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Tuesday, February 21, 2006 

The Videos from LIVE with Regis and Kelly pt.2

part 2. Regis interviews Santino.

banana republic episode was awesome. I loved it when u stood up for your design!

Santino is just so cute when he laughs.
Regis is getting ancient.

Aw Santino, you have the greatest laugh. I'm excited to watch the reunion tomorrow!

santino, you rock. i love you for your balls out attitude and beautiful, bold designs. you are a true artist. i model for suicide girls.........if you ever wanted to design something for one of my sets that would be SO AMAZING.
anyway, good luck with everything!!

santino, you rock. i adore your attitude and everything you've created is hot. you are a real artist and never fear expression of any form. i model for suicide girls and if you were ever interested in designing something for my set that would be incredible........i also attend readings in new york (i'm a writer) and would love to rock something of yours. good luck with everything you do!!

Santino, when you're humble it makes me want to sit on your lap.

damn santino, your friggin hot...
also, really hysterically funny...

you're just the whole package!

Santino, you have facinated a married ballet teacher. I alomost feel that I can't take my eyes off you, my husband says that you make the entire show interesting. We both think that you are an inspiration to all in every way...

santino, i loved that wrap-around..the most innovative piece on that episode. whether michael kor's clientale would wear it or not is neither here nor there. you're clients are women who want to be set apart, who want to speak and be heard while still being universally beautiful, or just beautiful to themselves. rather than commercial with a chic twist, your clients are genuine individuals. understand that you're one of a kind, and i appreciate that.I'm one of your biggest fans, as well!!!

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