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Tuesday, March 28, 2006 

Everything Must Go!!!

CLICK HERE for photo slideshow

Here's a sprinkling of folks who came out to my yard sale this weekend. I met so many cool individuals! More important than the money I made is the fact that I was able to get rid of some things that I don't need to be taking with me! Yeah, Those that showed up early got most of the furniture, clothes, and misc. items. By mid-day I had sold everything but still had quite a bit of fabric still left. Rather than pack up and call it a day, I continued to meet car load after cool load of really passionate "Fantinos" and Bargain hunters. I have some amazing visuals for life!

When you've finished a project with some of the fabric you bought, send me a picture! Also, send a picture to me of where you've arrange your new bargain furniture and home decor pieces....... I want to know that they went to a good home! Much Love, SANTINO

That looks like it was so fun - I love yard sales and yours looks like a good one - It must have been great for those guys to meet you and talk with you

I read on one of the boards what a nice guy you were to all (it didn't surprise me)

What is next - will you need help with the move?

Keep us posted - we miss you

Too cute.

Quelle event!!!

Caption (only SLIGHTLY sacrilegious) for the picture in the middle of row 5 (Girls gathered around looking at piece of pink cloth):
"Omigod, you CAN see Santino's face in it!"

ok, you had the coolest house EVER! let me know when the housewarming party is for the new pad...i am SO there!

xoxo your biggest Fantino in Phoenix,

Santino, the yard sale looks like it was a blast. Love the photo's. Looks like everyone had a great time. Can't wait to see what people create with your fabric.

Santino makes me smile.

Hey Santino -
By the time I got there on Saturday - before noon! - everything was gone!! You had some fabric scraps. I was a bit start-struck to say anything. My friend was a bit more chatty with you. Of course afterwards, I was thinking about all of the million things I could have said - or wanted to say. Anyway, I left very soon after I arrived, and spent most of my time there aerating your lawn with my kitten heels! I was sinking in your lawn.... Keep us posted with your next move!

I love the hand made Santino yard sale signs. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm glad your sale was a success. It gave you the opportunity to make some money and put you in contact with people who really appreciate what you do. I'm a FANTINO for life!


the Defamer article is great - telling it like we knew your were

The purely hypothetical, all-girl-punk-band-in-my-head is now officially called "Santino's Yardsale".

Do with this what you will.

Man...I really wish I could be there so I could meet you. Muah!

I'm glad that your yard sale was a success. I really could've went, gah I'm still bummed. I wish you the best<333


I'm so jeolous of the guy who got a piggyback ride...

awww i swore i got there kinda early
damnnn we got there at almost 11 and everythin gone cept for the boootiful fabric i scored :] yay.
aww and i saw ur friends lil asian daughter was there.
awww ever since the show i wanted to meet her. shess too cute :]
damn i missed her :|

ah! I totally missed your yard sale :( this is what I get for joining your mailing list late.
I say you should have another yard sale :/

I wish I could have gone.. but Oklahoma is just too far away!

BTW - I noticed Michael Kors has a new shoe out (browsing through a catalog while waiting for coffee this morning) and the name is *almost* "Santino"! I think it was "Santorini"

I'm addicted to you, don't you know that you're toxic? LOL I love it!! Wish I could've came. Meeting you would be an absolute pleasure......<3

now that you have all this room you should let me design you a bag

I work exclusively in duct tape
because its hot like kinky sex

Still jealous as ever...

You should be a model, dearest Santino; you know how to pose Awesomely!


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awww maaaan now i'm more bummed i couldnt make it!! it looked like so much fun!


hello guy..
how are you??
we are from brazil,but we found your blogger here!!
and we thought it's very cool..
the pictures are beautiful and funny...
you show up one man friendly and happy..
excuse-se to give one little look here..

veceadas no orkut

its because we are doing one homework...
and we need to coment in one blogger..
and we juiced yours..
help us,please!!

veceadas no orkut

Hi... we are making a work for the school, we are from Brasil, and we need its aid to complete this job!!!our work is to comment in one blog! thank you.

Santino! Or Mr. Rice....I'm so sorry I missed your yard sale! My friend Helena and her mom went (with the baby, whom apparently you adored - she's adorable, don't blame you) In any case, love your work on PR - and you seem like a genuinely sweet person. Of course I'm speculating, as I don't actually "know you". Keep designing from the heart!!

Santino! Or *ahem* Mr. Rice...I'm sorry I missed your yard sale (purely for selfish reasons). My friend Helena and her mom and baby girl went (they have pics, g'waaaaa you're TALL - original comment, I know) I loved your work on PR - but you had to know that it was not BR-friendly (too creative!!). Keep being true to your heart and to your fashion!

HAha, did you sell your VIEW bag? I want it if no one else bought it...

I am so incredibly upset that I live in damn Greencastle, Indiana. I'm far away from EVERYTHING amazing...I'm a huge bargain hunter and fan of the fabulous Mr. Rice. I would love to buy stuff from you. Or possibly, have you buy stuff from me. That would be amazing.

One day, Mr.Rice...I will find you, and I will take your picture and frame it on my wall and be like "Damn it. I met him, took his picture, and watched his show."
And my grandchildren won't understand. Ever. But that's alright, because I will.
I long for that day.


Ya look good on the NY mag cover.
Design some mens leather wear skip the bitch wear. where did ya get the black leather sneakers, way NYC HOT Papi....

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