okay...being in Star has got to be a high point for any red blooded American! I love your vision and and your designs! You go!!!!

If we read the entire "Star" issue, I bet we'll discover that Santino is a big part of all the COVER stories, too!
Who do you think is "Jessica's New Guy," was involved in "Clay's Shocking Gay Sex Scandal," used to be real fat, but "Lost 40 Pounds Fast" for his "Project Runway" appearances AND is the father of both Britney's and Angelina's babies?
Move over, Brad or Santino will have you for lunch. MWAHAHA!!!

Santino, i just want to say that i love all of your work and you are the reason for my addiction to Project Runway. I am considering a modeling career and i would LOVE to model for you. You have to be one of my favorite designers, and in my opinion you are way better than Louis Vuitton or even Donnatella Versace. I love your work and I would apreciate if you checked out a photo of me and email me with your comments.

you can veiw the photos at and email me at

thanks, xo Miss; Tori-lynn; <33;

Wow, Santino!
You're getting a lot of great press these days! Congrats!

Santino, thanks for keeping the blog updated! It's much fun.

A link you'll probably find fun... Dan Savage is a newspaper editor and kickass sex advice columnist, and for the last couple weeks, he's been working Project Runway references into his advice column--more specifically, giving sex advice via elaborating upon his Daniel Vosovic infatuation. Dan Savage is a great read anyway; I can only imagine moreso when one knows the people he's talking about.

Savage Love

We're all hoping to see your work on Friday!

Santino, you are the best. I laugh hysterically when you do your tim gunn, i've been showing everyone that NIN video, it makes me laugh everytime. thanks for being you and funny.

by the way, I am a figure skater, and I really did like the front of the dress alot, and if you would design figure skating dresses that would be awesome. because all the skaters here use the same designer and they all look kinda the same. I think if i go west then it would be better, plus you've got incredible talent.

thats it!


P.S. if you are interested in designing my dress my email is

Santino, we think you should imitated Tim saying "I just peed a little, make it work!" and also, throw in something about him and Barbara Walters. (Pronounced Bob-a-wa Wah-tahs.)

We just had a good time at Tim's expense in our very own living room.

Carry on.

-Sarah and Jessica

P.S. We might have posted this twice, trying to MAKE IT WORK! haha

you get run down alot on the BRAVO board but your kind of like JR your the man ppl love to hate .you really make me laugh every wednesday THANKS!!

Ah, Santino, I can't imagine enjoying "Project Runway" without you in it. You ARE "P.Runway"!

The dress you made last week was to die for, absolutely to die for!

Love your Tim Gunn impersonations! F'ING HYSTERICAL (and dead on)! Ever think of acting, because you are sexy as hell, the whole package, and I'm gonna miss seeing you on screen.

i am so keeping my fingers crossed that ms heidi says auf wiedersehen to someone else tonight! please don't go. the world needs more santino!!!


I must admit that the Red Lobster scenario rivals the schtick of any top stand-up. You'll probably get a manager now--make sure you are booked on Ellen DeGeneres. Accept the fact that your designs are for extremely confident people who aren't afraid of originality--over the top kind.

Without friends, you'll lose.

Hey Santino...
I fall in love with you and your antics a little bit more each day. I can't tear myself away from PR reruns because of you and I've always thought that watching reality tv show reruns was pointless. Thanks for being so incredible as a designer, and lord knows that Tim Gunn impression is priceless as well.
Here's to hoping you get your very own show after this!

Well now we know you have really made it. All the boogins in springbilly read Star.

I guess I would have to hate you to be part of the "in crowd" - dammit.

I haven't watched tonight's episode.. Have to wait for the replay. I guess I better get off of this blog before someone posts what happened, but I'm pulling for you, as always.

Its hard to turn away from the t.v. when Santino is on! I look forward to the outfits you create and your hilarious dialogue especially your impersonation of Tim. When I first heard you before the camera's were aimed in your direction, I thought that was Tim speaking. I was impressed. You should totally go on SNL, you are a total crack up with a great deal of talent.
It's funny how you are disliked by some.I could see people disliking Wendy Pepper. She had no sense of humor so her drama may have made for good television but if she exchanged personalities with you I would have wanted her to stick around just to see what she would do or say next!
I wish you won that "immunity" challenge over Daniel just to see you make something that would have made the judges totally flabbergasted LOL!
Thanks to TiVO I was able to see more of you on Wednesdays.
Here's to hoping we see more encounters of you with the likes of Andrae and your Tim and Red Lobster encounters. Afterall, Andrae and the one who liked you impersonating him the most (sarcastically speaking), Nick, reside in L.A. =)

Take it easy and maybe I'll bump into you some day in So.Cal since that is where I reside also.


You remind me of a caveman!!

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