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Thursday, February 02, 2006 

Thank God for FRIENDS!!!!!!

In times like these, it's good to know I got great friends who watch my back. Much Love and Appreciation Y'all!

Good friends are excellent to have. You always know who's true to you.

I'm glad for you that you have good friends also, Santino. I notice you have many friends, in the photos on your website. You must have a lot to offer, to have so many friends.

Well, you've got the whole nation laughing at the San-Tim-o impressions. So you must be a lot of fun to hang out with. What must all this pressure be like - and the weirdness of sudden fame? But you did say you wanted to leave a mark like Shakespeare.

Or make a mark. Leaving a mark is for Mr. Hanky! :-D

All best.

what a lovely band of misfits!

santino, you made me laugh until i cried last night...

madam m

you're freaking great!! me and my husband love to hate you on project runway :)

what a lovely band of misfits!

santino, you made me laugh until i cried last lobster is absurd.

madam m

You're doing so well! I've been hoping that you'd win from the start. Your dresses are beautiful. I hope that you don't get too famous for me to buy something that you made, although I'd be happy for you if you did.

Santino, I don't know what the judges were talking about your dress being "too shiny." It was still awesome. Your model looked like a little fairy.

Much Santino love.

Santino - you know I love the show and will root for you always. I don't know if it's creative editing or what, but I'm sensing a loss of spirit from you during the course of the show. You came on with fire and passion, and now are more worried about losing than winning. I can't really blame you there. I suppose I'd do the same after being in front of the firing range of Kors, Garcia, Klum, and the various judges. Keep on keepin' on - you are greatly admired. I'm sure you will become a great success after PR2.

I hate you so much, I think you go to my school only you have dredlocks...or something



Aww, cute picture Santino. Obligatory "You're awesome" post too, keep up the good work.

Great pic! The past is the past, but as much as daniels work impresses me from time to time I definitly dont think his dress was that great. Santino you really impressed me with the brigt leaves and original concept of your dress. Some people just dont respect talent unless its there own (M.C). Good luck in all that you do, & No matter how expensive your future designs may be I do plan on puchasing a Santino original.

The more you show us of yourself, the more awesome we see you are. I can't say enough good about a man who appreciates his friends!

(Absolutely loved your work on this weeks episode by the way- wish you had won the immunity so we could have seen what you would have sent down the runway next week!)

Santino, Santino

You never cease to amaze me! As much as I hated this competition challenge (Egad! Dresses made out of flowers), I thought your showing was superb.

I noticed from several of the other blogs out there that you've added a new word to our vocabulary ... "Santinoed". It means over-embellished, of course.

Although I know this show is over and in the can ... I'm still rooting for you and I think you'll be the best known designer of them all no matter the outcome of PR2!!


I so hope you go to fashion week. I love your work, and personality. You are the star of Project Runway.

You're knocking them out of the ring, go get 'em Santino! I simply love your designs! What fun!
It's such a pleasure to read all these compliments about you and to know that some good people just get better!
Can't wait to see that you've won PR2!!!! I have no doubt.

warmest regards,

Mrs. G (Santino's elementary art teacher)

PS. I, too, can't wait to own an original Santino design... you will keep the middle-aged and spirited in mind, right? :U)

Santino, I absolutely love you and if you are not in the top 3, I will cry and scream and never, ever watch Project Runway ever again.

Santino, You are an amazing talent (tell you something you didn't know). I think you are the next McQueen, Ford, Galliano, Gauthier, or Mugler. I am pulling for you all the way.


yo madame m those guys are not just a lovely band of misfits ,amidst is the one and only tony ward from the justify my love video of madonna .i dont know who the other guy is ... santino is yes mingling with famous celebs ,right santino ....louie

Dude, seriously, stop bulking up the waists on all your dresses. You're making delicate little models look like Mummenschanz. Chicks want to look like hourglasses, not lamb shanks, for fuck's sake.

Hello, my dear. <3 You're lucky to have so many friends. I'd love to talk to you sometime. Just for the hell of it, here's a picture of me.

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