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Tuesday, February 21, 2006 

The Videos from LIVE with Regis and Kelly pt.1

Part 1. Regis and Kelly talk with Santino as he's back stage making a dress for kelly using items found in her kitchen.

That dress you made for Kelly was AMAZING! Keep up the good work, love!


Great job Santino! Seems like you had a great time.

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I love this site. It's so multi-media! So multi-cultural! So pan-sexual! It's so... SANTINO!!!! :-)

ms. g. you're the shit!

xoxo jamey.

jamey, I am giddy beyond all reason at your compliment! MUWAH!


Is Regis as senile/crazy/yet still endearing in person as he is on TV?

Santino - Twas I, yelling out my car window at you at Melrose & Larchmont at midnight last night. Great hat. You're a star, baby, a star... kisses, Sarah

YOU ARE LIKE AWESOME! you inspirie me..... -smiles-

Papasito Santino, you are so cute and funny! My sister and I enjoy watching you on TV. I hope you win! Even if you don't, you are a STAR


I know you can't say who won...but I guess I can ask you a simple question totally off the subject...what kind of car are you driving these days?

Oh Santino, you're so adorable sometimes. You look so GOOD on daytime tv! *hinthint*

Yea, we get our Santino fix tonight!

Oh you Sweet Thang!

Yeah Baby!


Awww Santino, you looked like a kid at christmas.

Thanks so much for putting the video up! Santino you are so much fun! I hope u get your own show cuz I'm gonna miss watching you every week!!!!

thanks for adding me on myspace
cant wait to see the new episode tonight!!!
im soooo excited
good lucK!!
oh ..
in case you were wondering
i hate it when random people leave comments

Santino, Santino, Santino!!!!!!!! I Love U! You have it so right. Win now, make friends later. This is a CONTEST. I soooo hope you win.

you are the most witty &creative motherfucking designer ever. my support stands with you.
LOVE;bad ash of the sea

Hello, here's another stroke for your ego, Love ya and your work, keep it up baby!

Hey Santino, wanna go out on a date?

I still say your lingere line is the only one I would buy. Keep up the awesome.


I love your personality and your energy.

You deserve everything that you wish for.:)

I like working with magnets and science. Taking electrical tape and basing my clothing on algorithms and science. I think Santino doesn't really understand Science very well. Me and Santino hooked up many times and spent romantic evenings discussing Science and Magnets.

I am having Santinos baby. We will name it after an element on the Periodic Table and Atoms.

Dirty Diana Rice

It takes a lot for me to have a good laugh, but on last night's show when they showed clip after clip of you doing your impression of Tim...I could have died! I haven't laughed that hard in ages! Thanks for the pick-me-up!

Santino, are you gay or straight? I hope you're straight because I want you...a lot.

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