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Friday, February 17, 2006 

Thanks Jay

from an interview with Jay in Time Out:

Jay McCarroll:I would love Santino to win. He's edgy and I'm sick of this one-trick-pony thing that the judges keep telling him. That's his style. That's why Calvin Klein makes fucking tunics and why Betsey Johnson makes fucking floral chiffons. Mixing shit up is what he does...

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Dear Santino:

The clothing you showed in the runway show was beautiful. Really, really lovely.
Carry on. :-)

All the best,

I always suspected Jay had pretty damn good taste.

Can't way to see more of your runway show than what I've snooped online- Santino, you're just plain brilliant.

Santino: this is the ultimate kiss-ass fan letter. I have loved your stuff on Project Runway since Day 1--especially the lingerie collection. Your stuff is creative, unique and has an distinctive and interesting point-of-view. Of course Jay would love your stuff--he's the only one in that season who had any vision. Hope you win, too.


Wow, congrats Santino on Jay's support! You know we all agree!

When I was in elementary school I liked to read fairytale books with fancy illustrations and draw and write a lot, but teachers often said the things I did were too "busy" or needed to be toned down. Later on, people said disparagingly that I was more of an "illustrator" than a "real artist". Anyway, I let these things discourage me from continuing to learn and be creative... so I feel inspired to see you (and Jay) stand up for your style.

Hey Santino -

I just read the Jay McCarroll piece in Time Out New York where he says he wants you to win and describes you as a weird Lurch monster... The whole TV experience must be a genuine nightmare. Parts are sexy and appealing and parts morph into something out of Poltergeist - huh?

In a way - it's good to see Jay as the light at the end of the tunnel. He got what he got out of the experience and moved forward in the best way he could. I hope he wasn't too much of a dick to you as the editing process of PR2 makes him out to be. I am sure it's hard to keep your head about you while all this bullshit swirls around you. No matter what anyone says, no matter what that spray-tan addict Michael Kors thinks - be true to yourself and it will all work out fine.

Remember this: Real People are Cheering for You. The Dragons and the Trolls can all fuck off - Real People know you're the Deal.

Good thing you are tall cause you can see clearly past the cloud of nonsense and STRAIGHT to the future. I am sure it will be bright. Best of Luck to you and THANKS for making the Project Runway second season a genuine success - because it was ALL YOU.

You have what it takes. You are a REAL DESIGNER. The rest are glorified stylists.

Hang tough - stay strong... we love you.

BTW - the LACKO GRAPHIC is the SHIT!! I am sure you're prettier in real life but that is a cool tribute 2 U... Saint Santino - hahahhahhaaaaaaa

that's a really nice interview, and he's totally right. Well, maybe not about the "voice of the devil" stuff, but about the fact that you have something extra that the other designers don't, you have charisma and a vision.

Ha! I love Jay even more now.
Chloe and Jay bore me. If you had a chance to make an evening gown for Iman, why the f*ck would you go for solid, uembellished color?! Anyway. Can't wait to see the next episode.

I totally agree with Jay. Daniel and Chloe design such boring stuff! Their gowns looked like stuff that could be bought at any mall in America. No matter what happens, whether you win on the show or not, don't ever give up creating. Creativity like yours only comes around once in a blue moon, so don't let the haters (Nina Garcia anyone?) get you down. We all love you, and everyone who doesn't is just jealous.

Santino - Can you get good old Jay to clarify this quote in Fashion Wire Daily?
"To Jay McCarroll, Season One winner of "Project Runway," Santino's collection was "more than surprising, I thought he was going to have girls on fire and umbrellas and everything. I mean, I saw pins, there was mush in the back. I don't know if it was a statement like 'I don't need this, I'm a star,' but truthfully it was disappointing. I mean you have seven months, this is the biggest shot of you life and the sh-t gets shown on television, like, why are you using peach?""

It was cool because it prompted some nice words from Tim G but it sure is making Jay look like a nut ball.

Here's the link

santino i think ur the best designer out of everyone on the show. ure creations are different, theyre distinct, and i cannot for the life of me understand why the judges would reprimand you for thinking outside the box. i respect ur vision and i wish u the best of luck in the competition.

you are so much better than "project runway."

among the people i know who watch, your fans are those who REALLY love clothes AND really follow fashion. insecure people who fear what they can't label are the ones who "hate" you.

i like you because you are an ARTIST.

I must have missed this, but


Jay was my favorite from Season 1, so I'm big on him supporting my favorite from Season 2!!

However, I don't think you look like Lurch?

I had a feeling you and Jay were kindred spirits. He's such a smart ass, and could care less about what the judges get or don't get about his fashion.

I heard a rumor that he refused the $100,000 prize money so he could do his designs on his terms.

At any rate, I totally agree with him. You're designs may not have won over Kors and crew, but I was always interested to see what you had up your sleeve! Bravo!

Amen to that...Your stuff is amazing, and it's who you are. I think you'll win. And well...If you don't have the best of luck, you'll have things out there that will be better than a shine with Banana Republic. And I'll buy your stuff. Definately.

I've said it since the first episode, dude...Santino fucking rocks, he knows it, and he therefore rocks HARDER! Ultimate winner or not, whatever, your opportunities are skyrocketing and you, of all people, know how to take advantage of them. Luck and love to you.

I love your designs! Very original. My boyfriend hates you, but he calls me Santino and I call him Austin Scarlett! Were both hispanic, go figure! Love the show!
T. Trujillo
Las Vegas, New Mexico

It kinda seems like the show screwed Jay, are you afraid they'll screw you after you win too? Are you going to take the $$ and go work for banana republic?

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