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Friday, March 17, 2006 

Dance Mix

Michael -> from Tampa sent me this MP3... Thanks michael!

link to MP3.

Yay, Michael! The "Dance Mix" is so funny AND well put together. I can just see it next week in Billboard - Tim Gunn and Santino sharing a spot at the top of the Dance chart.
This site is just bubbling with creativity all the time!

BRAVO! That rocks. Was that all Santino or was some if it Tim? It is really hard to tell! That's great.

Thanks for the chuckle.

Santino, I know you love music. I was just wondering if you listen to Indie 103.1 in LA? If so, well you should and you should be a guest on Jonesy's Jukebox! Or at least the mighty morning show. You rock dude! Team Santino!

This mix was great! I loved it!

Hah... That was incredible!
It made my day.

Grr, I wish I lived in LA, free pony rides are the coolest. Alas, I live in nowhere TX, and even then, I doubt I could ever make it, what with school and all.

Mistress Tangerine



I thought your impressions were spot on and absolutely hilarious. The whole bit about Andrae and Tim at Red Lobster cracked me up! You Rock! Now this "Dance Mix" has me jamming at my seat at work. Way cool!

Peace and Love.

Great song! Hilarious. I'll be listening to it often. Time killed me with the "What happened to Andrae?" anyways, and then your impression of him saying it was spot on.

Gotta think up a name for this collaboration. "Gunns'n'Roses," maybe? "Gunns'n'Rices?" It'll come to me.


OMG..I am sitting here laughing and smiling listening to this. This is perfect! Thank you Michael..what a great St. Patty's Day surprise.

Love all the mixes...Tim Gunn "how does it make you feel? what happened to Andrae" and my personal favorite "Designers..rock the casbah".

Thanks for the great entertainment..A+++!!!

Thanks to Jamey for keeping this site up and so's a highlight of my day. Muah!

Hey Santino, are you planning to release the song you made for Olympus Fashion Week? Maybe an MP3 download on your site? Hint Hint


OK that was too cool!!!!!


That was so funny, I couldn't tell if that was you or Tim!

That was so funny!
Make some more!

It would have been the coolest thing if this was your music for your collection at Fashion Week.


Rock the Casbah!

That was AMAZING! I loved it!

Santino, this made me realize how much I miss hearing your impersonations!

that is so awesome! Santino, I want to hear the music you made for your runway show. it was so sweet.

love you,

Missing the fashion man. :-(
"Ain't no sunshine when he's gone."

hey santino. you rocked on project runway. loved the music you made for your collection. can you put it up somewhere?

I think you and tim gunn should have your own show.
man oh man.
i think we need some santino shirts that just have your face on them, then i would buy one!

wut up this is the 15 year old vanitychick105 im just droppin by to say sorry for all the sexual comments and i hope i didnt offend u in any way. cool song. i love the nina part.

Love the remix - want more though -

I hope you own the rights to your runway music - what I heard of it was great -

Lots of Santino fans out here and we need more info about what is going on and where we can see you, hear you again

Withdrawal is setting in - HELP!

Still missin' the fashion man. Here are more of the lyrics to the Bill Withers song that keeps going through my head (but I changed the pronouns from "she" to "he.")

"Ain't no sunshine when he's gone.
It's not warm when he's away.
Ain't no sunshine when he's gone
And he's always gone too long anytime he goes away."

Santino, we miss you!

Santino! Post something! We miss you.

Hello out there! Santino we miss you. Please post something. Jamey, are u there? We need more Santino!


We are your fans from México, Santino...

We are your fans from mexico,Santino. Great Blog

I just read Tim's blob.

He said that Santino's clothes were better than the other two. He even said when they criticized Santino on the runway during the judging, that Tim took exception to them. He also said that the reason Santino did not win was because the judges did not want season three to be filled with flamboyant people that they could not handle.

So Santino had the best clothing, the best made designs. He did better than Daniel or Chloe. Yet he lost and because of HIS personality, the show got an emmey nomination and a million and more viewers hooked to the show who only wanted to see Santino.

If I were Santino I would sue.

This is something Tim said: "As we now know, he didn't win, but he had a magnificent show. I am loath to disagree with the judges, but I did not understand their comments about the collection being poorly made. Poorly fitted, maybe, but not poorly made. Those garments could have been worn inside out and still hold up to scrutiny. Santino, I'm eager to visit your boutique at Bergdorf's! Please, make it work!"

The problem with all of this is that they are treating "WE" the people as if we are not very smart. So a person can be the best designer and still lose. They made a huge mistake.

Jeanne from Phoenix

Santino! I am a HUGE "Project Runway" fan. I'll admit, I didn't like you much in the beginning, but by the end I really liked you. I LOVED your impressions of Tim!! Those were absolutely hilarious! And I loved your final designs, they were beautiful. Keep up the awesome work!! And good luck to you with future endeavors! :)

Bravo had a big ad in the Business section of the New York Times yesterday, telling possible advertisers that the finale of "Project Runway - Season 2" was the most viewed Bravo program ever.
Hmmm...any guesses on who most of the viewers were tuning in to see?

Dear Santino,

you may find this creepy and/or amusing. I hope more amusing than creepy, but last night I had a dream that we were dating. It was cute, and you were a good boyfriend though.

Much love

ps-I was obviously thoroughly depressed when you didn't win PR. You had the bext collection, in my opinion, and the best personality by far.

I love dance music and this is great. Can I save this music? thanks for sharing us.

Nice blog Santino. I totally think you should have won! I wrote about it on my blog @

We want more Santino, we want more Santino - I'm going to hold my breath until I get more Santino

Santino u made Tim Gunn famous!!!!!

That dance mix was hilarious. Totally made my day. On a random note, would it be possible to also upload your runway song? That was some pretty cool shit you threw down, I thought.

This is really amazing. I love the dance mix! Is there any chance that you could have it downloadable, because I bet a-lot of people would buy a copy... I know I would!

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