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Monday, February 06, 2006 


Jackie on myspace sent me a pic of this great new book! Too funny.

Santino dear,
That red lobster bid is to die for. Needless to say I love your desings - you need a site for your creations so that I may spend the pennies I earn buying the fruits of your labor. Bit too many analagies here but that's just how I roll. :-)

oh and I am Mirstigais, viss ari Mirstigais on myspace in case you get really bored and feel like browsing.... you're number one on my list of obvious reasons.

keep it up holmes. ;-)

It's hard to keep one's eyes off Santino in the infamous "I WANT YOUR SOUL" clip, but take a look at Andrae. His mock fear reaction is really funny.

You're breaking my heart updating this site--that can only mean you're not in New York preparing for Fashion Week!

It won't be the same without you ... you are the BEST! Much luck to you in all you do!

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ahahahah. priceless.


i was gavubg the worst day ever until my friend sent me this. thank you! you make me laugh until i cry.

take care,



I'm trying to think of something witty and funny and amazing to say in this comment that will make you want to be my friend :) but i can't... so I'll just go with the truth.

i loooooooooooove you.

Love, Mallory

I love Project Runway for the designs of course but you are the reason I watch the video clips on their website afterwards. Your Tim Gunn impression has actually made me cry from laughing too hard.

is there any possible way to get into to the project runway fashion show friday morning? we are dying to see your designs on the runway.

haha... that's fantastic. but not as fantastic as the wonderful being that is SANTINO.

everyone whose anyone knows that santino>god. yep. i said it.

santino JENNIFER AND EMILY ,what is this i read that the fashion show is this friday ,did you make the final 3?... if it is true could you get me and kay in ,well fly just to see you on the runway ... please respond i am dying to know ...louie villasanta LOUIE@VILLASANTA.COM

Where or where is Andrea? Perhaps somewhere lying in the sun playing with a ball of string ....

Actually, this is hillarious.

LoLz @ andrae !!! <3 <3 <3 xD


Ads by Google puts random ads (if you give them permission to) on the top of blogS based on the blog content and what should they put on yours???



omg... that's freakin' hilarious!

not so weird that the comments show up late, but it is pretty weird that when they do show up they're obviously on the wrong posts. you should write blogger's support or look at their faq or something, cause it's pretty weird having all the pre-fashion week comments on the "where's andraƩ?" post, not to mention the few comments which do refer directly to the entries, cause their context is all messed up.

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